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We are a site of biblical understanding. We are concerned to uphold Bible truth against all compromises and underminings. Therefore we are concerned with Countercult, Apologetics and Theology.
This is the place for your study and research if you are concerned about ancient heresies revived in the cults and sects.
Our range of articles is very broad including different sections for 'Provocative Christian Reading', 'More Theological Reading' and 'Apologetics and Challenging Evolution' ('Apologetics' is the defense of the Christian Faith).
This site replaces the 'Witness to the Word' site which still appears on Megspace, but has now (against our wishes) become heavily ad-laden!

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We reach out to all those left confused by false teachers and false teachings and by those who seek to make financial merchandise out of the gospel.
But we especially reach out to those left confused by 'Armstrongism' ('Armstrongism' refers to the false teachings propagated by Herbert W. Armstrong, founder of the "Worldwide Church of God" - often known as the 'WCG').

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Our Personal Testimony
(Our journey from the gross error of Armstrongism to the grace of Christ!)

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The Revelation of the Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ

Has God Told Us Everything in the Bible?

The True Church
(J.C Ryle's classic article. If you have never read this you really should)

The Sadness of Too Many Modern Church Congregations!
(what should one do when all local congregations have been taken over by heresy?)

BOOK REVIEW: Separating Ethical Evangelism From Aggressive and Mis-Judged Evangelism
(A review of Elmer Thiessen's excellent book on evangelism for this early 21st century)

Insight From a Wise Old Doctor Reveals Evolution's Fatal Flaw

How Spring Flowers Perfectly Mirror the Resurrection of the Dead

Mistakes Which Evangelicals Keep Making

Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) a Danger to Mankind?

Avoiding the 'Victim' Mentality

What is "Open Theism"? Is It a Dangerous Teaching?

PELAGIAN? An Allegation Which Makes Me a Little Angry!

Facing the Facts on the 'Rapture'

Genealogies and Bible Canons

Do We 'Get' the Big Picture?

Can One Inherit Eternal Life Without Going Through a 'Born Again Experience?'
(From clear Bible teaching the answer can only be 'yes,' but some refuse to accept this)

Why Don't Large-Brained Animals Experience Music and Arts Appreciation?
(Some of the teachings of evolution are plainly daft, to put it mildly; is there really no major difference between human and animal brains?)

Why Harringay 1954 Can Never Be Repeated in Britain

The Big Problem of Miracles For Modern Science

Your Brain Has SPIRITUAL Properties; This Is Now Backed Up By Dilligent Research!

Why 'Upgrade'?

Does Picking Up Sticks Deserve the Death Penalty?

Ecumenism: There is a Good Sort and a Bad Sort (2014 article)

Johnson's Mixed Bag on Paganism Can Easily Confuse
(We review a book which, lamentably, falls short)

You Say You Don't Believe in God? But Wait...

The Law: Clear Evidence For God (and Against Evolution)

Those Who Don't Understand the Past...

When Will We Ever Break Out of Our Own Little 'Christian Blobs'?
(You really must read this; it is challenging in a very helpful manner)

What is 'Righteousness' Under the New Covenant?

Long Overdue: A Deeper Evangelical Consideration of Homosexuality

Whatever Happened to Christian Discernment?

The Cross of Christ: Never So Badly Needed Among Believers

Who's On First?
(Serious Christian teaching, yet based on a famous Abbott and Costello routine. You must read this!)

How Long is a Thousand Years?
(This really must be read!)

Worrying Aspects of Multiculturalism

Book Review: The Sabbath Complete

Christian Magazines: A Growing Disaster Area!

Who Were the 'Hunter-Gatherers'?
(Exposing a Modernist myth)

The Truth About the Triumphalist and Prosperity Gospel
(A ten minute video. Excellent)

The Coming Amazing Evolutionary New World of Professor Harari

What We 'Know' or 'Do' Isn't Enough in the Christian Life!

I Am Again 'Savaged' by Sabbath Legalists!

Signs and Wonders: Don't Believe Every Claim!

(This originally comes from our old MSN site - long since discontinued - but probably now merits a wider audience. Be warned: Your pet beliefs may be challenged!)

Honouring the Truth-Teller

"Kingdom of Heaven" - Hollywood's Crusade Against History

Trevor Watts' 'God's Fingerprints,' Sincere, Honest, But Missing the Mark

How Many Times Must You Bring a Horse to Water? (2012)

Should Dr Billy Graham Now Be Considered a Heretic?
(Since his 1997 comments to Dr Robert Schuller some are saying that Billy Graham should now be regarded as a heretic. Is that accurate, fair, or just?)

The Move Away From Legalism
(The best single article to explain the erroneous and flawed theological reasoning which is present in the cults and sects)

Evangelism? You Can No Longer Assume the Basics!

Two Encouraging Reports in the British Press in 2005: Evolution and Women's Emancipation Attacked By Two Leading Commentators!

Eric Liddell; We Salute You

When Christians Become Sick.....

To Know Christ
(Knowing Christ, and better discerning between true and false teachers)

What "Sabbath Debate"?

The Lazy, Hazy Days of a Glorious Summer to Come!

Coming to a Church Near You - ONE WORLD RELIGION!!

Accepting the Reality of a Godless Age

What is "Freedom"?

Christ Is Coming! - But Why Are We Not Telling People?

What are the "Greater Works" of John 14:12?

Josephus - A Most Amazing Man Indeed

Calamity in the Garden
(Are we sure that we correctly understand what happened in the Garden of Eden?)

Its Just Spiritual Blindness!

Secularism: The Most Evil Philosophy Known to Human Government!

Are Small Children Saved If They Die?

British Society Continues to Descend into Chaos

The Kingdom Has Been Forcefully Advancing

Can Christians Really Bind Satan or His Demons?
(It is time we all understood the errors prevalent in so many "deliverance ministries")

Who Were The 'Spirits in Prison' That Jesus Preached To?


The Golden Rules of Biblical Interpretation

All About Faith (What is Faith? What ISN'T Faith?)

Paradise?...... Its Just Beyond the Horizon!
(Fully expect this to be the most encouraging article you have EVER read; a word of advice: make sure you read to the very end!)

The Mystery of Iniquity and the Man of Sin

Antti's Testimony of the 'Toronto Blessing'
(This true testimony of a young woman's experience of the so-called 'Toronto Blessing' is just amazing!)

ARE YOU...An 'After-Service Theology Arguer'?

How Many Are Guilty of the Sin That Only God Sees?

Christians; Representatives of a Coming Utopia!


What You Should Know About the World Council of Churches!
(On a different website - as always we cannot be held responsible for, neither do we necessarily agree with, everything on other websites)

Can 'Natural Enemies' Be Friends?

Where Has the Sense of 'Worldliness' Gone?

The Roots of Racism and Abortion

Not In-Davincible!
(On another website, this is a review and critique of the DaVinci Code.)

Following Hard After God
(Even more relevant now than when Tozer wrote it. The article is brief but very telling).

The Greatness of the Church

The Biblical Design for Human Sexuality

Biblical Repentance: The Need Of This Hour

Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged
(Are we inclined to misunderstand this?)

How to Build and Have a Godly Marriage

When "Christianity" Denies Christ

Too Much To Bear? God Will Be There!

On Judgement Day, What Will Happen To Those Who Never Heard of Christ?

Is Christmas Christian?
(In answer to the claims of Jehovah's Witnesses and some others, here is some information which Christians should be armed with)

The Truth About "Global Warming" At Last

Jehovah's Witnesses - Locusts From Hell?
(Read about an amazing claim which the JW's now make!)

Those Bogus "Bible Codes"
(A brief article covering the main points)

The "Bible Code" - Real or Not??
(A much fuller, deeper article on this phenomenon going into the codes possible links with Kabalism and the occult. This is on another of our websites)

How Western Society's 'Sacred Cows' Attack the Kingdom of God!

(This is very hard-hitting, and pulls no punches, if you are easily offended, this article might not be for you!)

Drawing The Line
(How far should we go in disagreeing with other Christians? Can we become legalistic in our disagreements? A highly recommended article)

Have We Shamed the Face of Jesus?

Schuller's 'Possibility Thinking' Gospel - Is It the Gospel of Jesus?

Touched By An Angel?....Or By What?

Religions Started By Angels!

The Abomination of Desolation: A New Look

(This is very different to the usual approach which 'prophecy gurus' apply to this Scripture; If the writer is correct, Christ's return could be VERY close!)

Dinosaurs! When Did They Live? Where Did They Go?
(We should not ditch a Christian worldview when we answer our children's questions!!)

Vengeance and Punishment - Wholly Evil Concepts?
(Social liberals are now saying that the concept of punishment is evil because it is simply vengeance - but is this true?


Confused Signals?

(Here is a powerful warning indeed about the flawed reasoning which we witness all around us in our modern world)

Slain In The Spirit?
(What you should know about this phenomenon!!)

The Church of Philadelphia

(This may make uncomfortable reading for prosperity gospel preachers and for those who believe that a financially prosperous church must be a successful church!)

Slaves of Christ Jesus
(We really don't know who wrote this fascinating little article)

The Christian Woman

(If you are staunch on 'women's rights', you will find the above article 'strong meat'. But we make no apologies for holding to a wholly biblical perspective on womanhood).

Marriage, Sex and Birth Control - My Answer to a Question

Christian Science: Making a Comeback?

(We actually find this article quite disturbing and unsettling - not for the squeamish!)

Was The Rise Of Britain And The United States Prophesied In The Old Testament?
(We answer some of the claims of 'British-Israelitism')

Love Not The World
(Written in the United States some while ago, the message here is even more pertinent early in this 21st century!)

The Old Man and the New Man
(This was written a very long time ago by John Bradford. It is a brief writing, don't let the 'Olde English' put you off this little gem!)

Are You a 'Member' of the Church?

(Spiritual shock alert; this brief article could seriously jeopardize the complacency of a few long-term congregation 'members')

Prophecy - Appealing For A Wise Approach
(I have seen an over zealous approach to prophecy leading some completely astray. Avoid this!)

God's Pattern For Church Growth
(We need to be cautious about some pragmatic 'growth at all costs' approaches to congregation expansion)




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