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LEGAL NOTICE:During this ongoing series, nobody's privacy is invaded. We are granted permission to use the question in a completely anonymous fashion. We retain no email address and these emails are then destroyed. In every one of these cases, these people freely chose to email a question to us. No names are ever given, nor emails retained.

Answers to Recent Specific Biblical Questions:
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Can Regeneration Occur Without a Repentance Experience?

If You Are Against Abortion Surely You Are Also Against Capital Punishment?

Is Membership of a Local Congregation Necessary for Salvation?

A Lady Questions Her "Positive Confession" Pastor

Are Some Sins Worse Than Others?

Does God Dwell Within or Outside of Time?

Why Did John Use the Apocalyptic Style to Write Revelation?

Why is My Church Such a Disappointment to Me?

Should I Attend a Prosperity Church if there is no other Church in Town?

What is the Prophesied 'Pure Language'?

Must We Preach the Gospel? Surely Thats Only a Minister's Job!

Can You Explain Luke 12:33-34?

Are the Jews Still God's Chosen People?

Are Christians Entitled to Arm Themselves Against Those Who Oppose Them?

Was Jesus Only a Prophet - As Some Religions Claim?

Who Are The Two Witnesses?

What is Restorationism and the Restoration Movement?

How Can People Come Out of Hell in Revelation 20:13?

Why Don't You Fully Back up the Authority of the King James Bible?

Does Matthew 10:18-20 Bar Apologetics?

Can You Explain This Odd Quote From the Scofield Reference Bible?

Did Jesus Heal Lung Problems with Hyssop?

Sexual Issues and the Christian Life

Does the Bible Forbid Interracial Marriage?

How Do You Know that God Did Not Send Me My Homosexual Lover?

Sorcery in the Bible, Pharmakeia and Modern Medicine; Any Connection?

What Part Does the Church of Rome Play in the Bible?

Was There a Roman Catholic Conspiracy?

What Are the 'Good Works' of Ephesians 2:10?

What About "Rhema"?

Do I Have to Believe in Adam and Eve to Become a Christian??

Why Did the Lord Allow Concubines/Multiple Wives?

Should I ONLY Support My Local Church?

What Are the 'Times of the Gentiles'?

Who Are the Kings of the North and South?

Will the Wicked be Annihilated or Punished Forever?

Was Paul the Church's First Theologian?

If God Created Marijuana, Why Not Just Smoke It?

What About Cremation and Organ Donation?

Are we 98 Per Cent the Same as Chimps?

Could God Close the Door on Continuing to Send the Gospel?

Is Neo-Orthodoxy Acceptable For the Searching Christian?

What Was Paul's 'Thorn in the Flesh'?

Are These Birth Genealogies a Bible Contradiction?

Are We the Top Resource in Europe?

Is Jesus or Lucifer 'The Morning Star'?

Did Ahaz Become a Father Aged Eleven?

Are the Fields Still 'White' For Harvesting?

3 Questions on Church Authority, Baptism and Communion

Is it Wise For Two Normal Men or Women to Live Together Anymore?

Should We Still Keep the Feast of Tabernacles and the Sabbath?

Can Satan Prevent God From Adding People into the Church?

When Will You Creationists Wake Up From Your Ignorance?

How Come the Samaritan Woman Knew That Jesus Was a Jew?

What About the Rapture?

What About the Ministry of L. Ray Smith?

Does Proverbs Offer Us False Promises?

Is the Flesh Evil and Corrupt?

When Will Death Finally Be Destroyed?

Can You Tell Me a Bit More About Hades?

Why Have You Taken a Stand Against the Theory of "Global Warming"?

Why Are You Literalist in Genesis But Not Literalist in Revelation?

Is Unmarried Sex Okay for the Elderly?

Didn't God Recommend the Genocide of the Canaanites?

Some Things Are Not Right in my Church; Should I Leave?

Can the Elect Be Deceived? And Will Judgment Day Just be a Condemnation to Hell?

Is There a Contradiction Between Mark 9:38-41 and Matthew 7:21-23?

Will Harlots Enter the Kingdom of God Or Not?

What is God's Essential Nature, Or His Character?

Isn't the 'Emergent Church Movement' Inclusivist?

Where are the Scriptures to Show the Wideness of Christ's Atonement?

I Am a Pastor, but Sometimes I Despair!

What is 'The Earnest of Our Inheritance'?

Is Not Religious Belief a Useless Tool of the Ignorant?

Does Our 'Freewill' Mean That We Can Resist God's Call?

Why Do Some Make False Academic Claims?

What About Ernest Angley Ministries?

What is the Main Danger in Receiving Heretical Teachings?

Is There a Contradiction Between Matthew 12:30 and Mark 9:40?

Please Can You Clarify Hebrews 6:4-6?

Is It Wrong to Place Christmas Trees in Churches?

Isn't Easter Pagan in Origin?

Can You Offer Any Insights on Mark 16:16?

What did Paul Mean in 2 Corinthians 1:17?

Is It Biblical to 'Simply Invite Jesus Into Your Heart Right Now'?

Can We Repent and Save Ourselves Without the Holy Spirit?

What if a Person 'Born Again' Falls Right Back Into Sin??

Is It Really True that God Never Tells Us Why There is Suffering?

How Could Stephen and John See God When 'No Man Has Seen God At Any Time'?

How Can Jesus Always Be With 'Two or Three Gathered in His Name'?

Were the Disciples Given the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, or Before?

What Happens When True Believers Among Catholics Pray to Mary?

What About the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel?

If a Christian Commits a Serious Sin Does This Prove That He or She Was Never a Christian?

Which is the Most Biblical Denomination?

Was Elishah Really Cruel to 'Send the Bears in'?

What is 'Presuppositional Apologetics'?

What is 'The Law of Christ'?

What if God is a Liar?

My Friend Needs More Understanding of the Spirit. Can You Help?

Shouldn't You Leave Evolution to the Scientists?

What is the 'Big Bang' Theory?

Do You Do Interviews or Take Part in Public Debates?

Were Old Testament Believers Saved Without Christ?

Are Certain People Doomed From Birth Never to Believe in God?

Who/What Are Your Main Literary Influences?

What About Divorce and Remarriage?

Can You Offer Any Good Illustrations of the Trinity?

Does the Old Testament Really Predict the 3 Day Resurrection of Jesus?

Can You Explain 1 Timothy 4:14?

Who, What and Where is Babylon?

What Does Matthew 24:32-35 Mean in Its Greater Context??

I Have an 'Arthur Pink Problem' - Can You Help?

How Do "Limited Atonement People" View 1 John 2:2?

Did the Reformation Only Affect the Western Church?

Is the Rapture Really Comparable to the Trinity?

Aren't Your Comments On 'Transsexuals' Too Liberal?

Where is the Spirituality That Will Positively Recognise the Demonic?

Was James a Supplanter at Jerusalem?

Are Your Comments About Darwin and Freud Too Scathing?

What is the True Greek-English Interpretation of John 1:1?

I Know a Woman Who Was Healed by the 'Laying on of Hands' - Do You Discount That?

If the Holy Spirit Guides us into "All Truth" How Come We Still Need Instruction?

What is the meaning of Proverbs 24:26?

Isn't it Time For Christians like You to Embrace Evolution?

Is Freeganism a New Religious Cult?

What If We Only Had the Gospels?

What is Your Opinion of the Late Derek Prince?

What Can You Tell Me About Eckhart Tolle?

Who are the 'Doomsday Cult'? Is This All One Group?

What is "Propitiation"?

Was Calvin the Father of 'Limited Atonement' Teaching?

Leaving Our House Church

Should We Only Use Unleavened Bread for Communion?

Should a Christian Strive for Better Things?

Was Karl Barth "For Inclusivism"?

What can you tell me about Charles Stanley?

How Could God Gather "All Nations" to Fight Against Jerusalem?

Which Prophecies Are Yet to be Fulfilled?

Does Your Documentary Theory Article Need an Update?

Is God Not Calling Some People at the Present Time?

Are Some Christians Too 'Narrow' in Their Worldview?

Seven Questions About Jesus

Why Does God Want All the Glory?

'Having a Form of Godliness but Denying its Power' - What Does it Mean?

'Should We Keep Calling Jesus 'Adonai'?

'Why Has God Allowed Hell to Become so Confused?'

'Are Abortion Doctors Guilty of Murder?'

'In the Light of Inclusivism, Why Preach the Gospel?'

'Will God Destroy the USA Because Of Her Sins?'

'Can You Expound on 1 Corinthians 3:12-15?'

'Are You Anti-Environmentalist?'

'Are All Christians on a Spiritual Journey?'

'Is it our Ultimate Spiritual Duty to Keep the Commandments?'

'How Can A Young Man Find a Virgin to Marry in 2008?'

'Are "Wiki Answers" Good for Bible Questions?'

'How Should We Handle Aggressively Unbelieving Family Members?'

'What is the Present Percentage of World Religions?'

'Could Paul Have Lost His Eternal Life?'

'Where Do You Stand on "Intersex" Christians?'

'Are Those TV Angel Shows Helpful To Us?'

'Should Christians Actively Oppose President Obama?'

'Does Eternal Security Mean That One Can Sin With Impunity?'

'Was Charles Darwin the World's First Biologist?'

'Can You Explain a Little More About "Logos"?'

'What Is Your Honest Opinion of Jack Van Impe?'

'Is Original Sin Enough for Condemnation?'

'Did Some People Lose Their Salvation at Galatia?'

'Did the "True Church" Disappear From History?'

'Was Jesus in the Tomb for Long Enough?'

'If Our "Thoughts Perish" at Death, How Can We Still Be Conscious?'

'Can You Explain Luke 11:12 in Relation to Luke 10:19?'

'Can God Literally Speak To Us?'

'Should Women Ask Their Husbands Bible Questions at Home?'

'Is All Killing "Murder"?'

'What is the "Kalam Cosmological Argument" for God's Existence?'

'Can You Explain John 3:13?'

'What Do Roman Catholics Mean by "Venial Sin"?'

'Can You Tell Us More About the Gospel Writers?'

'What Do You Know About John Bevere?'

'Surely the Seventh Day Sabbath Cannot be Challenged?'

'Which Laws Does Genesis 26:5 Refer to Abraham Obeying?'

'What About Christianity's "Peripheral" Doctrinal Areas?

'What do Roman Catholics Mean by "Magisterium"?'

'What is Your View of "Lordship Salvation"?'

'What is the "Donation of Constantine"?'

'Is "Elohim" Trinitarian?'

'Do You Still Not Take Part in Public Debates?'

'Should We Take Our Eyes Off the Gospel For More Trivial Matters?'

'Where Does the Law Stand in Repentance?'

'Was Joseph a Type of Jesus?'

'Are the Mentally Ill Affected by Demons?'

'Why Don't You List All of the Cults?'

'What is "Practical Atheism"?'

'Is Elijah Still to Come - Or Not?'

'What Will the Saved Do Through Eternity?'

'Are the Wealthy Already Condemned to Hell?'

'What About Israel's Conquest of the Promised Land?'

'Am I a Liberal Christian?'

'Was the Thirty Years War a Religious War?'

'Why Are Some Parts of the Bible Put into Parentheses?'

'What About "A History of Christianity"?

'What is "Five-Fold Ministry"?

'Where Does British Evangelicalism Stand on Evolution'?

'In View of Romans One, is Not God Partly Responsible for Homosexuality?

Did the People of Haiti Make a Pact with the Devil?

Do Roman Catholics Really Believe that Unbaptized Babies are Damned?

Would I Do Better By Converting to Catholicism?

Does the 'Priesthood of All Believers' Make Ministry Redundant?

Is Matthew 19:28 Millenial?

Where is the Evil 'Salome' in Scripture?

What is Your Opinion of Tim McHyde?

What is the "Robinson Redating of the New Testament"?

What - In Your Opinion - Really Happened at Fatima in 1917?

Why Use "Hawk" to Describe Yourself?

A Further Question on Fatima

What is the "Law of Attraction"?

How Can We Be Sure if One Truly "Knows Jesus"?

Why Does God Not Keep His Promise of Psalm 91?

Should I Defend Christianity?

Does the Mayan Calendar Really Prophesy the End of the World for 2012?

Why Can't the Earth be Billions of Years Old?

Who is Ronald Weinland?

How Much Encouragement Do You Receive From British Evangelicalism?

Not a Question As Such - Just Keep It Up!

How Can We Love Our Enemies and Turn the Other Cheek?

Why Did God Create Crocodiles and Killer Viruses?

Why Do Some Christians Reject Christian Apologetics?

What is the 'Gift' of Ephesians 2:8-9?

Why Do You Never Write About the Rapture?

Was There Any Significance to Water and Blood Pouring Out of the Side of Jesus?

Is There Anything One Could Say to a Child Facing Death?

What is Your Opinion of the Lectures of Peter Russell?

Is Your Trinity Article Contradictory?

Will National Israel Always Be God's True People??

Why Do You Support Corporate Fascism?

Why Does Paul Mention the Desirability of Being Unmarried?

What Place Does the New Testament Occupy in the Full Biblical Revelation?

Where Do You Stand on Local Church Membership?

Will the 'Seti Project' Find Life?

What About Claims of Angelic Interventions During World War I?

Will the Bible Be Around Forever?

How Often Does Suicide Occur in the Bible?

Doesn't John 6:38 Undermine the Trinity?

Can I Ever Love God More Than I Love My Mother?

Have Christians Always Persecuted Jews?

Why Did Matthew Switch the Word He Used For 'World' in Matthew 24:14?

What About Pre-Tribulation Rapture Teaching?

There Must Still Be Apostles Around Today - Isn't That Right?

Does Our Christian Theology Lack Substance?

Should the Church Move With the Times?

Do Some Christians Almost Invite Persecution?

How Should a Christian Set About NDE Research?

When Was Jesus Crucified?

Why Do So Many Still Cling to "Global Warming"?

Does "Child Poverty" Still Exist in Britain?

Is "Cosmism" a Cult?

Who Appointed You?

Isn't Religion to Blame for the Irish 'Troubles'?

Isn't Hell Just What Most Deserve?

Why Are You Unkind to Richard Dawkins?

Why Does John Seem to Disagree on the Last Supper Timing?

Can a Believer Be a Habitual Liar and Remain a Believer?

Should the Government Pass Laws to Drive Out the Prosperity Teachers?

Why Did God Allow the Destruction of Children?

Is Prayer or Bible Reading the Most Important For Christians?

Shouldn't You Have Something on Madalyn Murray O'Hair, the Famous Atheist?

Does Being a Christian Mean I Have to 'Like' Everybody?

Can Satan Still Enter Heaven to Accuse the Brethren?

Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be?

When is "Everlasting" Not Really Everlasting? Can You Explain?

Can We Really Be Living Under the Same Covenant as Moses and the Israelites?

Is There a Fuller 'Good Samaritan' Meaning?

Why the Dispute about the Body of Moses in Jude 9?

Should a Pastor Continue to Preach If He Has Sinned Greatly?

What About 'Race Against the Clock' Evangelism?

Surely To Be So Critical of Herbert Armstrong You Are No Christian. Where is Your Love?

The People in Liberal Churches Are Unsaved: Right??

Will God Forgive Men or Women Who Masturbate?

Does My Pastor Really Have Full Spiritual Control Over Me?

Is a Warm Association with a True Believer Enough to Save One?

Can You Please Explain Four Scriptures?

Can Satan Feel Emotions? Can He Read Our Minds? Does He Know Who Will Finally Be Saved?

What Would Be "Good Food" For the New Christian "Seedling"?

Who Was "Brunhilda"? Anything to do With Early Christianity?

Doesn't 'Nature Red in Tooth and Claw' Support Darwinism Rather Than Divine Creation?

Can You Explain About False Prophets and Fruits?

Can You Explain Psalm 25 and Luke 8:16-18?

Why Are Christians Not Prepared to be 'Perfect' as Matthew 5:48 States?

Should We 'Name and Shame' Sinners?

Why Does the Incredible and Fantastic Tend to Captivate People? What Power Does It Have?

Does the Word 'Rapture' Mean the Same Thing as 'Resurrection'?

Is the Church Israel?

Isn't the World Banking System Simply Corrupt?

What is the Meaning of Daniel 11?

Please Help Me Understand Daniel 7:25

Does Drama and Make-Believe Meet with God's Approval?

Is There a New World Order, or New World Government Coming?

Don't You Have to "Cherry Pick" From the Bible In Order to Produce a "Biblical Standard of Morality"?

Would It Be True to Say That the Bible Does Not Tell us Everything?

What is 'Antinomianism'?

How Could God Have Found the Time to Create the "Big Bang," If There Was No Time Before Then??

Any Change In Your Position on Doing Debates?

Tell Me Where Jesus Uses the Names 'Yhwh' and 'I Am'

Does God Keep His Promise of Psalm 103:11-12?

Surely Jesus Did Not Drink Real Wine?

Can You Explain the Catholic Teaching of the "Immaculate Conception"?

Can You Please Explain 1 Corinthians 6:13?

Two Questions About the Ending of Acts

Has Darwinism Really Led to a More Immoral Society?

What is the Explanation For Luke 16:1-9?

"Proving" Current World Events By Bible Prophecy; Can It Be Done?

Loyalty to Ones Church - Or To Christ?

How Did Certain Jews Know That "The Time is Fulfilled"?

What is the Time-Line of the Death and Resurrection? How Do the Levitical Holydays Fit In?

Surely We Are to Follow the Sabbath Example of Jesus?

Who Were the Hittites? Are They Unmentioned Outside of the Bible?

Are There Other World-wide Flood Accounts Apart From the One in Genesis?

What is "Diaspora"?

Could Moses Really Have Written Genesis?

"Community Theology" - A New Danger?

What is the Meaning of "To Deliver One to Satan for the Destruction of the Flesh"?

Surely Your Conclusion About Communion Bread is Wrong?

Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old? How Long Is It Since Adam Was Created?

Who were the "Yiddishi" Jews?

Can You Explain Psalm 68:13?

What Was the Menorah? Please Explain Its "Beaten Work."

Who Was Theophilus?

Can You Explain Ezekiel's Temple?

In Revelation 20 Which "Books" Were Opened?

Is "Thelema" Another Cult?

Witch of Endor; Who Was to Blame?

How Did 1 Timothy 2:8-11 Get To Be a "Place-of-Women Thing"??

In Genesis 3:24, Why is 'Khehreb' Translated as "Sword" Rather Than "Drought"?

Why is the House of Israel To Be Ashamed?

Does Genesis 8:21 Cancel the 'Thorns and Thistles' Curse?

Surely Samuel Was Not a Levite; How, Then, Could He Have Served the Lord?

Why Does the Old Testament Sometimes Use 'Lord' and Sometimes "LORD"?

What About Women Pastors?

Who Were the Ebionites?

Using 1 Peter Against Arminianism

Was the Old Testament God Actually a Volcano?

Why Did God Cause Me to Inherit a Sinful Nature Against My Will?

How Many Heavens - Both Now and in the Future?

What Does It Mean: "Lay Hands On No Man Suddenly"?

Who Are the Riders and Horses of Zechariah 1:8?

Should Women Take Church Leadership?

Was Samuel Too Concerned About Appearance?

Why Did Joseph Go To Judea?

What Happened to the KJV Bible Preface?

Is Luke 19:27 Advocating the Murder of Non-Believers?

What About "The Third Sex"?


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