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Here are some intriguing, fascinating and challenging Christian articles!

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An Imaginary Conversation Between Satan and God...

WHY We Are Critical of Some Other "Gospels"

How We Know They Know They Are Lying
(A look at the 'New Left' and their unscientific support for 'climate change')

The BBC's Support For Atheists and Atheism Must Be Challenged

I've Got Friends in Low Places!

January, 2010 Interview with Robin Brace!

How Much Can 'Religious Experiences' Testify to the Truth of the Gospel?

Divorce and Remarriage

Explaining the "Firstfruits"
(We explain the "firstfruits" then I explain the 'latter-fruits' - both are really good news!)

What is "Occam's Razor" All About?
(How an old principle of theology and philosophy defeats Evolution and Helio-Centrism Right on the Starting Grid!)

The Light of Life!
(The new discovery of a vital light explosion which accompanies all egg fertilizations)

Liberalism in Evangelical Garb

What Message Does It Give When We Are Refused Interviews?

Education, Or Self-Esteem?

The Authorship of the Bible
(A good general chart of reference outlining what biblical scholarship states regarding the likely authorship, plus dating, of the biblical books)

Heaven: The Presence of God

Identifying Enemies of Freedom
(Did you ever notice how 'Planet of the Apes' attacks Theism?)

South Pole Gobbledygook
(Is it just possible that the "south pole" does not actually exist just as our 1950s school teachers used to say?)

What About Miracles?
(Should the concept of miracles be seen as absurd in this 21st century? Absolutely not!)

Clarifying Biblicism
(We should support the teaching of the inspiration of Scripture, but can a strict Biblicism sometimes be taken too far?)

Proof of Heaven; What Lies Beyond...
(A noted neurosurgeon has an 'out of body' experience which forces him to question materialistic science)

Christian Assurance is FREELY Yours
(From the great George Muller)

Book Review: The Science Delusion
(An intriguing 2012 book by Rupert Sheldrake is very well worth going through)

Bible Reading and Study; Where Is YOUR Focus?
(Time and again people go off track when they 'major' on the Old, rather than the New Testament)

Problems in the Church; Firth Points Back to Early Church Structural Simplicity

Father Raymond E. Brown; The Modern Catholic Heretic

If I Had Faked the Resurrection...
(From Josh McDowell who offers some reasons why Christianity does not bear the obvious marks of a humanly-organized conspiracy)

UK Apologetics Interviews 'Christian Concern'

Do Humans and Apes Differ Only By Degree?

False Grand Narratives of Atheistic Modern Society

The Wise Men and the Star

Why Do Atheists Hate God?

Whatever Happened to the Teaching of 'Assurance of Salvation'?

(A truly outstanding article which points out that there is no New Testament authority for turning Christianity into a religion!)

The Decline of Faith

Should We Turn Protestant Congregations Into Playgrounds For Youth?

Irving Hexham's 'Understanding World Religions' Is Outstanding

The 'Evangelical Universalist' Will Get You Thinking...

Whither Goest Thou?
(Very well worth reading!)

Dr Penny Demolishes the Materialistic Myths of Modern Science

A Temple to Atheism?
(A noted atheist now asks for an atheist's temple)

Comparing a Healthy Christian Environmental Concern With 'GREEN' ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORISM!

The James A. Fowler 'Four Points' of Denoting True Christianity and Marking Heresy

Clarifying "Biblicism"

The 2009 'Canada Shrugged' Interview with Robin Brace

Justification By Faith: Catholic and Protestant Views
(Explaining the difference between Catholic and Protestant 'takes' on justification can be highly tricky but we have endeavoured to keep this clear and simple)

The Great Battle
(JC Ryle's great article is a 'must read')

Does God REALLY Know Everything?

Entering True Sabbath Rest

Dr Geisler's Strange Defence For His Belief in a Literal Millenium

Arguments Used by Premillenialists

Who Was Jonathan Edwards? What Did He Teach?
(We might justly admire Jonathan Edwards but today we must also surely question some parts of his teaching)

The Central Doctrines of the Christian Faith

The End of the World in 2011?

Anything 'Fine Tuned' Demands a Fine Tuner

Where Did the Idea that Science and Religion Must Necessarily Always be Enemies Originally Come From?

Is the Roman Catholic Church the Only Church of Christ?

The New Frontier; How and Why the Internet Fits 21st Century Evangelism...

Enoch Powell; The Enigma

We are in DANGER... Of Being TRIVIALIZED to Death!

Those to Whom the Lord Will Not Impute Sin...
(An absolutely essential matter for the Christian to fully understand)

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Jerusalem AD70: The Worst Desolation Ever?

Sir Terry's Depressing Irish Journey Comes to a Conclusion

Problems in the Jerusalem Church...
(Paul sometimes had an uneasy relationship with the church at Jerusalem. The evidence is that that particular congregation were slow to mature in understanding)

Crucified With Christ

Are Christian Believers "Gods"?

Is the Church a Business? WHO Are We to Please?

How First Day Sabbatarianism Entered the Church

"Modern Homosexuality is Never Condemned in Scripture" : True?
(Actually it might surprise some but we would - to a degree - agree with that statement but there are other considerations here)

The Priesthood of All Believers

Was the Mosaic Sabbath Eternal and Unchangeable?

Leaderless Churches: Could They Ever Work?

American Evangelicalism; An Essential Flaw?

Our Inclusive God
(Robin Brace reviews Neal Punt's 2008 book 'A Theology of Inclusivism')

The Gospel of Jesus Christ - An Inclusive Message

UK Apologetics 2008 Interview
(Doug Carter questions Robin A. Brace, founder of UK Apologetics and Museltof Countercult and Apologetics)

Robert Jones Interviews Robin Brace (2009)
(British church pastor Robert Jones questions Robin A. Brace, founder of UK Apologetics and Museltof Countercult and Apologetics)

How the 'Church Growth Movement' Drives the Gospel Out of Churches

Was Jesus an Authentic Figure of History?
(The movie 'The Beast' claims that Jesus was not a true figure of history, here is the evidence that He certainly was!)

Countering Crackpot Depopulation Environmentalism

Against The Theology of Glory

Some Things Are Just Not Very Wise...
(How some small, struggling Christian fellowships mistakenly seek worldly compromise as a way forward)

Global Warming Science Moves On

(A most vital article)

The Depressing Political Gospel of the Christadelphians

The Deadly Virus of Celebrity Christianity

What is the Truth About 'Generational Curses'?

Is the Life-Giving Spirit of God a "Ghost"?

My Preaching Years...

My Preaching Years...(2)

Are We Getting the Whole Truth?

WHEN Was Cornelius Saved?

'What's So Amazing About Grace' Is Good, But Not Great...

Selwyn's Story
(An appraisal of the life of the late Selwyn Hughes)

Creation and Resurrection

There's an Elephant in the Room...
(Don't miss this!)

The Assurance of Things Hoped For

On Homosexuality, Is Leviticus 20:13 All Christians Need to Know?
(Challenging the belief that a Christian perspective on homosexuality should rest on a verse in Leviticus. Very insightful, but also accessible)

Should We Support Gay Marriage? No!

'Emergent Church' Coming Out of the Closet?

Evangelical Inclusivism; Recovering the Position of the 'Church Fathers'

Evangelism? You Can No Longer Assume the Basics!

More on the 'New Perspective' (NPP)

Eternal Security - NOT a Vain Promise

The Current Crisis in Evangelicalism

The Promises of Abraham
(Do these promises have anything to do with financial prosperity whatsoever? No!)

A Few Graphs Which Destroy Global Warming Doctrine

What About "Replacement Theology" Teaching?

The Lazy, Hazy Days of a Glorious Summer to Come!

The Cycle of Terror

A Mass Killer is Loose in the City
(Version for IE 6 and 7 users)

The Self-Esteem Curricula

A Mass Killer is Loose in the City
(No 'bells and whistles' version for Firefox, Netscape and Opera users)

(How our societies are already inheriting death because of their rejection of Christ)

Inside North Korea; A Television Documentary Provides Lessons for Christians

Is Philosophy "Bad" For Christians?

The Book of Galatians
(This is a new 2008 UK Apologetics translation of this vital book)

The Cult of Celebrity
(How the modern 'cult of celebrity' perfectly demonstrates a society without God!)

Internet and Chat Room Evangelism - Is This Your Calling ?

When is a Forest Not a Forest?
(Dangers in Postmodernism's new approach to understanding words!)

Our Tailor-Made Universe; Who's the Tailor?

The Disturbing Legacy of Charles Finney

Book Review: Hospital For Sinners!
(A highly recommended review!)

Understanding More of the Jesus We Serve

Correct Counselling Before Baptism: ESSENTIAL!

Conspiracy Theories; Don't Believe Everything You Read!

The New Legalism; Shadow Law and Old Wine
(In the opinion of UK Apologetics this is a superb article, coming from Dean VanDruff)

Are There Limits to "Religious Toleration" ?

Apostolic Succession; A Biblical Doctrine?

Changing Times...
(Can we ever count on 'good times' continuing?)

Celebrating the Resurrection, But Denying the Atonement?

Please Insist That Your Church Actually Preaches the Gospel at Christmas!

Christians in Winter
(Will God restore backsliding Christians? Of course!)

Bible Study: Ephesians One and Two

Look How Far We've Come??

Why Do We Go To Church?

Our Divine Adoption!
(Highly recommended!)

'The Way of the Master' and 'Hell's Best Kept Secret' - Legalistic?

Streams of Living Water

The True Church

Would Jesus Have Supported "Political Correctness" For His Followers?

THERE IS a Population Control Conspiracy!

Positive Predestination!
(Recovering the glorious doctrine of Predestination from the errors of unbiblical "double predestination" - don't miss this inspiring Bible study!)

The Extent of the Atonement

Scientific Evidence Grows That Mind and Brain Are Separate!
(This could have a major impact on belief in God and Christianity - but will Christians wake up?)

Could 'Jehovah's Witnesses' Be the Most ANNOYING Religious Group in the World?

Have You Ever Read the Second Epistle of Clement?
(Read this brief letter of the early church now in modern English and be inspired!)

Accepting the Worrying Reality of Entering a Post-Christian Age

Timelessness and Eternity are Closer Than You Think...
(A few thoughts on our human conception of time; very thought-provoking!)

Every Good Gift...

When "Christianity" Denies Christ!

Why Does a Just and Loving God Allow Suffering in this World?

The Disaster of Feminism

The Crisis in the Local Church
(The time has surely arrived to speak out!)

What is the Human 'Spirit'?

The Richest Church in Town Wouldn't Donate a Camera For a Missionary!

What Does It Mean to be 'Filled With the Spirit'?

What are the 'Signs of an Apostle'?

Are the Fields Still White for Harvesting?

Are We Getting the Whole Truth?
(This could be one of the most thought-provoking articles you will ever read!)

The Amazing Prophecy of Daniel 11 and How it Defies Sceptics!

Did the First Jewish Christians Live Under Two Covenants?

All Are Saved..Except
(Neal Punt's intriguing assessment of an incorrect assumption within much evangelicalism)

The Most Important Things in Life

Who Was 'Melchizedek'?

Erroneous Arguments Employed in Opposition to 'Theological Replacementism.'

Where Sincere Christians Sometimes Make Bad Witnessing Mistakes

British Society Continues to Descend into Chaos...

The New Spirituality

Is Racism the Greatest Evil Known to Mankind?
(Liberals say 'Yes' - but wait, why the selective morality?)

The Law and the Prophets Were Until John

God Continues to Work Miracles in Nepal

How and Why God 'Anoints' Certain World Leaders

Close Encounters of the Celestial Kind

The BBC Has Another Swipe at Mary Whitehouse

Thats What Christians Do Now

Not In-Davincible!
(On another website, this is a complete review and critique of the DaVinci Code.)

At the End of the Day...
(What happens when elderly Christians descend into mental confiusion? Do they lose the Holy Spirit?)

If a Christian Commits a Serious Sin, Does This Somehow Prove That He or She Was Never a Christian?

Why I Worry About Bible Prophecy Websites...

Christianity: Why It's Religion-Free

Can the 'Gap Theory' Still Be Maintained?

Is God "Economical with the Truth"?

Yes, the Heart Really Can "Think" and Have Emotions
(New medical research corroborates a clear biblical teaching!)

Our Crazy Therapeutic Culture; Where Will It End?

Understanding False Conversion

Passing the Baton; A Sermon
(An actual corrective sermon preached by Robin Brace BD to a small struggling Welsh Baptist chapel in 1999. The chapel had major problems so Mr Brace decided to 'let fly' a little)

Liberalism's "Thought Police" Have Arrived!

A Critique of 'The Purpose Driven Life'

Some Observations on Christian Worship

Strive For Christian Maturity

The Poison of Subjectivism

In the Midst of Humility

Why Did Elishah 'Send the Bears In'?

Is It Enough Just to Have the Scriptures?
(The New Testament reveals that we need the Scriptures, plus wise instruction!)

Psychology; Science or Religion?
(Don't become ensnared by the increasing psychotherapy hijacking of Christian congregations!)

End-Times Confusion!
(Are you sure that your approach to the "End-Times" agrees with the New Testament approach?)

"Double Predestination" - An 'Other Side of the Coin' Assumption

(The brief but encouraging Martyn Lloyd-Jones definition)

Okay, I Admit It; I Have a Problem With Church Socials!

Are YOU Looking at the Gospel Through Tinted Glasses?

Dismantling Legalism In the Messianic Jewish Movement Today

Book Review: Freed From Satan's Grasp

Common Objections to Becoming a Christian

Is Philosophy "Bad" For Christians?

Another Academic Challenges Global Warming Theory

Hearing From God

Can Faith Really Move Mountains?

Witnessing to Liberals

'Les Miserables' and the Power of Christian Love!

The Ecumenical Movement; A Biblical Movement?

Vulgarity...Bad Taste...Immodesty...Filth; Where Will It All End?

After the Flood - by Bill Cooper
(The sort of ancient history which disappeared from school history books due to the pressure of Modernism. )

How Anti-Christian Liberal Weakness Has Opened a Door to Terrorism in the UK

When the Bible Becomes An Idol; Problems with the KJV-Only Movement

At the End of the Day
(Do confused elderly people lose God's Spirit?)

Will Christ Remove YOUR Church's Candlestick?

Jesus, Christians and the Law
(Taking the errors out of the Matthew 5:17-19 arguments!)

Has The Spirit of the Evangelizing Church Now Left the Western World?

1945-1955; A Door Left Open?
(Were the allies spared from tyranny for a purpose? And have we remained faithful to our Deliverer? A most essential article to consider)

Is Esau Destined For Hell?

How Augustine Became the Father of Not Only Roman Catholicism, but also... Evangelicalism!

Global Warming? Its Just a Load of Hot Air!

Three Brief Inspiring True Stories

Beware of Reiki Healing

Euthanasia in Holland: The Truth

The Ban
(Why God wanted the Canaanites removed from the Promised Land)

Beware the 'Emergent Church Movement'

The Spreading Tentacles of Liberalism

One Fish, Two Fish (or, Don't Fall Hook, Line and Sinker!)
(J.P. Holder's highly amusing article is used with his permission)

My Cat Does Not Believe in Tigers!

Broken Vessels

Evangelical Snobbery; Would the Poor Feel Out of Place in Your Church?

Baptismal Regeneration Refuted

A Brief Biography of Herbert W. Armstrong
(The fascinating route in the founding of a cult)

The Poison of Liberalism

Salvation; Some Definitions

Injustice; A Sermon

Saving Faith (Bunyan)

Are Small Children Saved If They Die?

Infant Salvation
(The classic Charles Spurgeon sermon)

Our Mysterious God

A Change of Heart....

Hold Until Relieved!

How God Uses All Our Trials For Good

Covenant Theology and the Single Covenant of Grace
(A consideration of one area of reformed theology)

BEWARE New Strategies for Church Growth; Must Churches Always Strive for a 'Youthful Image'?

When Is Satan Bound?

"Slain in the Spirit"; Should YOU Seek It?

"Slain in the Spirit": An Amazing Personal Story

Should We Integrate the Bible With Psychology?

Some Things Are Not Negotiable

Real Faith
(Written by George Muller).

Did God Repent?

Are Our Spiritual Choices in This Life Meaningful? Or Just an Illusion?
(A deeply thought-provoking article which answers many questions)

(An essential definition in a very accessible article)

The Atonement
(J. Gresham Machen's marvellous exposition of God's grace in opposition to God's law)

What is Sin?

Assurance of Grace and Salvation

Can Our 'Positive Confession' FORCE God to Change Course?

Snatching Up End-Time Books

Understanding the Vulnerability of Godly Prayer

Observations of Prince Harry in the War Zone
(A stalwart member of our E Letter List and a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army, Bill Connor spent several days with Prince Harry - third in line to the British throne - in the Afghanistan war zone, 2007-08)

The Prosperity Gospel
(A group of articles which highlight the errors of the 'prosperity gospel')

The One Man Pastor System - Unscriptural?

McRitchie's Gems

The 'Man of Sin' and the 'Mystery of Iniquity'
(Prophecy enthusiasts get into a lot of detail and are very specific about these Scriptures, but there is a simpler and broader explanation?)

Jerusalem in the Last Days
(This article will give you the correct approach and explanation for Luke 21/Matthew 24/Mark 13. It is on another website)

How Western Society's Sacred Cows Attack the Kingdom of God

BBC Television's Newsnight Achieves A New Level Of Bias

Climate Change Admittance; BBC News Owns Up

In Dependence

Signs and Wonders; Don't Believe Every Claim!

Millenial Cautions

Are There Really Prophets in Today's Church?

Can We Read About the United States and Great Britain in Bible Prophecy (As Some Claim)?

Will the Real Bible Please Stand Up?

Dreams! How Should a Christian Interpret Them?

The Thief in the Night

'Near-Death Experiences' (NDEs): Is it time for a Christian Re-Appraisal?

'Churchianity'... There Must Be a Better Way!

The Documentary Theory - Does Anyone Still Believe It?

The Utter Folly of Christians Arguing Over Hell!

Just What is "False Conversion"?

Uncle Ben? He's in Hell!!

What is the Gospel?

Gospel Veracity

Are Masculine Men in Danger of Becoming an 'Endangered Species'?

Getting Even

Beware This Dangerous Doctrine: The Second Coming of Christ; Did It ALREADY Occur?

Is It a Sin for a Christian to Drink Alcohol?
(Does the Bible teach that alcohol is a curse, or a blessing? You might be surprised by this, but this is plain biblical teaching!)

Coming to Terms With Being a Christian With Bi-Sexual Tendencies

Hypnosis and the Christian

Where We Should Agree to Differ and Where We Should Uphold the Truth
(A vital article to recognise what teachings might be heretical and what teachings are acceptable differences of opinion between believers)

Support of the Sufferers

Why Bother About M.E. ?

Christian Counselling Courses - Just Fine?

Do Hurting People Need Counsellors, Therapies and Psychologists, or....The Living God?

Is it a Disaster to Have an Adversarial Legal System in a Society Which no Longer Believes in Truth?

Once Saved Always Saved?
(Its time for a balanced non-confrontational approach)

Why I Withdrew From the 'Pastor Required' Scene

Tithing; Can We Face Up to the Truth?

Avoiding Getting 'Prophetic Egg' On Our Faces!

The Intellectual and Spiritual Crisis of the University

Ending the Abuse of Bible Prophecy

Burdened About Prophecy Fever

What is "Restorationism" and the Restoration Movement?

William Tyndale Page
(A whole group of articles about the first man who translated the Bible into English. On a different website and very well worth reading)

Rees Howells - A Life of Faith

George Muller - A Life of Faith
(This is an off-site link)

J. Hudson Taylor - A Life of Faith
(This is an off-site link)

David Brainerd - A Life of Faith
(This is an off-site link)

What is 'Realized Millenialism' ?

Is Physical Healing Included in the Atonement?

Sorcery in the Bible, Pharmakeia and Modern Medicine; Any Connection?

Who Are The Two Witnesses?

Why Did the Lord Allow Men to Have Concubines/More Than One Wife?

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Why Worship on a Sunday?

In the Beginning...A Few Reflections

The Cost of Following Christ!

Herbert W. Armstrong; Facing the Facts

BEWARE...The New 'Evolutionary Psychology'!

Glancing at the G12 Movement

The Roots of the KJV-Only Controversy

God's Children Should Not Play With Deadly Things

When NOT To Believe An Angel

A New Way of 'Doing Church'?

The Truth About 'Speaking in Tongues' At Last!

Should Believers 'Speak in Tongues'?

Tongues - The Zerhusen Approach: What We Say

What is the Problem With 'Deliverance Ministries'?

Who and What were the Apostles?
(In which we confront the claims of some that they are "New Apostles"!)

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones: His Life and Ministry

What If One Day.....?

The Lord's Prayer

Please Insist That Your Church Actually Preaches the Gospel at Christmas

A Christian Woman
(Rarely has this article, written primarily for Christian women, been more needed)

Should Christian Women Dress in a Sexually Provocative Manner?

Consider the Poor!

To Evangelize the 'Lost' - WHY We Should Do It

Beware The 'New Perspective on Paul'!

Theological Inclusivism, Exclusivism, Universalism..etc.,What Do These Terms Mean?

Will Most People Go To Hell?

The Amazing Truth About Hell

A Question I Was Asked: Can Regeneration Occur Without a Repentance Experience?
(This is a question on 'Evangelical Inclusivism')

Re-examining the True Roots of Exclusivism

Evangelical Inclusivism
(All the main articles in this most urgent theological topic on one page).


All About Faith
(What is it? What isn't it?)

The New Jerusalem - What Does it Mean?

The Decline of a Nation
(This outstanding article on the moral decline of the West is on another website)

The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing

Removing the Veil

Sexual Issues and the Christian Life
(Only recommended to be read by people of a marriageable age)

Does the Bible Forbid Interracial Marriage?

Dinosaurs! When Did They Live? Where Did They Go?

Timid Christianity



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