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We respect all members and adherents of other beliefs/religions, but we sincerely believe that Christianity has some unique claims which we encourage all to become familiar with.

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Museltof's Testimony
(How my wife and I came to Christ from the legalism of Armstrongism).

Rooting Armstrongism out of Former 'Worldwide Church of God' Members!
(Not as brutal as it may appear, and applicable to those emerging from any of the cults & sects)

The Move Away From Legalism

Where We May Differ and Where We Should Defend the Truth!
(What is a cult and what is a reasonable difference of opinion. A vital article)

(A complete set of articles geared towards those who have come under the influence of Armstrongism)

Jehovah's Witnesses
(A complete set of articles geared towards those who have come under the influence of the 'Watchtower Society', or, 'Jehovah's Witnesses')

Seventh Day Adventism
(A complete set of articles geared towards those who have come under the influence of 7th Day Adventism)

(A complete set of articles geared towards those who have come under the influence of the Church of Latter-Day Saints - Mormonism)

The Prosperity Gospel; Ruining Evangelicalism?

A Course in Miracles; We Must Continue to Warn!

'Grace Communion International' MUST Be Honest About Their Past

Todd Bentley's Diabolical 'Signs'

2011: New UK 'WCG' Civil War Breaks Out...

Another Ronald Weinland Prophecy Fails...
(Jesus did not return on May 27th, 2012 as "prophet" Mr Weinland had predicted)

Roman Catholicism: Should We Pray to the Saints?

Andrew Strom Denounces Todd Bentley and the New Charismatics

What is Swedenborgianism?
(A look at the teachings of the followers of Emanuel Swedenborg)

Are Christian Leaders or Believers "Gods"?

Where is the Authority? The Word of God? Or a Mere Man?

Correctly Understanding the 'End Times'

Beware the Strange Influence of Gwen Shaw and Her "Handmaidens"

I Just Finished Reading 'The Law of Angels'...

What is the 'Black Hebrew Movement'?

Beware of the Massive Distortions of Morris Cerullo's Ministry

The Roots and Fruits of the New Apostolic Reformation

How the 'Church Growth Movement' Drives the Gospel Out of Churches

Bishop Spong, the Theological Criminal

G12 Cult
(This is an off-site link)

BEWARE Strange and Dangerous 'Breatharian' Cult

'El Shaddai' and Their 'Whole Person' Prosperity Message

The Promises of Abraham
(Do these promises have anything to do with financial prosperity whatsoever?)

Who Are the 'Iglesia ni Cristo'?

Christians Overcoming the New Age

The Depressing Political 'Gospel' of the Christadelphians

The Seven Parallel Sections of the Book of Revelation
(Failure to correctly perceive these sections makes one 'easy prey' for prophecy guros and false prophets!)

The Church of Scientology: A Religious Mafia?

A Helpful Tool for Dealing with the 'Jehovah's Witnesses'

A Critical Evaluation of Mind Control Theories
(If a beloved family member joins a cult, should we assume that the tools of psychology, psychiatry and sociology are - in any sense - the answer?)

Cult Heresies

The David Brandt Berg Story

Making Merchandise of the Gospel

Sex Cult Claims to Live by the Law of Love

The Symbolical Numbers of the Book of Revelation
(Are we prepared to admit that our own church or denomination may interpret the numbers of Revelation in an incorrect manner?)

Emergent Church Coming Out of the Closet?

Personal Testimonies
(Please note that our 'testimonies' page contains several examples of people being affected by cults!)

Is the Trinity Pagan?

The Armstrongist View of the Godhead

What are the 'Signs of an Apostle'?

What Joyce Wants, Joyce Gets...

Rick Warren Teams Up With Leonard Sweet

Witnessing to the Witnesses

What is Kabbalah?

Why I Worry About Bible Prophecy Websites...

The Law and the Prophets Were Until John

A Few Observations Upon...When Christians Become Sick
(How should we correctly understand the 'anointing for sickness' in James 5?)

The Roots of the KJV-Only Controversy

Close Encounters of the Celestial Kind

Ash Wednesday, Lent and Easter; Should Christians Avoid These Things Because of Pagan Associations?

Beware of Reiki Healing

Hillsong - Great Music but WOEFUL THEOLOGY!

Was Herbert W.Armstrong REALLY An Apostle?

A Brief Biography of Herbert W. Armstrong
(The fascinating route in the founding of a cult)

A Personal Experience of the Prosperity Gospel

A Lady Questions Her 'Positive Confession' Pastor!

I Received Death Threats From a Prosperity Teacher
(A testimony from experience)

The Prosperity Gospel
(A whole group of articles which are essential reading)

Learning the Truth About Iglesia ni Cristo
(On another website)

Freemasonry and Christianity

The Jesus of the New Age Movement
(Superb, and well worth reading)

The Dangers of the "Human Potential" Movement
(This article especially focuses on the 'human potential' agenda of many modern business seminars)

Could 'Jehovah's Witnesses' Be the Most ANNOYING Religious Group in the World?

Was There a Roman Catholic Conspiracy?

What Part Does Roman Catholicism Play in the Bible?

The Bible Code - Is It Real or Not?

Are "Human Potential" Seminars Harmless?
(This is on a different website)

Schuller's 'Possibility Thinking' Gospel

Does the Bible Forbid Interracial Marriage?

Are Christian Holidays Pagan in Origin?

Can We Read About the United States and Great Britain in Bible Prophecy (As Some Claim)?

Recovering the Messianic Movement From Legalism

The Early Church Fathers and the Sabbath

Confessions of a Former Sabbath Keeper

Facing the Truth about Papal History

Who Are The Two Witnesses?

Are There Really Prophets in Today's Church?

Signs and Wonders; Don't Believe Every Claim!

The 'Mystery of Iniquity' and the 'Man of Sin'

Is 'Elohim' one of God's Holy Names as Some Teach?

Is The Trinity Pagan?

Is Physical Healing Included in the Atonement?

Information on Word-faith Teacher John Avanzini
(On a different website)

Sorcery in the Bible, Pharmakeia and Modern Medicine; Any Connection?

Heaven Can't Wait
(The William Alnor consideration of the claims of those who say they have already visited heaven).

How Can I Discern Whether I'm in a Healthy or Abusive Fellowship?

What is the 'Mark of the Beast'?

The Faulty Foundation of 'Five Fold Ministry'

Tithing;Can We Face Up to the Truth?

Beware a Dangerous Doctrine: The Doctrine That The Second Coming of Christ Has ALREADY Occurred

Book Review: If You Thought That the 'Latter-Day Saints' Were Bad Enough, Wait Until You Read About the 'Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints'!

Book Review: A Journey in Roman Catholicism

Ending the Abuse of Bible Prophecy

Do We Have a Right to See 'Signs and Wonders' in Today's Church?

Ethical Problems in Exit Counselling

There Ought to be a Law.....Or Should There?
(Also helpful for our debate, but on a diffeent website)

Glancing at the G12 Movement

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