All About Our Ministry and Our Founder, the British Evangelical Conservative Theologian, Robin A. Brace, BD.

In 2001, Robin A. Brace said,
"I have made it my mission to make 1,000 articles of good solid Christian teaching available through the internet by 2010." In 2007, Robin was able to say, "We are ahead of target and well over half way there. We approach Apologetics, theology, countercult and philosophy only through the eyes of faith, and we are committed to uncovering error. We uphold the right of Christians to differ in peripheral areas whilst quickly denouncing heresy, thereby replicating the approach of the early church and of the 'church fathers.'"

This ministry commenced with the establishing of museltof christian ministries (capitals purposely omitted), as an internet ministry on MSN free web space in 2001. This quickly led to other free web space being used but the limitations of using free web space soon became apparent and, by late 2006, all areas of this ministry are to be found on webspace which we actually pay for and this means increased reliability, stability and the freedom not to run ads decided by people outside this ministry. Now we run occasional ads of our own simply to point visitors to certain of our own articles.
The bulk of the ministry will be found on UK Apologetics, but we continue to maintain a certain separation for Witness to the Word and Museltof Countercult and Apologetics.

More About Robin

Robin A. Brace was born in 1944 in Cardiff, south Wales, UK and started developing a passion for Bible study at the age of 16. In his earlier years, upon noting how liberal theology had seriously compromised the established denominations, he had tended to identify with various adventist-type groups, but this was to dramatically change around 1988-90 when an exceptionally rigorous period of Bible study revealed to Robin that he had seriously misunderstood the central New Testament doctrine of Justification by Faith. Robin clearly saw that the adventist-type cults and sects accepted an understanding of Justification which was at complete variance with New Testament Pauline teaching. He came to see that he had been guilty of 'throwing the baby out with the bathwater' in rejecting established Christian theology simply because of theological liberalism; the enemy was Liberal Theology - not established evangelical theology! At the time Robin and his family were fellowshiping with the Worldwide Church of God. who - around this same time - also started to realise that they had seriously misinterpreted Justification by Faith, as well as admitting the error of looking upon founder Herbert W. Armstrong as an apostle, so when Robin became a WCG lay preacher in April 1991 he immediately went onto the group's Christian/evangelical and anti-legalist wing and was active in warning of previous errors in understanding in the last three years of the couple's involvement with the group.

Robin and Tina Brace

Robin and Tina Brace pictured at The Italian Gardens, Penarth, Wales, in July 2006.

In January, 1994 Mr and Mrs Brace finally left the WCG. Robin then took a Bachelor of Divinity theology degree from 1995 at the University of Wales, Cardiff, graduating with honours in 1998, the same year as he was accepted as a minister. But Robin did not take up a pastorate of a specific congregation but found life quite enjoyable as a travelling 'guest minister,' then, in 2001, he felt strongly led to set up an internet-based Christian ministry. This is the 'new frontier' of Christian witness of internet evangelism, and it is a serious concern to us that false and money-motivated ministries have - predictably! - quickly moved in. Our ministry will do all it can to counteract that influence.
In 2006 our websites were receiving 100,000 annual 'hits' and Robin, who is a soft landscaper by trade, is kept busy answering Bible questions which come in from all over the world. Whilst the ministry has received several invitations for Robin to preach in such diverse places as Kenya, Ghana, India and Pakistan, the decision has been made (based mainly on financial considerations and also on the consideration of Robin's health), to confine it to being an internet ministry. Robin, however, is prepared to accept occasional preaching invitations, or to give talks about his internet ministry, in southern Britain. However, due to health difficulties and the fact that he is now writing around 60-70 articles per year and is also kept very busy answering Bible questions, Robin now only accepts speaking invitations during the spring and summer months.
Married to Tina since 1977, the couple have four children and have also spent twelve years as foster carers.

Robin has a wide range of interests, he is, for example, passionately fond of both classical music and jazz (he is an ex-trumpet player himself), and his favourite composers include Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Bruckner, Sibelius and Mahler. His favourite jazz performers include Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Clifford Brown. In fact, he is something of an authority on the modern jazz "bebop" music of the 1940's, and retains some occasional involvement in jazz music journalism (Robin has contributed some material here.) Robin has many interests, he has studied French, Hebrew and Greek and is passionately interested in modern history, and also in modern information technology. Yet another passion of Robin's is horticulture, and Robin is a qualified soft landscaper holding an RHS Certificate. He is also a very keen rugby union fan.

Our Overall Theological Approach

Much of our overall approach can be learned by reading what Robin sees as his Job Description. But Robin's fascination for Bible study, which now covers a period of over 40 years, has led him to a position which is loosely conservative evangelical. He also refuses to join either side in the very old Arminian/Calvinism debate. When I asked Robin about this, he stated,
"Both Calvinism and Arminianism are ultimately philosophical approaches fashioned by the overly doctrinaire approaches of theologians; my intention is only to be guided by Holy Scripture. We should allow minor differences of opinion between genuine believers - just as the 'church fathers' so wisely did - but quickly notice, and then denounce, heresy! I see some errors in the extremes of Arminianism as well as Calvinism, but the errors are probably most extreme in hyper-Calvinism. 'Fatalism' comes from the pagans and 'Restrictivism' is unbiblical. So whilst I firmly support evangelicalism and consider myself 'evangelical,' I feel that this movement has probably erred in following the lead of Augustinian Western theology to the degree that it has. I hugely admire C.S. Lewis and Francis Shaeffer."

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DCG, UK Apologetics Assistant Editor, 2007.

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