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Apologetics: Challenging Evolution

General Apologetics and Christian Philosophy are now here.

Our Apologetics topics here? These are articles covering the general genre of Evolution, Creationism and related questions.

'A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.” (G.K. Chesterton)

'If we are not governed by God, then we will be ruled by tyrants.' (William Penn)

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An Interview With Michael Denton

Information - A Huge Problem For Evolution

Five Questions Evolutionists Would Rather Dodge

500 Doctorate Scientists Sceptical of Darwin

The Passing of Dr Henry Morris

Only Off By 142 Million Light Years
(Science continues to make extravagant - and often times contradictory - claims which cannot be substantiated in any way)

Evolutionary Arrogance

The Age of the Earth

Evolution Is History's Greatest Hoax

New Questions For Evolution...
(Written in 2012)

Is the Dark Spell of Darwinism Losing Its Effect? (2012)

Sound Bites Vs Sound Science

Human Population and the Age of the Earth

The Young Earth...

"We Can Only Evaluate That Which We Can Test by Experimentation"
(Read how this claim of modern science is entirely fraudulent)

Whatever Happened to Creation?

After Communism's Collapse: Creation in the Crimea

Dr A. E. Wilder-Smith: From Oxford Atheist to Leading Creationist

Corals, Genes and Creation

The Life of Ernst Haeckel

The Dean of Evolution; Henry Morris Pinpoints Ernst Mayr's Flawed Approach

The Cruelty of Eugenics and Euthanasia

The Rapid Formation of Coal and Oil

Were There REALLY 'Human Zoos'??
(Yes, there were! The tragic story of Ota Benga)

How a Belief in Evolution Affects Law and History

How 'Information' Disproves Atheism and Evolution

Darwinism and the Deterioration of the Genome
(On a different website)

Loving the Bible to Death

The Age of the Sun

How Did Animals Spread All Over the Earth From Where the Ark Landed?

G.K. Chesterton: Darwinism is an Attack Upon Thought Itself

The Days of Creation Week: Literal Days?

"Design" Critics Often Employ Straw Men

Human Population and the Age of the Earth...and Universe

"We Now Know That Evolution is Vindicated"?? DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT!!
(My response to a letter which appeared in our very liberal local newspaper)

Evolution: Not As Recent a Theory As You May Think!
(Essential reading!)

From Evolution to Creation
(A professor becomes a creationist. Worth reading!)

The Global Flood
(An absolutely essential article containing some vital new Creationist thinking as of 2006-2009: don't miss it!)

Species, Speciation and the Genesis Kind

Charles Darwin; Its Time For the Truth to be Told

Accessible Evidences of a Young Earth

Mathematics: The Evolution Killer

The Religion of Evolution

Did Dinosaurs Turn Into Birds?

Darwinism and the Deterioration of the Genome

Evolution Hopes You Don't Know Chemistry

No Intelligence Allowed! New Movie Tells the Truth

50 Reasons Why Evolution Will Not Fly

American Genesis: The Cosmological Beliefs of the Indians

Evolution Losing Public Support

Darwinism: Survival Without Purpose

A Few Reasons Why An Evolutionary Origin Of Life Is Impossible

A Predicted Earthquake?

Exposing the Evolutionst's Sleight-of-Hand with the Fossil Record

Top Evidences Against the Theory of Evolution
(On a different website. Highly recommended).

The Chances of Randomly Spelling 'The Theory of Evolution' With Scrabble Letters

The Revolution Against Evolution
(On another website. Serious enquirers must consult this resource!)

Amazing Anecdotal Evidence and Facts About 'Pre-Biotic Research'

Little Known Facts About Radiometric Dating

Carbon-14 Dating; Increasingly Favouring a Young Earth
(An off-site link)

Ten Misconceptions about the Geologic Column

Darwinism's Rules of Reasoning

Darwinism and the Nazi Race Holocaust

Singapore Students Interview Me On Evolution

Rapid Petrification of Wood: An Unexpected Confirmation of Creationist Research!

Molecular Machines: Experimental Support for the Design Inference

The Explosion of Life

Muddy Waters; Clarifying the Confusion About 'Natural Selection.'

The Theory of Evolution Revisited

Beware the New 'Evolutionary Psychology'

No Bones About Eve

Darwin's Public Defenders

Does Radiometric Dating Prove an Old Earth?

The Meaning of Intelligent Design

Communication as General Revelation

An Amazing Admittance From an "Evolutionist"!

Darwin Descending

An Evolutionist's Devastating Critique of 'Evolutionary Psychology'!

Monkey-Man Hypothesis Refuted

Darwin in the Dock

Do Any Vestigial Organs Exist in Humans?

Why the French Institute Rejected Darwin

I Was Asked For Information on Evolution: My Conclusion: Surely Evolution is the Greatest 'Act of Faith' of All Time!

The Lectures of Dr A.E. Wilder-Smith
(The great professor is now sadly deceased but - at the moment - several of his famous anti-evolution lectures are still available on the internet - please take our advice and go through these marvellous video lectures while they are still available. Very highly recommended. On a different site)

A Million Pounds Being Thrown Down the Drain: More Evolution Madness

The Gap Theory - Can We Still Maintain It?

How Darwinism Dumbs Us Down

Can Neo-Darwinism Survive?

Were There Really Half-Human "Cave-men"?

Is Belief in Divine Creation Really That Ridiculous?

How Can Young Earth Creationism Explain Australia's Unique Animals?
(On another website)

Ten Dangers of Theistic Evolution
(On another website. Highly recommended)

Are Human Beings Really 98 Per Cent the Same as Chimpanzees? Or Are Devout Evolutionists 100 Per Cent the Same as Chumps?

Two Questions Thrown at me by an Evolutionist!
(Including, 'If it is true that humans and chimps are 98 per cent the same, why do you continue to oppose evolution?')

Two Encouraging Reports in the British Press in 2005!

Challenging Darwin's Myths

Dinosaur Bones - How Old Are They Really?

Dinosaurs! When Did They Live? Where Did They Go?

The Confused Atheistic World of Jonathan Miller

The Truth About Evolution

All About Evolution!

Refuting Evolution
(An online handbook for students, parents, and teachers countering the latest arguments for evolution. On another website)

A Question of Origins
(A highly recommended free video which you can view on-line. My advice is: view it chapter by chapter rather than electing to view the whole video at once - it seems to function better that way. Young earth creationism).

Philosphical Naturalism and the Age of the Earth

Challenging the Naturalistic Philosophy of Evolution

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