How to Copy and Print Articles From This (or any other) Website

From late 2009 we are starting to provide printer-friendly versions of our major articles but with over 1,000 articles on-site this cannot be a quick process. Where a printer-friendly article version is available, it will tell you at the top of the page which you have come to read, right under the article title. Otherwise, until we extend this a great deal more, the following information will be applicable. Just one other point: where the reader does not have the ability to 'copy and paste,' please e mail us and we will quickly make a printer-friendly version of a particular article available to you.

Our site articles may use many different backgounds etc., many of which will waste your ink/paper if you attempt to print them in that fashion. There is only one way to satisfactorily copy articles from this site or most other websites, it is called 'copy and paste':

1. Take the mouse cursor to the top of the writing which you want to copy.

2. Go right up to the left edge of the writing you want to copy, the cursor will change from an arrow to an I-like shape.

3. Now left-click and highlight the article from top to bottom. You will need to continue holding down left-click until it is all highlighted.

4. When you reach the bottom, first check that all the part you want to copy has been correctly highlighted, then right-click and select 'Copy.'

5. Open a word processor such as Notepad, Word Pad or Word.

6. Right click and select 'Paste' - the copied article will now immediately transfer to your computer screen (some word processor systems will require you to use a 'paste' button/symbol at the top of the screen).

7. If the article appears in bold or a font size which is too big, simply highlight again and while it is highlighted take it out of 'bold' or whatever.

8. Now just select 'Print' from file options.

Using this system for copying articles will save an enormous amount of ink, as well as paper. You will end up with a printable page which looks just like this page, with a white printer-friendly background.

(Please Just Note: Just about everything here is subject to Copyright - this means that while you are perfectly free to copy and print, it is not permitted to add any text to, or to change any article written by Robin A. Brace or 'Museltof' - or indeed most other writers - if you intend distributing it or putting it on your own website. No article should be put on another website without e mailing me first).

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