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NOW PROVEN: The World Is NOT a Globe! (Seriously - I Joke Not!)

The Arguments Can Stop - 'Flat-Earthers' Are NOT Complete Idiots, But a Change in Official Teaching Probably Remains Years Away

S cience moves on, but science-type prejudices remain. Just as Evolution - as per the Darwin model - is now untenable, I mean: IT COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED! (yet it will remain the official teaching in schools, colleges and universities for probably years to come - with any teacher or lecturer opposing it likely to be fired, or at least severely disciplined), so all these rather attractive spinning globes, present in all schools and science departments are not going to be going anywhere any time soon - don't expect it to happen. Yes, the 'science' is now pretty much dead but it could be 50 years before those globes go, this is how slow official "science" moves on.

Okay, so what happened?

These Will (Eventually) Have To Go!

Yes, these may have been very attractive constructs which are pleasing to the eye but it is now known that those desk spinning globes are not an accurate depiction of the Earth at all. Whilst our Earth is certainly round, we can be pretty sure that curvature of the Earth does not exist; forget those NASA Earth images (created by CGI and by using composite images), the most famous of those images (Earthrise from the moon) is known and freely admitted to be a composite picture, imaginatively constructed with CGI (computer generated images), this is no longer even officially denied by NASA.

A group of scientists, mostly south American-based, set out - once and for all - to test the curvature of the Earth, these included two men who - for many years - had accepted and lectured on the usual Earth propaganda (a globe-shaped spinning Earth, travelling through space at incredible speed), but they have been forced to accept what is now scientifically proven to be true: that there is no curvature of the Earth - I REPEAT: THERE IS NO CURVATURE OF THE EARTH - nor Earth tilt. So one is left with the unavoidable conclusion that Galilean cosmology is just plain wrong and we have all been duped by it. But will all official cosmology 'science' immediately change? Absolutely not and don't expect that to happen, yet we now know that the official teaching will eventually change, just as the doctrine of macro-evolution will eventually be ditched. In the short term, we can expect official Darwinism-rooted 'modern science' to make attempts to discredit this south American team (it always happens) and to state things like "many more studies are needed and in the meantime nothing alters" yet the tests which the team conducted are fully conclusive and there seems to be nothing further to argue about.

So the so-called "flat-earthers" (a very bad name which has stuck to them) are vindicated, they are correct on at least 70% of their teaching. I now give the URL of the study group and the results of their tests: GO HERE
(this video takes about 90 minutes to play but I strongly recommend that it is played right to the end).

Perhaps none of this should surprise us for all long haul aircraft flights are charted on the assumption of a flat - not globular - Earth! This surprised me when I first heard it as it might be surprising to the reader of this article right now. No long haul flight builds into the flight route any allowance for earth curvature. Why? Because a flat Earth is assumed and it always has been by route planners and geographers.

On a slightly different (but far from unrelated) topic, all of this brings to mind what a school teacher told us all - in a classroom setting - around 60 years ago. He was asked about Antarctica, apparently Captain Scott had gone there, yet our teacher was somewhat cynical that the place even existed. A lad in our class said, "but sir, surely it must exist - it's at the bottom of our globe, isn't it?" Our teacher responded like this: "since we currently use a globe model, we need to place a south pole somewhere and it can only go in one place - right?, but that does not mean the present teaching is right." The lad quickly came back for more information. He said, "Is our globe Earth spinning and travelling very fast, sir?" Again, the teacher had a good answer. "It is simply the model we presently use to explain the world we live in, but there are other models to explain it, including a non-moving Earth which most scientists have accepted in the past."

I have never forgotten what this teacher told us all, back somewhere around 1956 or thereabouts. He believed that the Antarctica explorers had indeed gone to "some fearfully cold place," but who knows where? The inquisitive lad's final question was "But would not their compasses show they had reached Antarctica?" "No, you go to some places and a compass wll just spin around but tell you nothing!" This stuck in my mind from many years ago. In our own day at least three separate locations have been claimed as 'the south pole,' and we are told that it can never be pinpointed because it keeps moving. Huh? Back in the 50s our teacher had stated that: yes, there is a north pole but the south pole is not a place you can ever actually go to! Who can dogmatically state that he was wrong? Increasingly, it looks that he was right. We should not confuse fashionable or trendy 'science' with things which have been conclusively proven to be true; both evolution and 'globe earthism' have failed us all here. Even a very early 'Blue Peter' BBC programme on British TV (around 1960) told its young viewers, "we use figurative terms but, of course, the south pole does not actually exist, only the north pole is a place one can go to, although it's in the sea."

So whilst the Earth is round, it is not globular in shape but don't expect those spinning globe models to disappear any time soon.

The Christian Hawk, Christmas Day, 2018.