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New Articles for December, 2011.


Within hours, we are set to visit an Arab country to attend a wedding, November 4-14th, PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR SAFETY, AND FOR THE SAFETY OF THOSE TRAVELLING WITH US. For this reason we are sending out this month's E Letter earlier than normal. This also means I will not be able to reply to e mails until mid-November.


Our website visitor figures for October, 2011 have broken all our previous visitor numbers. It has been a huge and most successful month! The actual figures are quoted half-way down our homepage on the left, here.

Now for the new articles. To facilitate repeatedly returning to this page, you may wish to add a desktop shortcut (my preferred method), or add it to your 'favourites.'

1. The Overture to Egmont

(Why science cannot explain the incredible power of the human mind and consciousness; very much worth reading!)

2. The Accuracy of the New Testament

(This one is a pdf file which must be downloaded, absolutely no problem with any modern computer. You can also save a copy to your own computer 'documents')

3. Alleged Challenge: The Age of the Sun

(Not new, but well worth bringing to the attention of our readers once again)

4. Arthur Wilder-Smith: From Oxford Atheist to Leading Creationist

(A most amazing man; please read about his exceptional life)

5. From the Editor: The False Notion That Evolution and Modern Science Teachings Contain 'Ultimate Truth' Continues to Spread

6. A Question I Was Asked: What Do You Think Would Be Good "Food" For the New Christian "Seedling"?

7. A Question I Was Asked: Who Was Brunhilda? Anything to do with Early Christianity?

(A rather more amusing question which came into us!)

8. A Question I Was Asked: Doesn't Nature "Red in Truth and Claw" Support Darwinism Rather Than Divine Creation?

(It is important to know how to answer this question, a question which you too could be asked!)

9. A Question I Was Asked: Can You Explain About False Prophets and Fruits?

10. A Question I Was Asked: Can You Explain Psalm 25 and Luke 8:16-18?

11. A Question I Was Asked: Why Are Christians Not Prepared to be 'Perfect' as Matthew 5:48 States?

(Maybe you have been asked this very question. Here is, I think, a good way to explain this point)

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