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A few introductory words about UK Apologetics from our founder and Senior Editor, Mr Robin Brace. It was made in HD and takes just over 4 minutes to play. This is a flash file so it should run flawlessly on just about every modern computer. I made this circa 2007, I'm afraid that I look even older now! Oh, you need to switch it on for it to play and you can't enlarge it in any way. It was set up to be as simple and trouble-free for as many visitors as possible so we have not allowed unlimited functionality.

I DO APOLOGISE but, for some reason, back in 2007, the video player would not play, nor even appear on certain browsers. Sorry, but I was not able to resolve this back in 2007, but I think that has now improved.

2017 UPDATE:

In May, 2017 we have 1,827 online articles and our figures for April 2017 include 67,402 pages read and 36,922 unique pages read (new visitors), total hits a huge figure, pointless to quote. Also, (unlike many websites), we continue to have an unusually large number of visitors who stay onsite reading for some time.