Visitor Privacy Policy

The privacy policy applies to UK Apologetics, Museltof Countercult and Apologetics and Witness to the Word.

We now have a huge number of site visitors every month. Although we collect certain statistics about our visitors, these are mainly confined to their country origin and the type of browser they were using when visiting. We also note unique visits. Actually, we ourselves do not do that but Awstats and Google Analytics do it for us. However, no figures or statistics are collected which amount to any invasion of our visitor's privacy, moreover we are committed to continuing this approach. For example, whilst it may be theoretically possible to identify the city which any enquiry emanates from, we feel that that would be going too far toward identifying individuals and that is a step we would not take.

On our homepage we publish a monthly graph of our visitor's national origin, plus the amount of hits, pages read, unique visits etc., which is our only reason for collecting such figures.

We are also often e mailed which enables us to learn many e mail addresses, however, we never undertake to collect any such e mail addresses, except where e mailers specifically request to join our Monthly E Letter List. We have several hundred e mail addresses on that list; these are held in absolute confidence and privacy and are not available to anybody else. UK Apologetics guarantees to go on showing this high respect for our visitor's privacy for as long as we are operational.