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BEWARE of Those Who CONTINUALLY Twist the Truth...

I am currently reading a most marvellous book, it is 'Intellectuals and Society' by Thomas Sowell.

In this book author Sowell sets out to make people aware of how the concept of truth has changed and how a veritable army of liberal intellectuals are busily at work distorting the truth on many topics. Thus far I don't plan to give the book a full review because it is not a specifically Christian book. Having stated that, numerous points within the book actually support a Christian way of life in ways such as being fair, honest and just in all our dealings with other people; also being scrupulously honest, not slanting any reporting to suit our own arguments.

I am going to quote a small part of this book right here and please think about what this quote is saying. In a section which Sowell terms 'Verbal Cleansing,' he writes this:

Words which have acquired particular connotations over the years from the experiences of millions of people in successive generations now have these connotations systematically stripped away by a relatively small number of contemporary intellectuals, who simply substitute different words for the same things until the new words replace the old in the media. Thus "bums" has been replaced by "the homeless," "swamps" by "wetlands," and "prostitutes" by "sex workers," for example. (page 217, 2018 paperback version of 'Intellectuals and Society,' Basic Books, New York; ISBN: 978-0-465-02522-0).

Now initially one might think, hey - a good thing to replace old prejudicial names too, but it goes deeper - much deeper - than that; throughout this book Sowell shows us that a group of leftist liberal influences, very active in the media, education and in many areas of modern society are subtly attacking the whole concept of truth by using 'imaginative' reporting and description, moreover this has been going on for many years. Sowell calls this practice "verbal virtuosity," that is, to use words craftily and cunningly, even to invent new words to fit a liberal agenda.

It's not always an easy book to read with over 600 pages, including a huge index but for those with an appetite for larger, deeply thought-provoking books I can honestly recommend it. Maybe many won't read every single page but will look up the sections of particular interest (very easy to do in this book). The author does not finally come to Christian conclusions because it is not a specifically Christian book; having said that, the book wholeheartedly supports Christian principles taking on the matters of economics, politics, the misuse of words, truth and modern society in many areas with some truly marvellous quotes along the way. The writer also shows (with many examples), how so-called 'official statistics' are often not to be relied upon and how staticians of a certain political viewpoint are not slow to give an entirely incorrect rendition of statistics to suit their own politics.

Is this book perfect? No, it is easily 100-150 pages too long. If it had been that much shorter it would have been more focused and more punchy, some arguments seem a little over-streched at times. The author - himself black - would agree that too much has been written by liberals on the subject of race, a point he makes strongly but then he too makes exactly the same mistake.

The book is a powerful call for a return to a more truthful society, a need to rescue us all from that band of vain intellecualist liberals who insist that only their views are worth any serious consideration. Great stuff from a writer who certainly does not 'pull his punches'!

Robin A. Brace, March, 2020.
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