The Word of God is indeed the "foundation of all knowledge," but did Herbert W. Armstrong faithfully represent it?

Herbert W. Armstrong and Armstrongism...

A page of countercult articles intended to be helpful for those who have come under the influence of Armstrongism in the past.

    The current Worldwide Church of God (now a very small group), have officially rejected Armstrongism from about 1998, however, numerous small groups still exist which uphold Armstrongism and they typically see the current 'WCG' as being totally apostate. These groups and their ongoing influence as well as the long-term effect of Armstrongism upon current and former 'WCG' members are the reason for this website. We want to assist these people in moving towards biblical sound-mindedness.

    We are a collaboration between four British evangelical Christian websites, under the leadership of Robin A. Brace B.D., a former WCG member (until 1994).

Whilst we applaud the external changes within the WCG, we feel that - overall - not every single question about their former (and even current!) behaviour has been satisfactorily addressed.