From Africa and Asia

God is using all kinds of ways to call people to Christ in countries where it is almost impossible for Christians to evangelize. Yes, these even appear to include certain DBEs (death bed experiences) and NDEs (near death experiences). Let none of us attempt to limit how God may choose to work!


Quoted in a Prayer Letter of the Barnabas Fund, 2003.
A young Iranian became a Christian after the death of his father, following a three-day period in hospital.

During this time the father had been in a coma and never said a word to family members.

The night after the funeral, the young man had a dream in which his father appeared and explained that he didn't speak during those three last days because he had been talking with Jesus. In the morning the son found that his sister had dreamt exactly the same dream. As a result, the whole family became Christians.


Quoted in a 'Salem Voice' e-mail around 2003.

Hawa Ahmed was a Moslem student.
One day, she read a Christian tract in her dormitory, and decided to become a Christian. Her father was an Islamic ruler, so she expected to lose her inheritance because of her conversion. But she was completely unprepared for what really happened: When she told her family that she had become a Christian and had changed her name to 'Faith', her father exploded in a rage.

Her father and brothers stripped her naked and bound her to a chair fixed to a metal plate with which they wanted to electrocute her. Faith asked them to at least lay a Bible in her lap.

Her father responded, "If you want to die together with your false religion,so be it." One of her brothers added "That will show that your religion is powerless."
Although they had bound her, she was able to touch a corner of the Bible. She felt a strange peace, as though someone were standing beside her. Her father and brothers pushed the plug into the socket - and nothing happened. They tried four times with various cables, but it was as though the electricity refused to flow.

Finally, her father, angry and frustrated, hit her and screamed "You are no longer my daughter." Then he threw his daughter out into the street, naked. She ran through the streets, humiliated and in pain. Shaking and tearful, she ran to a friend. People looked at her, curious rather than shocked. Her friend let her in, clothed her and gave her shelter.

The next day, her friend asked neighbours what they had thought when they had seen Faith running naked through the streets.
"What are you talking about?" they responded.
"The girl had a wonderful white dress on. We asked ourselves why someone so beautifully clothed had to run through the streets."
God had hidden her nakedness from their eyes, clothing her in a beautiful white dress. Today, Faith is a full-time evangelist.


This famous story is a little different and it happened many many years ago, but it is very inspiring:

75-100 years ago stories of missionaries, and how God intervened for them in the most unpromising of situations were quite commonplace, but in a far more secular and far less religious age, one doesn't hear such stories any more. But here is quite a famous one; The missionary and his wife had worked hard in spreading the message of Jesus Christ in a most difficult part of Africa, but they were working with a most difficult and war-like tribe.

On one occasion this tribe went on the warpath and decided that they would simply kill the missionaries, who noticed that there was much drums and chanting going on for a very long time one evening. The couple were frightened but they had faith in God to protect them. After a few hours of this chanting from the nearby village, it suddenly became obvious that the sounds were becoming louder. The missionaries knew that this meant that a large group from the village were heading for their hut. Sure enough, they could soon make out the light from the burning lanterns which a large group were carrying up toward their little hut. The missionary couple now prayed with even more urgency!

But suddenly, the light and accompanying sounds started to fade and it became clear that the advancing group had decided to return to the village.

After many months, the natives from the village were again friendlier, and contacts were resumed. Eventually the couple decided to enquire about that particular evening. Why had quite a large group approached the missionaries hut, but then turned back again? "We were going to kill you both, but when we got close to your hut, we saw that strong man carrying his sword right outside your door, so we left you alone. We never knew who he was, but he looked bright and strong"

And so the missionaries knew without a doubt that God had heard their prayers and had indeed sent an angel to protect them!

With time, I have forgotten who these missionaries were and which part of Africa that was, if anybody knows please e-mail a reminder to us on the linkl below!