A Question I Was Asked:

What Was Paul's 'Thorn in the Flesh' (2 Cor. 12:7-10)?

Was it a Moral Weakness? If So, Where Does That Leave 'Positive Confession'?

Here is the actual question:

I do agree with some of the ideas in the article (Can Our 'Positive Confession' FORCE God to Change Course?), positive confession can go too far. One can claim God's promises but not everything he/she wants. However, there was one comment made about Paul's thorn in the flesh. It was said that there is little doubt that the thorn was physical. On the contrary, there is HUGE debate in Christian circles about this thorn. If you are going to use Paul's thorn as evidence against positive confession of healing, I think you need to analyze ALL scriptures relating to it and PROVE that it is a physical problem. I think that you will find that there is actually more evidence that it is NOT physical if you look at how 'thorn' is used in other contexts in the Bible. Furthermore, Paul WAS healed many times - especially when he was left for dead after being stoned.”

My Reply:

About five points I want to make here:

Finally, since I have noted that the 'health, wealth and prosperity' guys have caused quite widespread ignorance/confusion about the biblical doctrine of faith, may I strongly suggest that you read the article WHAT IS FAITH?

My positive confession article is HERE.

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