In many western countries the tentacles of liberalism continue to reach out and strangle the efforts of the law-abing, patriotic, self-respecting and Christian-influenced majority – how has this sad state of affairs come about?

For something like 70 years the liberal movement has been moving – often quietly plotting – to enforce a new ideology on a public who have never desired it. It is an ideology of enslavement, even though it wears a gentle face, a pretense of genuine concern for the human predicament. Even though the appalling ills which this ideology has produced are now readily apparent (rampant uncontrolled abortion, huge divorce figues, record teenage pregnancies, the widespread use of drugs especially among the young, violent and sexually immoral Hollywood film and television “entertainment” - do I need to go on?) western governments continue to press for more law changes in order to promote “equality” - indeed, burdensome government always results when an ideology seeks to impose itself on the masses – true whether that ideology is Marxism, National Socialism or Liberalism!

The truth is that liberals have acted – and continue to act – maliciously against the main stock of the nations who have made those nations great. Abortion means that we are heading for a situation in which a majority of our own people are going to be over 60 within just a few years – seeing this rapidly approaching dilemma, liberals have encouraged rapid and widespread immigration. The following is not a racist sentiment since we Christians believe that all the races are equal in the sight of God, however probably 80% of Christians do strongly question the formation of huge communities within our cities of peoples of a completely different culture who are often totally opposed to integration and totally reject the culture of their host nation, this is especially true in Europe where large areas of cities in the UK, Holland and France are rapidly turning into Asian areas – but less true in the United States where hispanic peoples are mostly very willing to become Americans and are somewhat less culturally different. Again, to point this out is in no sense racial – it is a statement of cultural concern.

How have liberals brought the current situation about? By the continual undermining through the media, education and politics of the culture and values of their own particular nation's majority ethnic populations! We have already referred to the continual promotion of multi-culturalism and the assumption that multi-culturalism is always good (which the majority of ordinary British and American people have never accepted) – also by the serious handicapping of education by the acceptance of the theoretical approach to science, society, the arts and indeed towards teaching itself. The result is that our nations are producing teachers who only seem capable of teaching theory and who always promote theory, self-expression, and ones “rights” above such concepts as duty, moral responsibility and concern for others; so the new liberally-influenced teachers – in turn - encourage their students in this theoretical approach to life.
Knowledge itself is viewed as a sort of self-sustaining body or mass which must be separated from all interpretation (unless, of course, it is a liberal interpretation!) because of the danger of imparting western or Christian-influenced standards. The result of this is that we now have kids leaving university in their droves who have acquired 'knowledge' but who don't believe in anything - except their own human rights! Moreover, they have become unduly suspicious of such words as 'understanding' and 'explanation.' Why? Because a long and steady diet of liberal and politically-correct thinking makes people hyper-sensitive to the danger of imparting traditional western Christian-rooted values to others. It has now reached the ludicrous stage where many feel they have to apologize to the world for being culturally-conditioned 'westerners'. A long and continuous diet of such liberalism also makes one increasingly alien to any concept of moral absolutes, since Moral Relativism (there is no ultimate truth, what is 'true' for you might not be 'true' for me) is central to liberalism – therefore who can say that lying, stealing, abortion or adultery are always wrong? They could be wrong for you but fine for me!

Barbed wire depicting the deprivation of freedom

>Even while liberalism has promised freedom, it has actually cut people off from discovering true freedom. Jesus said, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32).

One of the underlying and fundamental errors in the liberal's reasoning is that 'all men are created equally' – unfortunately, this is not the true and correct Christian interpretation of the equality of all but the peculiar social and political interpretation which came from the 'movers and shakers' of the French Revolution and which Karl Marx would also later embrace (in a somewhat different form) in the 19th century. The superb irony here is that modern liberal social schemers have gone back to the unchallengeable and supremacist approach of the worst of the pre-revolution French aristocracy! Their natural instinct being - apparently - to ignore the interests and preferences of the great majority of those over whom they rule. Of course, liberals would deny that they seek 'rule' over anybody even when it is obvious that they have sought power and dominion within western society for many years. To quote the essay which appears anonymously on the internet, The Treason of the Liberals,

Concerned only with the satisfaction of their own desires; always confident that they may escape the unpleasant consequences of their actions - which the poor are forced to bear - by their wealth, social position and political power; protected from frequent, powerful and coherent criticism through their control of the mass media; emotionally bolstered by hyperbolically false claims to a moral superiority; always able to browbeat and control political opponents by either excluding them from the media or by turning them into "useful idiots" who are allowed just enough exposure to permit the liberal media to claim, at least to its own satisfaction, that it is "balanced" , they are become as replete with stupid arrogance as the later Bourbons, the stench of their gross hypocrisy matched only by the rankness of their moral humbug.”

(See note on this essay at the page bottom).

I am afraid that our societies are going to get worse and worse. Liberalism has always hated the concept of moral responsibility, therefore expect even worse figures for divorce, illicit drugs, crime, abortion and every heinous moral degradation.

The God we have departed from is rubbing our noses in the evil which befalls any society which has embraced the truth of God, creation and Jesus Christ but then turned away from it. Israel went into national slavery for turning from God, and our peoples have gone into the national slavery of hedonism (hedonism: the belief that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life), accepting theories and plain fictions for truth, and basing their faith on false and unreliable materialistic prosperity - the 'bubble' always bursts in the end!

Come Lord Jesus, come!

Robin A. Brace, 2005.

(Regarding The Treason of the Liberals, this is an unsigned essay which appears anonymously on the internet. I quoted a paragraph from it but I do not agree with everything within that article).



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