The Ted Heath Band – 1945.

Without doubt the Ted Heath big band (normally called 'Ted Heath and his Music') were the outstanding British big band right from their beginning in 1945 until Ted's death in 1969. Of course, the music world had greatly changed by 1969 and big bands were far less popular by that time, but such was the huge popularity of the Heath band, that it continued going long after most had folded. Here is the Heath band of 1945 and here are pictured most of its original players.

The Ted Heath Band

The Ted Heath band pictured in 1945, the year of its founding. Back row: Harry Roche, Laddy Busby, Harry Letham, Dave Goldberg, Jimmy Coombes, Ted Heath, Jack Parnell, Reg Owen, Les Gilbert, Johnny Gray, Norman Stenfalt, Ronnie Scott, Stan Roderick, Alan Franks; Front row: Dave Shand, Charlie Short, Kenny Baker, Jack Bentley.

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