Copyright and Contact

Okay, now about contacting me with suggestions, material, articles. Any articles you have written which I may use will remain your own copyright and it will be your responsibility - as the article contributor - to check out whether there could be any copyright infringement in what you write/use. Best policy is: if you are not sure about something then don't say it or don't use it - yes, including photos. So if you contribute a jazz-based article to this site and I use it, it will not be legally 'covered' by me from the copyright point of view if you have contravened the law. The responsibility will rest entirely with you.

But please do not be put off writing an article for us, especially if you yourself come from the world of jazz. I am sorry but any article must be submitted free - we offer no payments; this entire undertaking is voluntary both with this jazz site and with our huge Christian Apologetics/Countercult/Philosophy site.

Obviously I am not going to give a live hyperlink e mail address, just as I cannot on my Christian site. My e mail address for this site will be: xxxdesign@ukapologetics.netxxx - you will have to take the three crosses off both ends of that, then copy and paste it to your e mail system in order to e mail me. Believe me, I wish I could make that really clear just as in the early days of the 'net' but that is sadly no longer possible because search spiders are at work every day on the net searching for e mail addresses to harness. These addresses are then sold to spam merchants. The good news is that they only appear to steal e mail addresses which already appear as 'live' hyperlinks.
Robin A. Brace, 2006.