Thank you so much for your site!! (The e mailer is referring to Museltof Countercult and Apologetics UK).

I have been "annointed", "slain", (knocked down!) and delivered from everything from hiccuping to tom boyism!? (Whatever that is - I am a very femine woman. Tom boy does not come to mind! At least my husband of 25 years does'nt think so).

I attended a "deliverance conference" a few years ago. It was required by the church's leadership, that I was attending at the time. All up and coming future "Super Stars" were to go to this conference. We were to ask no questions about the conference, only to pay our money and go.( Oh Yes, and to do required reading, some well known deliverance books.)

In my naivete I thought the conference would be like a Copeland meeting or something and was excited to go. Boy! was I in for a surprise. We arrived at night after a 7 hour ride. We sat and filled out paperwork and one thing that struck me was....we were asked to sign a waiver, that we would'nt sue if we had emotional problems after the conference! I wanted to run out of there, but we were informed the doors would be locked...the reason? Because some demons could possibly manifest due to the power of annointing on the leader who would be heading this whole thing. The demons may want to run away!! This whole thing was becoming very spooky...they wanted US delivered so we could go and do the "Will of God" without demonic presences in our lives!!!.. not learn how God delivers!!! I was SCARED. I know that God does'nt manipulate His children with fear so of course it was the "devil" and he didn't want me delivered. (Yea right!)

We were not allowed to eat the first 12 hours we were there. Then the next morning we were taken to a big room and told to read scriptures over and over again. The reason? So, that the devil could'nt harm us as we were being delivered...the main scripture was about the house being swept clean and the spirits bring back 7 more with know the scripture I'm sure.

For 9 hours we read thru the same scriptures then we (about 50 of us. From all over the country) all sat in a circle and were instructed that we were not to move while being delivered and to keep our eyes on the one doing the deliverence.

It began and I couldn't believe what was happening!! The "counselors" began to scream at us!!

The leader walked about instructing the "deliverees" to keep screaming, "This is how some demons are expelled", He explained. As I watched one lady that the leader stood behind, (which by the way was NOT to be done, eyes forward, we were only to look only at our deliverer/counselor), I saw him rub himself against her back!!!(in a suggestive way, no, not my imagination!) He then announced, "You saw me do this thing to this woman?' She has a "spirit" of "Man hater" on her and this is the leading of the Holy Spirit to bring her to deliverance." WHAT? This kind of thing went on for 31/2 hours. People were physically ill, (using buckets placed by the chairs.)

Next morning we were to attend the morning service in the main sanctuary. It was just like any other service I was used to, praise and worship, a sermon by this Deliverance leader, then something strange happened, people began to look at their hands...I thought what are they looking at?? GOLD DUST!!! GOLD DUST was appearing on their hands!!! I looked at mine and I didn't see any gold dust, I didn't see anything "falling from heaven" like others did, The "leader" said "There are those here who doubt,(you got that right!) They will not see the blessings of God." Verbatum. I was devastated. I left there heart sick and physically sick, full of fear. I left that congregation and have never attended "church" since. I did still adhere to the teachings of Copeland and Hagin and even sent our tithes to them. Not anymore! I don't know where or what God has in store for me. I know He doesn't want His children abused and tormented, so I began searching for the Truth.!

I haven't acheived perfection but I like Paul push on toward the high call..of the Truth, I love Jesus and the Father and The Holy Spirit, 3 in 1.

I am not a "Spiritual Giant" as some others are, all I know is Jesus crucified and resurrected, His atonement for me through His sacrifice on the cross and coming back someday!

Thank you for your time I hope this wasn't too long.

God Bless you.

(From an e mailer who read, 'Slain in the Spirit; Should You Seek It?')




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