Rees Howells was a fellow Welshman of mine; he started to become active in Christian mission just after the time of the Welsh Revival of 1904, but his mission lasted over 40 years. I hugely admire many of the outstanding men and women of faith who were so active at that time. There is no doubt that this great man of intercessory prayer made a difference and many of his prayers were powerfully answered. The interesting thing is that I would not necessarily go along with every area of the theology of this outstanding man of faith, but I celebrate the fact that God moved powerfully in his life and in the lives of many others of that period. We can be thankful that God does not expect perfection of knowledge in any of us else who could stand? In like manner in 18th century England John Wesley and George Whitefield accomplished great things in the Lord, indeed things which went beyond England itself to other countries; both, of course, were stalwart preachers of the Faith but Wesley was famously Arminian while Whitefield was very definitely Calvinist. This shows us that God does not expect perfection of knowledge in His servants. I personally rejoice at that as a Christian Countercult and Apologetics writer: what I write, I write to the best of my knowledge and experience, yet I undoubtedly err in places and I am grateful indeed to serve a loving, forgiving and merciful Lord who, I pray, will forgive my shortcomings.

Here is a link to a very interesting web page which tells us quite a lot about the work of Rees Howells, including some fascinating photographs:

Rees Howells, Intercession, Revival and the Bible College

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