The Amazing Bias and Distortion of a Late June, 2005, BBC Discussion of Those Who Oppose the 'Global Warming' Hysteria.

Opposers of the Humanly Engineered Global Warming Theory Patronisingly and Scathingly Likened to “Creationists” (with an inference that both groups are of feeble mentality).

BBC Television's Newsnight is a very successful and well-viewed late evening news/political comment/documentary type programme. Being a BBC programme, of course, it is seriously affected by all the usual BBC permissive liberal biases (homosexuals are always assumed to be decent upstanding members of the community, Christians are assumed to be at least strange, if not mentally-stunted, as are those who oppose abortion).

But in late June, 2005, I viewed a programme which appeared to set a new standard in slanted and biased reporting. A feature in the late evening weekday programme decided to attack those who oppose the current 'Global Warming' hysteria.

Now before proceeding, let me state that some of us who oppose the current hysteria do believe the world is currently going through a warmer stage – as it has gone through both warmer and colder phases in the past – but we oppose the assumption (which despite what some may tell you, has no reliable scientific data to support it) that humankind itself has caused this problem and that we live on a fragile and endangered planet. We have to understand that many of these people – if not actually 'thought-through' atheists – nevertheless support practical atheism (there is no possibility of any 'God' having any control over this planet and that we humans must decide the best way to order our lives), therefore they see our world and this universe as incredible chance occurrences which can never be repeated. Christians, on the other hand (as well as supporters of several other major religions) see this world as something which was created and is now sustained by that Creator God – that 'sustained' part is important, because if an omnipotent God truly sustains this universe, then humankind are hardly likely to be able to wreck everything through the indiscriminate use of aerosol cans, automobiles and refrigerators!

The biased Newsnight feature referred to those who oppose the Global Warning fanaticism as 'contraryists' – an interesting new term. Such people are (apparently) a minority group who can be marked by their unscientific approach to life. This ignores the fact that many scientists actually oppose the humanly-manufactured Global Warming theory (something the programme - on several occasions - strongly inferred could not possibly be the case). Such “contraryists” were disparagingly likened to “creationists” who (apparently) always oppose science and are simply guided by “faith.” One could not help but listen to this Newsnight coverage of this topic with open-mouthed amazement! Continually, opposers of the humanly engineered Global Warning theory were made to appear as simple, ignorant people of a cave-dweller mentality! Has such slanted, openly-biased, actually unscientific and misleading reporting ever occurred on television before? Bearing in mind the BBC's “standards”, I would have to say, probably yes, and expect more in the future!

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