I have heard that Jesus was healed of lung problems with hyssop. Is that true? Also can you tell me something about hematite stone? – I believe it is mentioned in the Bible.”

My Reply:

To take the second part of your question first:

No, hematite, is not mentioned in the Bible. Unfortunately, however, this stone has been involved with New Age/mystic beliefs. Here is a quotation from a jewellery site with a New Age approach:

"..Followers of the New Age religion believe that as the symbol of the Roman God of War, Hematite is a stone of protection, a belief originating from the Roman belief that it could protect and strengthen warriors going into a battle. In modern times, the powers of protection that spiritualists apply to the stone has expanded into the spiritual realm, where they believe Hematite can transform or absorb negativity or evil. It is also a worry stone with excellent emotional grounding properties that calm the mind and clears it of the distractions of stress. In this state, the person is ready for exploration of higher levels of consciousness..."

I would suggest that this obvious association of hematite with New Age mysticism should give serious warning!

Regarding hyssop, it seems to have been a general term for more than one plant since the main plant of that name today is not thought to have been native to the Holy Land nor Egypt. The Baker Bible Encyclopedia (Vol 4, 1997 edition, article 'Plants', page 1713), suggests two other plants loosely known as 'hyssop' in Bible times. The first of these (in the Old Testament) is Egyptian marjoram (a form of mint). The New Testament 'hyssop' (John 19:29) is probably what is now known as 'sorghum'.

By the way, there is absolutely no record of Jesus having been healed of lung problems with any kind of hyssop - I don't know where you heard that from but it seems to be unbiblical.
Robin A. Brace, 2005.