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"Five years prior to Adolf Hitler becoming German Chancellor the National Socialists were considered almost a joke, rejected by 97% of German voters..."

How was it possible for Adolf Hitler to achieve power in Germany so suddenly?

In the 1928 German Election the Nazi Party only achieved 2.6% of the national vote, this means that an amazing 97% of Germans clearly did not want Hitler to be their Chancellor. The Nazis were looked upon as a fringe party and were almost a joke – yet just five years later Hitler was Chancellor of Germany! How could this have happened?

The liberal Weimar government of 1919-1931 were certainly commited to democracy, unfortunately they were also weak, often rudderless and they presided over widespread and unprecedented corruption right across German life. Being a liberal democracy, widespread corruption did not unduly worry the Weimar architects but it worried and upset many German people who longed for a return to a respect for law and order right across the land and right across German life. Of course, as we know, it was a major economic crisis which finally opened the door for Hitler. When Weimar failed, people did not want another liberal democracy which they blamed for the moral confusion and chaos of German life.

Hitler's depiction in Nazi art

Adolf Hitler was very carefully depicted in Nazi art to be a great, discplined and powerful leader who could lead Germans out of national chaos.

Germany had been greatly affected by the repercussions of the 1929 Wall Street Crash. In 1931, five major German banks crashed. From its former position of being a great nation Germany actually became - by far - the weakest nation in Europe and actually weaker than most African countries!! Confusion and chaos was now no longer simply of a moral nature but was of a devastating economic sort which saw thousands of unemployed men forming lines to receive a tiny handout which could never be enough to feed their families. Many commited suicide, others simply abandoned their families. Panic gripped thousands of Germans, and they cried out for a strong leader who could lead them out of this chaos!

Both communists and National Socialists prospered in this climate in which the common people powerfully rejected the whole concept of a liberal democracy.

In the 1932 election campaign Hitler put himself forward as the strong and decisive leader which the Germans had been longing for. As many have commented, all the Nazi Party really offered was order, discipline and authority since they had not drawn up any detailed policies – however, it was indeed the order, discipline and authority which the Germans were longing and craving for! Moreover the Nazis made it clear that, when elected, they would form a dictatorship – not a democracy, but this, again, was exactly what the people wanted!

So it was economic catastrophe which turned the Nazis from a party which 97% of Germans had rejected in 1928 to a major party just 4-5 years later. In 1932 the Nazis had 37% of the vote - the biggest single German party. German leader Hindenburg originally did not want Hitler to be chancellor because he believed that he would bring even more chaos. It was thousands of bankers and businessmen who petitioned for Hitler to become chancellor. They longed for stability, security and a return of confidence to German business life and saw Hitler as the strict no-nonsense disciplinarian who could provide it. The only strong radical alternative to Hitler were the communists who were obviously absolute anathema to bankers and businessmen!

Many more moderate German conservatives thought they would be able to control Hitler when he went into government through the processes of parliament, but what nobody had accounted for was National Socialism's zeal in changing laws and bringing in new laws to suit themselves and to radically change German life. There is no doubt that Hitler did stabilise all of German life and brought new economic confidence to the ravaged land. For this achievement ordinary Germans wholeheartedly threw themselves behind Hitler and the Nazis.

What is the lesson of all this?

Five years prior to Adolf Hitler becoming German Chancellor the National Socialists were considered almost a joke, rejected by 97% of German voters, but when economic disaster struck, the people – in their tens of thousands – simply wanted a strong leader amidst a sea of watery ineffectual liberals! They were prepared to accept some really dangerous and offensive policies just in order to get a strong and dynamic leader elected - We should never think that this could never happen again! It has been said that those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.

Modern Britain, Europe and much of north America is being paralyzed by politically-correct permissive liberals. Concerns about "civil liberties" with its desire to protect criminals and illegal immigrants and the push to eradicate the last vestiges of censorship and national pride are being aggressively pushed forward by people who were encouraged and persuaded to revere arch-atheists Marx, Freud and Nietzsche in the universities of the 1960s-1980s. The trend has been quietly going on and growing for several years and this will surely eventually lead to a powerful right-wing backlash as ordinary people grow increasingly sickened at the moral corruption and erosion of former strongly Christian-influenced standards! The moral weakness of liberal governance means that parents are no longer even allowed to impose their own standards in bringing up their own children. If the West should hit a major economic crisis which should lead to thousands or even possibly millions losing their sources of income, a huge backlash will be certain indeed – at such a time and in such a climate, a powerful right wing leader will be sought. This could be extremely dangerous for the whole world and could even lead to global conflict.......

May I encourage all to stand up against “liberal values” right now.? Don't accept them! They are destroying great nations from within - just as Rome and Greece were eventually destroyed from within.

Robin A. Brace 2006.

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