A Few Facts About "Global Warming" You are NOT Being Told!

Let us start off with a quote from world-renowned climatological expert Professor Chylek:

"The fact that the temperature started to go up around 1890, when man-made production of CO2 was negligible, indicates clearly that forces other than increasing CO2 were responsible for the heating that occurred during the first half of the twentieth century. The fact that currently the surface air is warming faster than the atmosphere suggests that even in the post-1970 warming period, forces other than greenhouse gases are responsible for at least a considerable fraction of the observed warming. Thus, it is highly probable that global average temperatures will go up and down in the coming years, decades and centuries regardless of what we do."
(Source: Petr Chylek, Professor of Physical and Atmospheric Science, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, in his article, A Long-Term Perspective on Climate Change, available as a pdf file here. Professor Chylek is recognised as a foremost world expert on climate research and marine meteorology).

Here are a group of articles which you need to read right now! What lies behind the current "global warming" hysteria? Is it solid science? You really think so?? Well, you are going to be amazed. Please put all prejudice out of your mind, read the true facts and genuine evidence then ask yourself questions about the real motivation of a hysteria which has become driven - not by good scientists and by good science - but by 'greens,' liberals, the media (actually, large sections of which are now a liberal sounding-board and a shameless propaganda machine), and by the United Nations.
It is impossible not to be reminded of the words of H.L. Mencken,
"The whole area of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed - and hence clamorous to be led to safety - by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

Please make sure you go through these links, if you want to learn a few things which the modern western media would prefer to keep from you!

Sir David Attenborough 'Puts His Foot in it' Yet Again!

BBC Goes 'Hook, Line and Sinker' for the Apocalyptic "Global Warming" Approach

For many years the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has shown a lamentable political bias in favour of left-of-centre politics.
Liberalism and permissive values appear to have become its creed (although its original charter stressed utter political impartiality), and most news reports tend to have a slight yet quite distinct anti-American (especially anti-Republican) and anti-Israeli bias.
BBC News is also an example of an organisation which has gone 'hook, line and sinker' for the humanly-engineered climate change approach. Articles which (supposedly) back up this approach appear regularly on their website, and the BBC Evening News which is broadcasted every evening in the UK on BBC1 television has continual features showing how "global warming" is having "dire" and "catastrophic" effects upon the planet. Unfortunately, too many of these reports are heavily biased and lack the logic, consistency or understanding of the laws of argumentation and debate which even Mickey Mouse took for granted! Top BBC man and arch-evolutionist David Attenborough has recently given himself a series in which he focuses on his favourite 'warming' topic; the series is notable for emotional and sensationalist claims which are geared to persuade, whilst providing little or no internationally-accepted data. Meanwhile the thousands of scientists and meteorologists who refuse to jump on the bandwagon of hysteria are simply treated as though they do not exist!
David Attenborough has long been considered one of British television's great eccentrics, with his frequent use of sweeping, and sometimes illogical, generalisations which he deems to be "scientific" (even while many such assertions are usually viewed strictly 'tongue in cheek' by trained and seasoned scientists), but - despite this - he has risen to the top of the BBC. On May 24th 2006 Attenborough actually made the following somewhat nonsensical comment,
"Climate change is the major challenge facing the world. I recognise that the world has always changed. I know that. But the point is, it's changing more extremely and swiftly than at any time in the past several million years..."
Since no data exists which covers "the past several million years" is Attenborough suggesting that he himself has been around for millions of years and can therefore provide evidence of his assertion? Of course not and, of course, no such data to back up such an exaggerated assertion could possibly be available! Reliable data only goes back a very few hundred years and this data confirms that the world has gone through both warmer and colder phases in the past - nothing odd about that.
Sir David is a skilled communicator but the error is always to mistake his charmingly boyish enthusiasm for the environment and "the scientific world" with genuine expertise and knowledge in the areas which he, perhaps naively, sometimes wanders into. As Attenborough himself once famously quipped, "You know, it is a terrible thing to appear on television, because people think that you actually know what you're talking about."
We're not fooled, Sir David.
The Christian Hawk, 2006.

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An earlier comment of ours on the pro-humanly engineered 'global warming' theory and the BBC bias against those choose to oppose this view is HERE.


Chilli peppers.

As Hot as Chilli Peppers?

Are we all going to be as hot as chilli peppers within a few hundred years? Nope - no evidence of it! When one scrapes away all the hype, unsupported assumptions and semi-hysterical claims of hidden agenda 'bandwagon leapers' and looks at the available undistorted data one appears to find that a warming trend finished in the 1940s and we appear to be getting a little cooler since then. It is essential, for instance, to rule out all temperature comparisons which are affected by city heat and to rule out "a warming trend" based on the more temperate areas of Antarctica. Also, computer-based prediction models have been shown to be highly dubious - after all, they are only as good as the information fed into them by possibly pre-decided researchers.