A Question I Was Asked:
"Why Have You Taken a Stand Against the Theory of "Global Warming" and of "Climate Change"?

Why? Because I smell a rat when something which is supposed to be "scientific" (but which actually has highly questionable "scientific" credentials) suddenly garners huge media support from almost everywhere. I suspect a hidden agenda. I want to know why everybody suddenly wants to jump on the bandwagon!

Believe it or not, it remains the case that most of the world's top meteorologists are extremely sceptical about "climate change" claims but it has now become difficult for such people to even get a hearing! Did you know that certain parts of the world are getting cooler? I bet you don't because the media won't tell you that. Do you know that the hysteria over the "warming" of Antarctica simmered down a few years ago when it was realised that environmentalists had made major mistakes in their assessments of temperature? Did you ever read a retraction, or an admittance of that? No? Funny, neither did I. By the way, other research seems to show that Antarctica is - wait for it - getting cooler!! But I guarantee that that will not make too many headlines. See the link to A Few Facts About Global Warming You are NOT Being Told at the end of this article, although I prefer that you read this first.

If one looks very closely at this one appears to find a conspiracy. Its a bit like evolution. Darwin produced bad science, oh yes, he was a meticulous gatherer of data (and, according to many, a pretty skilled plagiarist!), but a very bad scientist, yet almost everybody who wanted to change society (atheists, communists, anarchists, racists and much of the dross of society) immediately embraced his theory (actually, it was never entirely his theory) and used it for purposes which were nothing to do with the study of the natural world, or to do with fossils. In their tens of thousands, people have used evolution for a whole philosophical approach which soon simply assumed the theory to be proven when, of course, it never has been. Indeed, the now very abundant fossil evidence presents a very clear picture that macro-evolution (human beings descended from apes etc.,) just did not happen, but the people who took over the theory for purposes totally disconnected with geology or the natural world do not care about that. Well, I now see something somewhat similar happening with this whole media-driven hysteria surrounding "global warming" and "climate change." The United Nations is also strongly involved and sadly, even NASA has now climbed on the bandwagon (however, canny observers in the States tell me that this is purely a tactic by NASA to ensure funding for research).

Why has the world's media and the top politicians (although mainly those on the left and in the 'centre') jumped on a bandwagon which the more experienced and seasoned scientists and meteorologists are still advising extreme caution on? The unavoidable feeling which one gets is that the theory of humanly-engineered climate change is beginning to be used by interests which are actually completely disinterested in global climate but see the possibility of using it to encourage world-wide economic change. I happen to believe that the United States has every right to be the most wealthy nation in the world, but there are extremists out there who are 'chafing at the bit' to find a way to redistribute world wealth; many such people will quite openly admit that they seek the destruction of the American economy. Sadly, their economic understanding is too retarded for them to understand that if America goes down, we will all go down with it and the weakest nations will suffer the most!

To redistribute world wealth so that poor nations finally disappear sounds like something really good doesn't it?, it sounds like something that Christians should support, but the people who propose such changes do not support Christian values at all and, in fact, most of them would destroy Christianity if they could. No, these people (however well-meaning a few of them may be), are heavily influenced by Marxist philosophy which is a tried, tested and failed system if any system or philosophy ever was. Many such leftist economists would like to see the United States go down the drain. These people have powerfully infiltrated the 'greens' and 'environmentalists' all over the world - including within the United States. To a man, these people scream about a "global warming" which I feel that few of them even genuinely care about - its a tactic. They want the United States to cut back its industrial output. If humanly-engineered global warming were real, in the cataclysmic, indeed almost apocalyptic way it is now often presented in the media (which I honestly believe that it is not - check out the link below), the concept that the United States now cutting back its economic growth would make an iota of difference would - in any case - be laughable.

Please read some of the articles on the link below if you want to know more about the real scientific and evidential area of this matter - you will be surprised!
Robin A. Brace 2006.

A Few Facts About "Global Warming" You are NOT Being Told!

I just briefly mention Darwin in this article, for much fuller information check out the following link: