The Utter Failure of the 19th/20th Century Atheistic Icons...

During the 19th/20th centuries several major figures came to prominence mainly in the field of philosophy, psychology, religion and economics who offered mankind a New Path, this New Path would be anti-Christian and would seek to replace the influence of thousands of years of Christianity with an approach which would be Man-centred, effectively turning human beings into 'gods' fully able to determine their own destiny. It was these men who brought the unparallelled bloodshed and suffering of the 20th century upon this world...

So who are these men (and women!) who – through their influence – caused human society to so drastically change course during this period of time? We need to recognise these men and to recognise their extensive influence. It is true to say that these charismatic figures are all now fallen heroes whose promises turned out to be false promises, yet their influence remains everywhere. It is because it is essential that Christians recognize these influences that I have completed my series of articles called, The Utter Failure of the 19th/20th Century Atheistic Icons. These articles give you the latest input on these men and their influences – contrasting that with thousands of books, and further hundreds of internet-based articles which are so often years out of date. Before writing this series I searched the Christian Apologetics sites to find the most relevant and up to date information on these influences all in one place but I found it nowhere.

Christians – especially those active in Apologetics and in Evangelism - badly need this information. Many hours of work during late 2005 and the first few months of 2006 have enabled me to make the information available.

Okay, these are the 'major players' who developed atheistic philosophical, psychological and economic systems of thought which so profoundly influenced despots like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and numerous others during this period. These are the major 'movers and shakers' who made such a concerted attempt to discredit Judean/Christian influence wherever they could. Their influence is – even now – pervasive and to be found everywhere in Western society. Use these resources!! Arm yourselves to more effectively defend the Faith!!

Charles Darwin

Karl Marx

Friedrich Nietzsche

Sigmund Freud

Margaret Sanger