Dr Henry Morris, possibly the founder/leader of modern Creationism recently died....

I am very grateful to Dr Henry Morris, although I never met him, because it was he, more than anybody else, who was responsible for the modern Creationist movement (those believing in a Divine Creation fully supportable by science). He opened the door for those of us who actively oppose evolution and, moreover, are able to do it on scientific (rather than on religious) grounds. I was therefore saddened to learn of the great man's passing. Here are parts of two articles about him, one from Answers in Genesis, the other from the ICR website.
Robin A. Brace, March 3rd 2006.

"...Dr. Morris, who died in San Diego last weekend at the age of 87, wrote more than 60 books on apologetics and other Bible themes. Fittingly, he wrote this about Psalm 119:33 in his commentary on the book of Psalms: 'The godly man does not arrive at spiritual maturity instantaneously. It is a lifelong process, but every stage of that growth must come from the Word.' Dr. Morris was firmly grounded in God's Word, and his godly life was a testament to the truth of Psalm 119:33.
It is widely recognized today by both friend and foe that the modern creation movement, now growing steadily across America and other western nations, had its genesis in the early 1960s. But it happened in a somewhat surprising manner. First, it came through God using Henry Morris, a soft-spoken, bespectacled academician living in central Virginia. Second, the resurgence of the creation movement in modern times (a movement that had become relatively quiet since the Scopes trial of 1925) was launched not at a major rally led by Dr. Morris nor through any controversy in the courts or schools -nothing noisy whatsoever. In fact, the event was not even associated with the first chapter of Genesis and the account of creation.
The resurgent movement's surprising trigger was the release of Dr. Morris's groundbreaking book The Genesis Flood (coauthored with Dr John Whitcomb). But what a stir a book can create. The impact of this now-classic work was such that many church historians have concluded that Dr. Morris was a giant - perhaps unparalleled -in the battle for biblical inerrancy, as he defended the most-attacked book of the Bible. This unassuming scholar was to spearhead an international movement that was to shake the very foundations of the evolution establishment and, just as importantly, challenge the church to accept biblical authority from the very first verse.
Soon after the book's publication, invitations for Dr. Morris to speak nationally on the Genesis Flood (as well as on the creation account of origins), combined with a growing network of Bible-believing scientists and engineers, led him (along with now-famous Christian novelist Tim LaHaye) to start the Institute for Creation Research in 1970."

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Some of the honors held by Dr Morris (Taken from the ICR website):
Morris, Henry M. Professor of Hydrogeology

B.S., Rice University, Houston, TX, 1939
M.S., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 1948
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 1950

Biographical Listings: World Who's Who in Science, Antiquity to Present: Who's Who in America: American Men of Science; Who's Who in Engineering; Who's Who in Science and Engineering; Who's Who in the World; Contemporary Authors; etc.
Honor Societies: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon

Professional Experience:

Assistant Hydraulic Engineer, International Boundary and Water Commission, El Paso, Texas (1939-1942)
Instructor in Civil Engineering, Rice University (1942-1946)
Instructor and Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering and Research Project Leader: St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory, University of Minnesota (1946-1951)
Professor and Head: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Acting Dean of Engineering, Fall (1951-56)
Professor of Applied Science: Southern Illinois University (1956-1957)
Professor of Hydraulic Engineering and Chairman: Department of Civil Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) (1957-1970)
In addition to dozens of books on biblical apologetics and his well-known secular text on hydrology, Dr. Morris wrote four articles on hydraulics in the Encyclopedia Americana.