A Question I Was Asked:

Will the King of the North and the King of the South be Individual Persons, a State or a Union of Nations?”

My Reply:

The King of the North is only mentioned in Daniel 11 and this prophecy has already largely been fulfilled – in fact, in quite amazing detail, between about 500BC and 33BC. One is just left with the final ten verses which possibly await fulfilment.

Likewise the King of the South is only mentioned in Daniel 11 plus Daniel 8:9 where it almost certainly refers to the evil ruler Antiochus Epiphanes (215-164 BC).

Various people who have had a major impact on the history affecting the Holy Land became these kings of the north and south during this period of history just prior to the birth of Jesus including Antiochus Epiphanes. Try to obtain Halley's Bible Handbook which tends to be quite freely available for a modest price and then read his comments on Daniel 11 for more information. The NIV Study Bible is also very helpful in this regard. This is far too big a subject to cover here but I have written an article which covers this prophecy in some detail which you can link to from the bottom of this page. The article outlines how the wonderful prophecy of Daniel 11 is a proof of the divine inspiration of the Holy Bible.

Many atheists, sceptics and Bible critics know that the prophecies in Daniel have been fulfilled in amazing detail which is a cardinal reason why many of them have tried to insist that this book was not written until around 165BC (which would be after most of the prophecies were fulfilled in history), but as our knowledge of the times in which Daniel lived increases it is looking increasingly certain that they are losing the argument. In fact, Daniel was taken to Babylon about 605BC and lived until at least 537BC (Daniel 10:1), so was dead hundreds of years before the suggested dates for his life given by these scoffers.

Robin Brace, 2005.

The Amazing Prophecy of Daniel 11 And How it Defies the Sceptics!