Here are just a few of the comments many of you have made to us over the last few years.
Newest comments at the bottom of the page.

(The comments are taken from e mails to me, guestbook entries etc., The older comments were mostly sent to the various Museltof sites which preceded UK Apologetics. Obviously these comments now number in several hundreds – these are just a very few of them. I have included one or two critical ones as well. We add a few received comments here a few times a year).

Through your websites I seem to be finding my spiritual identity! I knew I was not fundamentalist because they have made so many mistakes - sincere or not. I believe in God and the Christian message to the core of my being but I have not even been sure that I am evangelical, because I cannot identify with these people a lot of the time but I can identify with your ministry because you reject the idiot errors, including the 98% doomed to hell stuff (what kind of God would that be?) as well as the prosperity nuts! So perhaps I am your kind of evangelical!”
Regards, Mike. (2005)

Here is a message from an insomniac!! Hey, you probably hear from a lot of those. Your articles on tongues are an answer to prayer! I just knew that the church I used to go to, had a wrong understanding on it, but the pieces only fell into place when I read you. Now I have cleared this up I am going to return to going to church, but not that one! THANK YOU!” Kevin Belling (2003)

In regards to a previous e-mail I sent, and after reviewing your statement of faith page, I do see the differences in our doctrines, not to argue, but I must correct myself. We do believe the sacraments are effectual and must not be thought of as merely signs, thus we are careful to administer closed communion, and we believe the Holy Spirit is active in infant Baptism. so I apologize for speaking too quickly on our likeness on those two important doctrines.” Barbara (2003)

I was a member of WCG for 28 years, served as elder for 3 years and left in 2000. Praise the Lord for changes most WCGers made but too many still cling to the old ways that PAUL addresses in 2 Cor 3. Enjoyed your article about your WCG journey. I now am Full-Gospel, non-denominational and work fully in Deliverance ministry in prisons, helping many get delivered from bondages such as legalism,etc. Keep up good work.” Paul N. (2003)

...Now that is the BEST explanation of faith that I have EVER read. I will continue to recommend your website as out in front for real biblical answers which folk need in this day of false teachers. KEEP GOING AND NEVER FAIL.” Kerry Turner (2003)

Your article about faith which you call, 'ALL ABOUT FAITH; WHAT IS IT? WHAT ISN'T IT? is the best thing on faith I have ever read. At last, questions which I have had about faith are answered! I just wish I had known some of these things years ago before I ever listened to those that twist this teaching. For any just 'browsing' the article is here: THANKS AGAIN!” Marty L. (2003)

(In fact, our Faith article is now here: HERE.)

This website is a powerful testimony of the love and diligence in sharing the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work. Vickie and I enjoyed our visit.” Pastor Ronnie Perez (2003)

I don't agree with a word of your stuff – take this junk off the internet right now!” (Unsigned, 2003)

You have no idea what your sight has done for me. I know God led me to it. My father-in-law believes in the Bible Code. Please can you give me any information on this. I told him it was the work of satan. I never trusted ....... and his wife on TBN either. I thank God that he worked through you to open my eyes to him. Thank you” Carla (2003)

Thank you for visiting our site. I had been here before and appreciated your work of love in putting this site together. It is apparent that you have been given the opportunity to impact many people through your ministry. I know we believe, "His grace is free, but it isn't cheap." Like you, I love it when people ask questions. I realize we all don't "dot our i's and cross our t's" (or is that cross our eyes and dot our tees) exactly the same, but I am always excited when people are pointed to Jesus and His Word. Keep on Keeping On in Him....” Pastor David on Higher Ground (2003)

You deserve only curses for disagreeing with our vital teaching on money....” (Unsigned, 2003)

Your article on tithing has to be a blockbuster!! I have read several things which chalenge the tithe, but your approach is more closely argued with many Bible quotes as well as church history quotes, and I cannot refute what you say. Also appreciated your plea that the article is not used just to cause division - we have enough of those. I have sent you a much longer private e mail on this. I did not think I would, but I have to say that I have come to support your position.” Pat Davies (2003)

I am grateful that the truth of the Bible can now be found on the web because there is also a lot of nonsense on it. So a witness is being provided even here. Thanks for answering my questions with such patience...” Francis B. (2001)

My husband Paul and I are FORMER Worldwide Church of God members. He was raised in it from the age of six and I from the age of sixteen. I have rally enjoyed reading a selection of the articles from your website. Paul and I left WCG in the late '70's. We both love God and are working on developing strong relationships with Jesus. I love God more every day and my prayer is that I would please him in all I do and say. I really appreciate your site. Sincerely, Cathy J.” (2003)

Thank you for getting rid of the confusion on the perrenial 'once saved, always saved' question and controversy. Although I had perhaps tended to fall into the opposite camp to yourselves, the moment I read your explanation I could see that it was the only possible biblical route to follow and that my old understanding was just emotional. So, once again, I find I have to thank you for clearing up confusion!!” Greg Phillips (2003)

Your site is very refreshing. May the Lord bless your work and may He keep it from becoming institutionalised! My family and I have been so blessed over the years by getting to know brothers and sisters from all over the world (through our work). We have been very disillusioned by organised Christianity but always encouraged by fellowship with true Believers whether denominational or not. I have a website you might like to visit, at I will put a link to your site on mine, as I would like many more people to be encouraged by your articles as I have been! By the way, have you visited Kjos Ministries ? -- I think you would find they are on the same wavelength too.” Fabienne (2003)

Heard about you through Elena (indirectly, if you know my meaning).This is the BEST Christian website! Thank you for being there and offering your Bible teaching services free to everybody who can get to the internet. Your website would be reason alone to buy a computer and get hitched up to the worldwide web. PLEASE keep going!!” Bill R. (2003)

Yours is the most biblical ministry and teaching. Like yourself I had some influence from Calvinism and at first I was alarmed that you are critical of Calvinism in a few areas although you emphasize grace. But I closely studied the areas where you challenge Calvinism, mainly 'Limited Atonement' and after a long period of study I have come to see that you are correct. I would now say you are somewhat similar to Calvinism but more biblical than Calvinism. I find you truly faithful to Scripture and you do not compromise over that. I was very moved by 'Can Regeneration Occur Without a Repentance Experience?' Thank you.” P.D.R. (2003)

(Can Regeneration Occur Without a Repentance Experience? is HERE.)

God has always directed my life and where He wants me to be. I was searching the net one day and found Robin. I am being blessed by the articles and teachings of this wonderful site! May God bless you and your family! These things give me new light and the answers I truly desire. Thankyou for your walk with the Lord. You are an inspiration to me.” Tina R. (2003)

I am overwhelmed and your site is a breath of fresh air and a cool drink of water. My how the Lord has revealed many Blessings in just the short time while reading thru your site. I cetainly will be spending much time in your site. Lord Bless your readers and May God answer many prayers and many lives changed for the better. God Bless.” Shirley (2003)

At last somebody is speaking out about this Christian counselling stuff – I share your urgent concerns on this matter. Some churches are saying that you don't need a pastor for counselling any more, just a trained 'Christian counsellor' usually some kid who has absorbed a whole lot of Freud mixed and shaken with liberal theology! I have been a lone voice around here warning of the dangers of this, how joyful to discover someone who agrees.” Michael T. (2002)

I admire your work but disagree with your attack on Christian Counsellor courses...” Brian G. (2002)

(The article which caused the controversy is HERE.)

I and my family are Converted Christians, my father was Buddhist Monk. I live in the country of Statue and Buddhist religions. We are very faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour, we believe like 'to obey is better than sacrifice'. I am interested to correspond and share the ministry to any body who is spiritual and faithful believer of Christ.” Kaluram Tamang (2004)

It's too bad the college computer lab is shutting down. I just found your site. looks very interesting. I too am very interested in seeing false doctrines and beliefs dispelled and exposed for what they are - lies of Satan. I'll be back you can count on it...” Paul B (2004)

I want to congratulate you on your insightful and well argued articles on the whole issue of inclusive Christianity and your most helpful analysis of the terms.<

I thought the way you put the case for a broad and inclusive understanding of salvation was absolutely first class and one of the best I have read.

I too was a Pastor, for sixteen years, including 4 years theological training (NZ Baptist) and have in recent years moved from a strongly exclusivist position to an inclusivist one (but like yourself, certainly not a universalist position)

It is great to contact a kindred spirit....“ Bruce (2004)

I have sent you my full name in private e mail. I have been a reformed man for 40 years and preached widely. When I read your article, 'Can Regeneration Occur Without a Repentance Experience?' (this should be widely published) I had no idea of the affect it would have on me. Although I never thought I would say so, I must now agree with you that while reformed theology is mostly good, there are one or two serious problem areas which we dont have quite right. You are to be congratulated.” B.L.

It is so refreshing to find a website that really deals with the issues facing the church today. Be blessed, be encouraged in your work. I held a revival at Bicester England in 1985. Loved the people, loved the country...” Dr Vickery (2004)

Hi Robin, I am really amazed by the many sites you have put together. I am enjoying reading all the new materials, at least for me, that you have written. What a blessing! This will keep me coming back again and again.” Steve Muse (2004)

I have spent two hours reading here and it could have easily been three or four. I have never been to a site with such engrossing info which is also so well presented. I know you will understand why I have not left my e mail in this book. I will be back...” Bill H. (2004)

You are just false teachers like the rest...only the Watchtower Society seems to have the truth...” (Unsigned, 2004)

Hi Robin! Your site just gets better, and we still talk about that sermon you preached! Two articles I would especially recommend for anybody who happens to glance at this guestbook: 'Once Saved, Always Saved?' clears up all the confusion on this topic once and for all, and it does it without jumping into either ditch. Secondly, 'Do Hurting People Need "Counsellors" or the Living God?' should be REQUIRED teaching for those Christians who are getting too involved in psychology. May you be blessed in your work.” Frank and Joyce. (2004)

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For clearing my mind of years of religious confusion. There were three particular things I needed help with and thought I would have to email you few times, but I found articles written by you or somebody which completely sorted me out. I no longer have to listen to the hypocrisy of "money men" who said I don't know God if I dont speak with tongues and dont do this or do that. Your wonderful site has cleared this all up for me. My only sadness is I dont live in Britain so I cant meet you.” June. (2004)

Hello , brother Robin.... just thanking you again for sharing the Truth with us.... very helpful articles.... may God continue to bless your great efforts, my friend.” Russ and Sharon (2004)

Besides the grace of God, what scenario or chain of events led you out of the grips of the cult? I am asking because my sister and her family are living in Edmond Oklahoma with the Philadelphia Church of God. I miss her so much and pray every day that she will understand the truth. You are probably aware that they are following Armstrong and Flurry. I would greatly appreciate any insight you wish to share...” Full name given. (2004)

I was reading your article on 'sacred cows' in the western society. I think that the emancipation of women and abortion may have a big connection. I cannot imagine my mother or grandmother aborting a baby, but today it seems to be done as a common practice. I hate abortion..........” L.K. (2004)

Christian Greetings and Hello, Robin! We thank God and you for this ministry! Needless to say, it is so GREATLY NEEDED. We pray that truth seekers around the world will be led here by the Holy Spirit, and CONSIDER with an open-mind and open heart! We wish you and yours a blessed CHRISTmas and abundant blessings throughout 2005!” Jerry (2004)

So many questions to ask...where do I start? And I have been given a supreme confidence at last that here is a teacher and teachings which I can trust. Straight from the Bible, no axe to grind, no denomination which needs to be obeyed. You don't even want money to be sent to you...I have already recommended you to most of my friends...” Juliette (2005)

I was here a few weeks ago and now return often. You cut straight through errors which are to be found everywhere in upholding and preaching the word of God. I thought you needed a big expensive world wide mninistry to do this but you prove it can be done with a small group of websites, and thru that you are a world wide ministry. I loved your article which attacked assumptions of 'churchianity' - you pointed out many things which have long concerned me. I have always known the truth when I have read it and you have it.” Phil Lees (2005)

It is wonderful to greet all of you in the name of Jesus. We receive many requests from brothers and sisters all over the world which led us to this site. Thank you and the editor/web master here. Praise the Lord for such an opportunity. PLEASE everyone from India look for BFCM WORLDWIDE-INDIA as we are setting a up 24 hour prayer area due to Tsunami and also know as a warning in such times that God must be gloified throughout sharing Christ in the darkest of places where so many gods get worship and praise. It is our resonsibility as God's elect to go out and feed all people His Gospel ....” BFCM (2005)

This web site is a gold mine of good information!! How I wish I could have found such teaching when I was younger!! Just read your Mark of the Beast article - it is wonderful, completely clear and shows how wrong the cults are on many points. This site is No 1 on the net for truly biblical teaching. You have gained a firm admirer! (Sent my e mail address to you privately).” Peter (2005)

...Just hate your site - people are better going to casinos. You cant convince me. You call my life a life of sin? Well I can recommend it to you all...” GR (2005)

...What I have just read on this site knocks me out! Are We Getting the Whole Truth? is an amazing article which EVERYBODY should read. If your curious, it is here: Phil Smith (2005)

No e-mail address as I don't want a load of "can't accept the fact that Jesus doesn't exist" Christians blocking my inbox. . I was a born again Christain from 13 yr old to 30 yr old, spoke in tongues, preached with fervour, and genuinely believed for all that time. Nothing amazing happened to finish my faith, but over 2/3 years I realised that I couldn't preach about something I genuinely didn't beleive anymore. Guess what - I have never been so happy in all my life, no guilt for "sin", no worries about the "life after" etc etc Life is much better - you lot should try it!” Mark N. (2005)

Well there I was looking for help and this site popped up. I am a 23 year old mother of two. With another one on the way. I'm in need of serious help. I'm not asking for money. I just need support. People to pray for me. I'm supposed to be moving tonight into a trailer. My fiance quit his job today I am so scared of becoming homeless. I need help. If anyone can spare any furniture or food I would be forever gratefull. That's all I'm going to put for now...” Candace (2005)

I would like to join this ministry so that we can work together. For many years we have been serching for truth and finally have found it. You teach the truth which many people are looking for. Please I want to learn more. I am expecting to hear from you soon.” Ochieng (2005)

Dear Robin,I always enjoy and appreciate your website with the many topics on it. You have answered some questions for me in the past and I have another one: How many days was the Lord on earth after the resurrection and before He ascended to Heaven? At the Bible class yesterday no one could answer that or find it in the Bible. Thanks so much for your help. God Bless.” Harry. (2005)

Dear Robin, I have only read one of your articles namely on the issue of eternal security of salvation and I found it to be Scriptural and balanced. Thank you for the article. I did once struggle with the issue when I was still active in InterVarsity Fellowship but after a while I thought that it would be just wasting time trying to understand the issue and thus decided to just leave it and never to think about it again. But your article has given me fresh insight into the issue. I'll read more the articles here.Thanks! Yours in Christ, Maddi .” M. (2005)

..Thank you for your wonderful service of clarifying the Scriptures for all those who have been deceived by cults and false teachers. For my own part, I must especially thank you for your article, The Move Away From Legalism. If only everybody in the cults would just take the trouble to read this article, and to read it without prejudice......” H.L. (2003)

(The Move Away From Legalism is HERE.)

...Greetings from another ex-worldwider and more recently a 'church' drop out. It's refreshing, nay surprising to find an ex-worldwider who isn't (understandably, as I still have to deal with that myself) all bitter, angry and twisted. A very informative website although there is much I disagree with and then again much that I do agree with. I would like to start my own web page as I have done one or two studies, mostly on that most misunderstood subject - Grace. I have Blogged them, but they seem to float around out there in cyber space and I get no feed back nor response. I've tried teaching on various forums, but they're not listening - too busy earning their salvation. One thing I have learnt, old Herbie didn't have a monopoply on it!! I would be grateful for any help or advice on webpage setup you could give me. Keep up the good work..” A.C. (2005)

Your article, 'The Vulnerability of Godly Prayer' really tells it like it is, and I agree with your comment that the new positive confession nonsense is distorting how answered prayer really works for millions of people. Thank you. ..” B.G. (2005)

(The Vulnerability of Godly Prayer is HERE.)

...I used to accept evolution as being okay for evangelical Christians since my church had no guidelines or preferred approach towards it whatsoever, but your anti-evolution teachings have been wonderful for me. This has increased my faith in every area of the Christian life. It is nonsense to say that we should leave attacking evolution to the fundamentalists and that we evangelicals should have a more intellectual approach (as I heard one man say), it is very intellectual to attack evolution for the fraud which it is. Thank you so much for your encouragement in the infallibility of Scripture..” R.T. (2005)

As a Church Deacon in Australia in a Baptist Church - I get much enjoyment from this site & many interesting items to read. Spreading the Gospel in the World to day is getting more difficult every day - with all the Laws that are being introduced, so I am grateful for the work of Robin. God Bless you over there as you sow the seed for the Master Harvester. RCK -Aust. (2005)

My! Your comments in the thing you wrote called, I think, "Could God Withdraw the Warning of the Gospel?" are red hot! I have not heard an evangelical say this for a very long time, but you are echoing a growing feeling I have had for the last few years. Britain, America and all of Europe have been immersed in the gospel for hundreds of years but these places are now rejecting Christ. I see nothing but punishment and condemnation coming upon us. Please continue to plainly speak the truth and thank you again. RH. (2006)

(Will God Continue to Send the Message and Warning of the Gospel is HERE.)

Gosh, I found your article (Crisis in the Local Church) so liberating. I have stopped going to my church for the last 4/5 months now, and didn`t really understand why I was rejecting it till I read your article. I had felt so critical and judgmental taking the human way of describing why I felt so "unnecessary" if you will forgive my informality. Here is one soul that feels encouraged by your statements. Pauline, England. (2006)

Once again thanks for your latest newsletter. I especially appreciated your comments on the crisis in the local Church and the related article on the fields white ready for harvest. I totally agree with everything you said in regard to the reasons for the crisis. I am one of those who no longer attend church, one of the thousands here in New Zealand. I was talking to a friend recently who like me is in his fifties and he like me has attended church all his life. He was saying that he and his wife are still going to church but are "are only just holding on", as are many of his other christian friends. He said that among the 'baby boomers' the fallout rate is huge as the churches put all their emphasis on attracting the youth and more and more ignore the needs of their older members. Bruce P. (2006)

The last two e mailers had just read Crisis in the Local Church

The article asking whether 'race against the clock' evangelism was ever biblical is a most wonderful and enlightening article. I always felt that this was something which evangelism misunderstood. If it was true, God can do nothing without people. But the Bible says, it seems to me, that God certainly wants to use us to tell others about Jesus, yet continues to hold all power and decision in this matter and, if we failed, He could even raise up stones. Yet there are thousands if not millions whom we cannot reach and to suggest that they are automatically headed for hell like some runaway train which nobody can control is, I would suggest, quite blasphemous in view of what we know about the love of God. Thank you for what you have written, and more power to your arm. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! ” Brian P., England. (2006)

The last e mailer had just read To Evangelize the Lost - Is Race Against the Clock Evangelism Biblical?

May I just write and say how well impressed I am with your website and the articles within. I`ve been a regular visitor and user of your site for some months now and it seems to me that you keep yourself well up on todays topics and concerns in relation to the word of God. The information contained in your site has been particularly helpful in my own research and learning as my walk with the Lord Jesus deepens in the knowledge of Him. I appreciate all the long hours and hard work you have put into informing the general public of God`s love and plan for us whilst balancing this with the stark message of the vital need for us all to repent and rid our hearts of iniquity. Thank you so much for your minstry and I praise God for such websites as yours." Gordon P. (2006)

Your article Crisis in the Local Church is great reading. I really wish that many others had the courage to face some of these truths just like you do. Maybe people are scared of where it wil lead to tell some of these truths, but you show that Christianity can only be strengthened by facing the hard issues. The gospel is not weakened when we face up to these errors, we just see that we have followed traditions and habits too quick without thinking things through. I really like the logic of your writer. ” D P Carter, USA. (2006)

The last e mailer had just read Crisis in the Local Church

I have admired the clear headed, sensible and logical write-ups on theology and Christian life which are on this website for a few years, 2 or 3 years I think. I know I can get truthful and fair answers with no denominations axes to grind right here, although I dont even go to most Christian sorts of websites any longer. But this morning I read something which may be the BEST thing I have EVER read here, even more, it finally cleared in my head some old issues which Janet and I had. The article was called 'How Jesus USED Religion to Destroy the Power of Religion.' Not sure the writer but I think its your Mr Brace. NOW we understand after all these years and we rejoice!! Many thanks to you all over there in Britain! ” F.B. (2006)

The last e mailer had just read How Jesus Used Religion to Destroy the Power of Religion

EXPLOSIVE! ACCURATE! TELLING THE TRUTH LIKE IT IS! GREAT WRITING!! "The shame of the gospel money men" is just so true. These impostors have made so many people opposed to the Gospel. Real glad you are opposing these spiritual impostors and we have hundreds over here in the States. ” T. Edwards. (2006)

The last e mailer had just read The Shame of the Gospel Money-men!

You write wonderfully about "predestination" and, yes, I am one of those you refer to who became too afraid of this teaching to even look at it any more. Then I got to mix with Christians who said, "Dont worry about it - it isn't biblical," but I read my Bible and saw the Scriptures about it so I knew it was biblical, but I somehow got disappointed in God that there seemed to be a lot of hate in it. It was not till I read your thing on predestination that I finally found peace on this teaching. I feel fully restored to God now and I have to thank you.
Why do people who believe in God and Jesus produce a teaching which is so wrong? I will always come to your website from now on.”
S. James. (2007)

The last e mailer had just read Predestination of the Saints: Biblical. Double Predestination: Unbiblical!

Hello Robin, I just wanted to drop you a couple of lines to let you know I really appreciate your web site. A lot of great information! I resigned from the ministry in 1984 after being with the WCG for about 23 years. I left mostly over doctrinal issues--old/new covenants, tithing, etc. At about that time Galatians became my most cherished book in the NT! I think I have a couple of years on you--I'll be turning 65 in July. I'm sure we have crossed paths with many of the same people. Raymond McNair, Ron Dart, John Halford and Rod Meredith to name a few. One of my best friends when I was in the ministry was Vic Kubik who I think spent some time in England. In the late 60's, my wife, Donna, and I attended the FOT at Morcambe in NW England on the Irish Sea. That was quite an experience as we had no heat in our cabins!.” B. F., Kansas. (2007)

This is the best Christian teaching site ever! I am really pleased that you do not stick to what any denomination says but only to true Bible teaching whether that makes you more or less popular. Coming to this site is really like a theology course and a course of a really high order at that, but you charge nothing and I know it is your policy never to ask for donations to be sent to you. ” B.A. Rutherford. (2007)

The article which you have on Charles Darwin is, in my opinion, the single best book, or internet article, which one could ever read on this man. The clarity of the research is stunning. I am highly impressed. ” B.J. (2007)

The last e mailer had just read Charles Darwin; It's Time For the Truth to be Told.

Just read your 'postscript' to your WCG years and involvement. As another former WCG 'worldwider' I am amused by what you say. I still have contacts in the WCG - in both Britain and America, and the dismissing and insulting attitude from the Brits office just confirms they are eaten with jealousy towards what you are now doing. You won't say that but I will. Your apologetics web site is somewhere in the ten best things they (the whole group of 'worldwiders') has ever produced (produced indirect, if you get the meaning) ” R.J. (2007)

..Always accepted the doctrines of grace but could not believe the Lord would destroy most of his human creation...also always believed that our choice is important...could never square these matters until I read what you wrote here. Now that explains most everything that Susie and I ever worried about and we feel restored to God. just saying 'thank you' is not enough for the peace you have given us. Can you come to the States?” R.Smith. (2007)

(Many of these messages to me came through our original Our guestbook - now discontinued - but many others come through e mails).



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