Liberalism's' "Thought Police" Have Arrived!

George Orwell's 'Thought Police' Have Arrived in the West.

Do You Hold Christian Values? Are You Deeply Opposed to Permissive Liberalism? Are You "Right-Wing"?

Be Careful! You Are Probably Being Observed Right Now!

This really is no joke - you seriously need to read this!

We Now Face the Very Real Possibility That the Persecution of Christians is about to Commence in our Own Beloved Anglo-Saxon and European Christian Heartlands...”

Increasingly, law-abiding Christians (and non-Christians) in the West who oppose officially-approved new liberal laws, directives and proposed legislation are being visited by the police. Apparently one no longer has the right to even privately hold a view which is in opposition to the prevailing climate of Liberalism. Is this not the arrival of George Orwell's "thought police" as outlined in his famous novel, 1984 ?

You think I might be exaggerating?

When a mother said on British radio that she thought gay couples should not adopt children, the police were soon in touch. When an evangelist was physically attacked for carrying a placard denouncing homosexuality, he was the one prosecuted - not his attacker! When a trainee policeman made racist comments - in private - he was recorded by a secret television crew who had him thrown off the course (Now, I do not approve of racist views but I will defend anybody's right to hold their own privately-held views, provided - if they are hateful views - they are not disseminating them widely to the public).

Do we have freedom of speech? Or do we not?

Picture of a public camera

Surveillance cameras are to be found everywhere. London is said to have in excess of 300,000

One of the famous hallmarks of the Soviet Union, and communist China (and probably to a lesser extent, Nazi Germany) were the secret police who continually had their ears to the ground just listening for any signs of dissent. Sometimes fathers were betrayed by sons, brothers were betrayed by sisters, even husbands by wives. Sometimes if the secret police really thought that they were on to something but the evidence was a little thin people would be bribed to 'say just a little more' – Yes, it became dangerous to even talk in one's sleep just in case one betrayed an anti-government view. In the West we have rightly condemned this and rightly so, so the great irony of this is that it is now the liberal West which is beginning to pay just a little bit too much attention to various views which contradict its dogmas.

To quote the Sunday Times Review article, 'Beware of the Thought Police' (December, 2005)

'What is going on? Has Britain, regarded around the world as the home of free speech, become a country in which people can no longer say what they think? Have ancient freedoms of movement and self-expression vanished? And why do the police have these new powers? The answers lie in the government’s slippery reaction to two distinct strains of zealotry: Islamic terrorism and political correctness. It has exploited the mood of insecurity to push through a law protecting itself from public protest; and it has turned the police into creatures of the PC lobby by putting them in the front line against “wrong thinking”.'

Are We Being Watched?

Picture of 'Big Brother

George Orwell's concept of 'Big Brother is Watching You' has become one of the most enduring comments on modern society.

To be perfectly frank, we are probably all being watched in these days where the technology is widely available to do so. But those of us with somewhat high-profile websites who are opposed to Liberalism are in little doubt that we are being watched! I have become very aware during the last year that my internet ministry is being watched (discovered in a way that I prefer not to spell out) but I am prepared to accept this as the price for having a website which unashamedly proclaims the Christian gospel and is quite prepared to attack those 'liberal values' which are currently almost sacrosanct here in Europe.

In 'You Are Being Watched, and There Is No Place to Hide; An interview with Robert O'Harrow,' John W. Whitehead wrote this,

'Increasingly, we live in a surveillance state where everything we do and our every transaction, business or otherwise, is watched, videotaped and analyzed. There is virtually nothing that the surveillance state, growing data systems and information companies do not know about the most intricate details of our lives. With the slightest mistake, however, you can be branded for life. Take, for example, Matthew Frost of Tampa, Fla., a businessman and father of two who simply wanted to vote in the 2000 presidential election. When he attempted to cast a ballot, the election worker told him: “Sorry, sir, you have a felony. You can’t vote.” Although it was a mistake and Frost had never been convicted of a felony, he still was not allowed to vote. Frost was a victim of a botched attempt by government officials to use a private data contractor “to help purge the electoral votes of felons and other ineligible people,” writes Robert O’Harrow in his revealing book No Place to Hide: Behind the Scenes of Our Emerging Surveillance Society (2005). This was “a glaring demonstration of what can happen when the government and private data services team up to target individuals,” notes O’ Harrow. “The use of computerized personal information can—and often does—spin out of control.'

(The full Rutherford Institute article comes from here:

More Examples of Christian and Right-Wing Views Being Monitored and Persecuted.

Joe and Helen Roberts are a British couple who live in Lancashire and support Christian values. In 2005 they complained to their local council regarding its gay rights policies. I think that 98% of Christians would agree with their complaint. The Roberts' made the surely valid point that if gay groups should be allowed to make their literature available in public places then, as Christians, surely they had the right to place Christian literature in the same places. But this suggestion was (not surprisingly) quickly rejected! But – astonishingly – in December 2005 they received a visit from the police which resulted in an interrogation lasting over an hour. Joe tells his amazing story on an audio tape which you can access here: Thought Police Interview; Joe Roberts' Story (December, 2006 Update on the Roberts' Story!).

I do not support the BNP (British Nationalist Party) but (in common with thousands of other Britons) I am astonished that (in early 2006) their leader Nick Griffin is being prosecuted because of his criticism of Islam which was made in a pub meeting of his friends and supporters. Not surprisingly, the case has collapsed once but there is to be a retrial to commence May, 2006. The speech was recorded by a television spy camera due to the connivance of liberal journalists who thought they had a 'scoop'. An attempt is being made to show that his remarks about the religion of Islam (apparently he called it an “evil religion”) are really racist when they clearly are not. I just wonder if the current British government realise how many new supporters the BNP are currently gathering because of the over-sensitivity of the 'thought police' in this matter.As I read on one blog site which was discussing this matter,

'The BNP have finally got the press coverage they so badly needed to strengthen their party and lift them to higher levels. Now – almost overnight - they have support in countries like the U.S, Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand, as well as national coverage throughout Britain.'

A New Western Persecution of Christians?

Orwell's '1984'

George Orwell (1903-1950) wrote '1984' in 1949 and it was his final novel. He portrayed a future souless and demoralised society in which 'thought police' would control everything. Eventually, only worship of the secular State was allowed.

But, to return to the attacks on Christians by the forces of liberalism, WND Editor and founder Joseph Farah recently said, "The attacks on Christianity in America are alarming. We are witnessing more than religious bigotry now. We are entering the early stages of what could become persecution and outright criminalization of Christianity if it is not exposed and fought vigorously by all freedom-loving people."

Farah's warning should be taken seriously. The last 10-15 years or so have seen the arrival of a new intense persecution of Christians in many countries, mainly at the hands of Hindus and Islamics but we now face the truly amazing situation that homegrown western Liberalism could be about to turn on its own Christians.

In Prepare for Persecution, the Rev Bob Frost, the new President of Release International, says this,

'“We are closer to persecution today than at any time in my life,” he said, as French MPs moved to ban the wearing of religious symbols including large Christian crosses in state schools.

Dr Frost, undertook to raise awareness of the persecuted church as he was appointed president of Release International (RI). “RI has a ministry in awakening Christians in the UK about what persecution is and how the church can be a witness. RI has a role in preparing us in the West for what may come our way.”'

He said he aimed to prepare the emerging generation of British Christian leaders to meet persecution head on. Growing restrictions are being imposed on religious freedom in many countries across Europe, ensnaring Christians as well as other sincere believers. “Persecution is imminent,” said Rob Frost.

He added: “The message has to go out to young emerging leaders in the UK that Christianity is worth suffering for and even dying for. It is not a game but a high-risk occupation.” Eddie Lyle, Executive Director of Release International, said: “Post 9/11 the world is fearful of religious fervour. It means basic freedoms are being denied even to mainstream Christians who simply love the Lord and seek to love their neighbour.”' (Taken from The European Institute of Protestant Studies)

So we now face the very real possibility that the persecution of Christians is about to commence in our own beloved Anglo-Saxon and European Christian heartlands...

Here in the UK even more legislation is currently being planned which Christians will not be able to support and which will isolate them further:

'Later this year the (UK) Government will bring forward new laws on sexual orientation. Using Ministerial order-making powers under the Equality Act, they plan to outlaw 'homophobic' discrimination in the provision of goods and services.

These laws could create problems. They could force, for example, a Christian bed and breakfast to offer a double bed to a homosexual couple; and they could require a church hall to be let out to gay rights activists. The sexual orientation provisions could even mandate the equal promotion of homosexuality and heterosexuality in state schools and result in litigation over the curriculum.'

(Comment comes from The Christian Institute website).

The Christian Hawk. 19th February, 2006.