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Amazing Truth About Internet Paying...

Because of the extent of credit card fraud, MANY THOUSANDS now refuse to buy over the 'net' at all!
WE NOW ANNOUNCE that we accept payment by cheque or banker's draft, but - for the moment - NOT by credit card. Sure, this may take longer but we now refuse to take any risks with our customer's hard-earned money!

Museltof Web Design offers simple, straightforward, no fuss web site design at an incredibly low rate. Our speciality is in setting up small websites, whereas many web designers are only interested in designing mega-sites.

We offer one basic plan which can be adjusted for individual requirements, moreover, we give you a free sub-domain together with web space which is FREE for the first year then chargeable at a very low rate after that. We supervise your website and can edit it for you as you wish. Monthly minor and routine edits are free - only substantial re-design or re-organisation is chargeable.

So we not only design your website, but we give you a sub-domain name of your choice, then we host and maintain your website. You just pay one fee for the design, then absolutely nothing else until year two.

Excellence Assured

  • Every single 2-12 page website which we design is tested for cross-browser compatibility (vitally important but frequently forgotten by web designers).
  • Our Web Host is famed for utter reliability with 99.9% uptime.
  • Company colour preferences adhered to - no problem.
  • Customer input on design preferences welcomed.
  • Our advice is free! Through intensive internet use over eight years we can advise what works, and what does not work; what looks professional, and what looks 'cheap.'

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AT LAST - A solution to the web site needs of 95% of shops, restaurants, schools, small businesses, clubs, societies, churches and charities!

We not only design your site with a minimum of fuss and bother but we will host it for you! Many web designers will simply design your site but will not also host and maintain it - we do! Result? We remove all headaches from having a website!



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