And here is our listing of quality British-based Christian websites

(we are most interested in solid, Christian teaching sites, but, at this stage, no particular order):

*UK Apologetics
*Museltof Countercult and Apologetics
*New Christian UK
*Counter Cult (Just one intensive page)
*Christians In
*Soteria Mag
*Assembly Youth
*Recovering From Armstrongism
*Ex-Catholics For Christ
*Understanding the Bible
*John Blanchard
*First Plumbline Apologetics
*The First Plumbline Church
*The Spurgeon Archive
*Witness to the Word
*Professor Alister E. McGrath
*All Souls Church, Langham Place, London.
*Easy English Info
*The Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recording Trust
*John Stott Ministries
*A Puritan's Mind
*My Christian World
*Into the Wardrobe
*C.S. Lewis Foundation
*Revival Resource Centre
*The J.C. Ryle Bookshelf
*William Wilberforce
*The George Whitefield Homepage
*Reachout Trust
*Spotlight Ministries
*Museltof Countercult and Apologetics UK
*Witness to the Word
*Truth Finder
*First Plumbline Apologetics
*Tabernacle Bookshop (UK)

*Prayer, Liturgy and Worship Resources
*The Barnabas Fund
*The George Müller Foundation


(Good UK-based Christian directories, but we are not responsible for the sites they choose to include. Quality UK-based Christian directories which actually function correctly are, sadly, a rarity)

*The Best Christian Links on the Net
(A one-page listing that is purely honorary: no site can pay to get listed on the above!)
*UK Christian Web
*Kingdom Seek

Cults and Sects Exposed

UK Apologetics.

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UK Christian Websites

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(UK Christian Links)
UK Christian Directory - UK Christian Web - British Christian Websites

UK Christian Websites is a listing of the best British (UK-based) Christian websites, or web sites by a Welsh Christian website!

(This page was designed to look good on 800x600 or 1024x724 screen resolutions - 90% of computers in 2007. Page design will look poor - or even distorted - on larger screen resolutions, unless a very large monitor is being used. ABOVE ALL, we do not recommend re-setting your page text size; to do so will lead to distortion on this page. If you find the text too small, you are almost certainly on the wrong screen resolution).

PLEASE NOTE: We are also available (in a slighty different form) on the following sub-domain:

You may think this is a small page of links but we have purposely designed it this way! This is not a long listing - we are just giving you the creme de la creme of quality UK Christian websites.

Most Christian directories contain many thousands of links; the chances of somebody finding your listing and linking to you from such a site are infinitesimally small - but this is a ONE PAGE listing of the best UK-based Christian sites, and we will never allow it to grow beyond one page. The result? A rapid-loading page where all links can be found within a few minutes! We refuse to list poor sites here, but if we do list you, you will receive numerous 'hits' from this source. The lack of quality British Christian web sites is so serious that we have decided, at least initially, to include a few non-UK sites which focus on British evangelical Christians.

ABOUT OUR NAME: We are the original UK Christian Websites - when we first conceived this name we did a search and there was no other directory of this name. Lamentably, a few have now taken this directory name without searching if any similar directory already existed. We have no connection with them. One such site contains a so-called "Official Top 50" of UK-based Christian sites which have to pay for inclusion. There is no such thing as an "official top 50" and if there were, such a listing should not be based on paying anybody! We have no charges. Jesus said, 'Freely you have received, freely give.' You just have to ask us and provided the quality is there, we will list you! NOTHING TO PAY! Of the 50 listed on that site virtually none are sites which contain many pages of solid Christian teaching - in contrast to the sites which we list, and a very few of their 'top 50' represent positively heretical teachings.

As we started to put this page together there were a serious lack of good quality Christian websites based in the UK; a reflection, perhaps, of modern materialistic and secular Britain. We are hoping that this situation will dramatically improve. We have no intention of making this a huge page and intend keeping it down to around 150 of the creme de la creme of quality British Christian sites.

We will generally not post the websites of local church congregations on here, but might do so if we find an excellent one with access to many teaching resources. With the mushrooming of false teachers who do not hesitate to pervert the words of Scripture in order to make themselves powerful/wealthy, we are especially interested in doctrinal and countercult sites.

In return for linking any site here, that site must contain a link to UK Apologetics which should be easily 'findable' (not buried away!) and also to this very site of UK Christian Websites if that link is later removed, your site will also be removed from here. Please behave honestly with us as we wish to with you.
David Clancy Graham, for UK Christian Websites.

Copyright: 2001-2013 - UK Christian Websites is a part of My Christian World. Copyright, with all rights reserved.

What We Are Looking For.....and What We Will Tend to Exclude!

PLEASE, PLEASE do not contact us to list a site which is:
a. Currently 'down.'
b. Only has about 3 unfinished pages.
c. Badly designed with poor site navigation.
When we check out a site, We would like to see:
1. A clear Statement of Faith.
Such a Statement testifies that the site stands in the great evangelical Faith and is not the cover for a cult.
2. A Quality site, the quality not only in sensible helpful design, but also in a sensible, consistent and intelligent approach to Christian problems and doctrinal understanding.
3. A good-sized site.
Please don't bring a site to our attention if it only has 1-10 pages.
4. Some Solid Christian Teaching.
More and more people are coming into contact with the gospel for the very first time through Christian websites - take advantage of this!
Don't believe the old idea that people will only read internet articles if they are very brief; nobody accepts this any more. Some of the most popular articles on the Museltof group of Christian websites are very, very long articles! In this day of religious pluralism and of the spreading tentacles of the cults and sects, we feel that all serious Christian sites should give at least some basic coverage to the disciplines of Apologetics and Countercult, even if this is mostly through external links.
5. We are also always pleased to note the willingness to link to external sites where additional fine biblical teaching may be found.

This will remain a simple one page site so anything listed here will have exceptional exposure. When we tested it, for instance, a Google Search for 'British Christian websites' or, 'UK Christian websites' brought us up on the first page! It therefore follows that we expect a link back to one of our sites (E Mail us for information), ON THE HOMEPAGE. A text link would be fine. We feel this is asking very little for such exposure.

1. Sites which have too many slow-loading graphics on their homepage.
This has become a major turn-off for many browsers. The homepage tends to set the standard for websites; there is nothing better than a crisp, neat uncluttered homepage which loads quickly.

2. Sites which uphold false teachings.
No site will ever be listed if it supports the 'Word-faith' message, that is, the 'prosperity teaching', or 'positive confession'. We are reformed, emphasising the doctrines of grace just as the Apostle Paul did, but we will not necessarily bar a site tending towards being Arminian as long as it is not excessive and does not attack non-Arminians.

3. Sites which have a Links page pointing to the sites of false teachers.
It is surprising how often otherwise fine sites include links to extremist charismatic and word-faith teacher’s sites. These are excluded.

4. Sites which generate annoying pop-up ads on page entry.

Once you are sure that you understand and accept what we are looking for, e mail us HERE. By the way, it is essential to make it clear that you are requesting a link to UK Christian Websites since other e mail also goes through this page. Thanks!