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The Move Away From Legalism
(Robin Brace's best known article has 'helped the penny to drop' for several coming from a cult/sect background!)

New Covenant Theology: What Are Some of It's Distinctives?

A Call For Resurrection Theology
(Outstanding, with thanks to James A. Fowler)

The Bankruptcy of the Prosperity Gospel

A Concise Exposition of Revelation 20
(Highly recommended!)

Jesus, Christians and the Law

THe Mysterious Case of the Missing 'Q'

Dispensational Theology, Covenant Theology and Christocentric Theology

Our Approach to Jesus: Is It Epistemological, Ontological or Experiential?

Does God Exist? An Argument From Non-Biblical Sources

Did Judas Take Communion Before Betraying Jesus?

Are There Modern-Day Apostles?
(In our opinion, no, there are most certainly not! Here is why such a thing is impossible)

Paul's Thorn in the Flesh Might NOT Have Been a Health Issue...

Law and Grace
(Outstanding teaching from Bob George)

The Intertestamental Period
(It is important to know something of the main occurrences between the Old and New Testaments)

Eternal Security and the Love of God

Healing and the Atonement
(Does Christ's victory on the cross mean that you never have to get sick? No, and this is rather a serious doctrinal error yet it still persists in some quarters)

The Grand Purpose of the Book of Hebrews

The Law and the Gospel
(One of the finest expositions of the 'law/gospel' tension that one will find on the internet)

What is 'Covenant Theology'?
(We should recognise that this brand of theology - despite having several strengths - also has a few dangerous weaknesses!)

What is 'Dominion Theology' and 'Kingdom Now' Theology?

Was There Theological Disagreement Between Peter and Paul?

The Central Doctrines of the Christian Faith

Gospel Freedoms
(Did the early church use excessive "writer's freedom" in putting together the gospels or can we be assured on gospel authenticity?)

Is the Creedal Doctrine of the Trinity BIblical?

Bishop Spong, the Theological Criminal

Spong Kong Phooey!
(Can Bishop Spong REALLY be taken seriously?)

Whats Wrong with Bishop Spong?

Is Theology Really a Burden?
(We believe that a little extra theological study should be seen as a joy, it also helps to ensure that one never gets ensnared by unbiblical teachings. Read the article!)

When Was Satan Thrown Out of Heaven?
(There are a few ambiguities here but we must be guided by the New Testament, rather than consider a 'Lucifer' who might only exist because of a mistranslation!)

Where Does Protestant Christianity's Authority Reside?

Christian Obligations in the Light of Romans 13

Galatians; Why I Accept the 'North Galatians View'

Correctly Understanding False Conversion

The Significance of Passover

The Danger of Teaching That Christ Died Only For the Elect

Christ Died For All?

Union With Christ
(By Karl Barth)

What is "Propitiation"?

Limited Atonement Exhaustively Refuted
(Even while being generally 'reformed' in theology we have to admit that 'Limited Atonement' is a serious error within Calvinism, indeed, an error which the later Calvin apparently came to see and accept)

Groping with the Holy Trinity
(Don't reject things because they are difficult to understand!)

Understanding More of the Jesus We Serve

How And Why God Sometimes 'Anoints' World Leaders

Did the First Jewish Christians Live Under Two Covenants?

What is 'Preterism' ?

Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy

Ham "Saw the Nakedness of his father" - What Does It Mean? Why Was It So Serious?

So What Was The Big Deal About The Tower of Babel?

An 'Evangelical Inclusivist' Defends 'Evangelical Inclusivism'
(The Inclusivism we recommend has nothing in common with the Liberal Inclusivism of people like John Hick who deny the authority of the Word of God)

The Symbolical Numbers in the Book of Revelation

Could 'Jehovah's Witnesses' Be the Most ANNOYING Religious Group in the World?

You Must Be Born Again - But At What Age?

The 39 Articles of the Church of England

Theological Inclusivism, Exclusivism, Universalism...etc., - What Do These Terms Mean?

Why Does a Just and Loving God Allow Suffering in this World?

Tongues - The Zerhusen Approach; What We Say

Consumerism - The Slow Apocalypse

God's Pleasure in Justifying the Wicked

How Jesus Used Religion to Destroy the Power of Religion

Karl Barth; Time For an Evangelical Reappraisal?

Fundamentalism and Biblical Interpretation

Until the End of Time...
(The Bible shows that God's character and purpose is 'set', He is not changing or changeable. Here is a 'potted theology' of the biblical Doctrine of God in opposition to the distortions of New Ageism and some newer theologies. It is a MUST read in order to be 'armed')

Scripture and Tradition in the Early Church

The Rise of the Liberal Charismatic!
(A few charismatics now consider themselves closer to New Age and even to liberal theology than they do to the rest of evangelicalism; it is time to spell out the dangers!)

Creation: Ek Theos?

How First Day Sabbatarianism Entered the Church
(The Lord's Day is a joy - unfortunately, some very sincere - but misguided - men molded into a "Christian Sabbath")

Evangelicalism - Fundamentalism; What is the Difference?
(Why is evangelicalism now largely seen as having replaced fundamentalism? It is rather important that we understand!)

Predestination of the Saints: Biblical. 'Double Predestination': Unbiblical!
(If you have been hurt or upset by the so-called "dreadful decree," learn the wonderful truth right now!)

A Critical Look at Jehovah's Witnesses' 'New World Bible'

Just What is The Unpardonable Sin?

Understanding the Bible
(This is the best single article on biblical interpretation to be found anywhere on the internet. Absolutely outstanding! But it is very long and is best bookmarked and read a section at a time over, perhaps, a week. But no serious interpreter of the Bible should fail to read this. On another website)

What is the Unity Church?

Christ the Only Rest for the Weary and Heavy-Laden
(The classic Whitefield writing; some of the phraseology sounds odd to us today but - stick with it!)

Problems with the 'Openness of God' Theology

Is Salvation Accomplished Wholly Without Human Effort?

The Seed of Abraham and The Old Covenant
(Highly recommended reading!)

Will The Real Bible Please Stand Up?
(We admire those people who feel that we must hang on to the old King James Version at all costs, but here are a few things they really should consider!)

What is the "Sin not unto Death" in 1 John 5?

The Church In The World
(Is it really wise for Christians to become involved in political pressure groups?)

The Risen Jesus
(The Classic Warfield writing. Everybody in the faith should read this).

Christianity The Truth
(The classic Warfield article)

Confessions of a Former Sabbath-Keeper
(Like ourselves the writer of this fine article came down a seventh day observance path but came to see it was wrong)

On The Church
(Is the Protestant concept of the invisible, non-institutional Church just a theory as some Catholics claim?)

Liberalism...or Christianity?
(Excerpts from this truly great essay by J. Gresham Machen. If we find that demand is strong, we may put the whole essay here)

Our Mysterious God
(We evangelicals tend to like to tie things up into neat theological packages and think we can know all about God through this process - but we can NEVER know all about God!)

(Let J.C Ryle's classic article clarify this doctrine for you)

The Truth About Hell!
(This could be one of the most surprising web pages you have ever read, but the material is 100% biblical!)

Martin Luther's Preface to Romans
(Highly recommended!)

What Is 'Realized Millenialism'?
(While we always say that any of the three main positions on the millenium are acceptable for a Christian, we like to point to the great strengths of the 'realised millenialism' position. This is a very deep exposition)

On Being Known

Four Tragic Shifts in the Visible Church (180-400AD)
(We hold that these points which Jon bravely makes are undeniable. Surely the Church has to face this truth. This is more church history than theology and is accessible to all)

Margaret Mead's Flights of Fancy in Samoa

Covenant Theology and the Single Covenant of Grace

Is There a 'Covenant of Grace?'
(This is deep theology, perhaps for the more 'studied' visitor. We are reformed but we believe that we should 'own up' to the problem areas of reformed theology. This fine article is written by Jon Zens)




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