Hell - Hellfire - Damnation - Perdition; All these words have struck terror into many human hearts, but especially Hell!

But just how much does the Bible tell us about Hell?
Now we Certainly Believe That All Should Be Admonished to Turn From Sin and to Turn to Christ in Order to Seek a Place of Repentance and Subsequent Forgiveness, but.......The Truth About the Biblical Hell Will Shock You.....ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THAT SHOCK??

We are pleased to present several articles. While these articles might prove especially useful for the theology student or Christian minister, we sincerely believe that all Christians urgently need to understand this material!

As an 'appetizer,' for instance, did you know that while the word 'heaven' occurs in the Bible 568 times, the word 'Hell' occurs.......(prepare yourself for a shock)...JUST 11 TIMES??
(the word actually occurs 54 times in the KJV, but all Bible scholars know that most of those uses of 'Hell' are simply inadequate translation from the Hebrew and Greek).
Did you know that while 'salvation' occurs 163 times, 'damnation' only occurs 10 times and 'damned' occurs three times?

Here are the articles which we trust that you will find really illuminating
(By the way, all the articles come from the pen of a man who has studied the Holy Bible for over 50 years and has studied both Hebrew and Greek):

The Utter Folly of Christians Arguing Over Hell!
(Many evangelicals are threatening to separate from Christians who reject an 'ever-burning hell' as being truly literal, but do they really know how little the Bible ever tells us about Hell? Is this not an area where differences of opinion among evangelicals should be respected?)

Theological Inclusivism, Exclusivism, Universalism...etc., What Do These Terms Mean?
(First of all it is wise to understand the correct terminology. This article is brief and straightforward).

To Evangelize the Lost - WHY We Should Do It!
(A few facts often overlooked and a few other "facts" too carelessly assumed. The article is clear and quite brief).

Will MOST of the Human Race Finally Go To Hell?
(Many evangelicals and just about all fundamentalists say 'Yes'. But if an overwhelming majority of people will finally go to Hell, where is the final complete victory of Christ in that? This challenge is not only philosophical but highly biblical. The article is long).

An Evangelical Inclusivist Defends Evangelical Inclusivism
(Robin Brace's major theology of Evangelical Inclusivism, backed up with Scriptures at every point. B.G. of Kentucky said, "I have been a Christian for 40 years and a minister for 20 of them and this is the most encouraging thing I have ever read; moreover, I cannot refute the writer at any point, although he overturns many things I have spoken from the pulpit". The article is long).

Re-Examining the True Roots of Exclusivism
(Be prepared for more surprises! The pessimistic 'Restrictivism', or 'Exclusivism' much loved by many conservative evangelicals - and by all fundamentalists - is far more rooted in Augustine and in Calvinism than in the 'Church Fathers' or the New Testament; this is a 'light' read in a brief article).

Can Regeneration Occur Without a Repentance Experience?
(Several questions on Inclusivism are addressed).

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