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The Timing of Revelation

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I was looking for more information and sources that support your statement:
“Let us just remind ourselves that we can now be pretty certain that John wrote in the AD60s, just before the horrendous events which would unfold in AD70. The older idea that John wrote well into the AD90s is now pretty much demolished everywhere.”

I did not find articles for this via the search on your website. The dating of Revelation seems to be pre-70 to me based on simply reading it, but many of the commentaries and teachers in my life argue otherwise. I would like to hear more from the pre-70 proponents.
Thank you for your time.

UK Apologetics Reply:

You won't find those articles with a search on our website because I don't support the old 90s AD idea about Revelation. But lots of older Bible commentaries on John and Revelation support the old 90s AD concept. They seem to want to make Revelation as late as possible but this book makes much more sense with an earlier dating. I think pretty much any older Revelation writing one might pick up will date the book very late yet there is no reason to date it very late. We know that John was imprisoned on Patmos but no dates are certain. There is no writing anywhere in which John gives us a date for writing the Book of Revelation; it is simply that putting everything together, the book hangs together far better with a timing just before AD70; Nero, for example, is clearly mentioned and the temple at Jerusalem (destroyed in AD70), still seems to be standing when John wrote (chapter 11).

I think the trouble is that it suited liberals, certain fundamentalists and many of the cults and sects to date Revelation very, very late, but prodigious Bible scholar J.A.T. Robinson (though generally regarded as a liberal) was one of the very first to take on the dating problem of certain of the New Testament books and he firmly came down on a Revelation dating in the 60s AD. I believe that he was absolutely correct and it was a conclusion I had already reached.

Robin A. Brace. April 4th, 2020.