A Question I Was Asked:

Is the UK Church Really Declining As We Are Constantly Being Told? I Tend to Doubt It.

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Is the UK Church really declining as we are constantly being told? I tend to doubt it.

UK Apologetics Reply:

We are continually told that UK Christianity is declining fast, but is it really?

The truth is: nobody can really say this with any authority. Why? Because many such polls only take the C of E into account and we all know that that organisation has major problems; moreover it was stated a few years ago that all the "liberals" are leaving the Church of England - that should not surprise us because most of these people do not represent true Christianity, most of the evangelicals, however, are either staying put or moving to other places of worship; nothing here should surprise us. There is also a growing army of Christians who now only worship at home in smaller, mostly Bible-believing groups. I now count my wife and myself in this group; it is not practical or sensible for my wife to attend any 'place of worship' outside of our home because of her many health problems. She needs to be here and I need to be here with her. So both health factors and growing disillusionment with the way some congregations are going after false teachings are two reasons for this.

When people are stopped in the street by those conducting these polls, those people are usually only asked things like, "do you attend church any longer?" but that question will not capture the views or numbers of those who are now non-affiliated Christians coming together for worship in a home. For all of these reasons I never listen to those who claim to be able to tell us whether British Christianity is growing or declining, yet I suspect that it continues to rise, yet not within the Church of England, which - after all - is just one denomination among many.

Robin A. Brace. April 25th, 2020.