The Problem

This castle illustration sums up the problem in our Western cultures from a Christian perspective. The left castle has a foundation of evolution (and/or millions of years)—a foundation that really teaches that man by himself determines truth. Out of this foundation comes a castle called 'humanism' and the consequences that can arise from such a foundation, e.g., abortion, homosexual behavior, etc. Again, evolution or millions of years is not the cause of these social ills, but provides a foundation for people to justify these behaviors if they really want to.

On the right we see the castle of Christianity, built on the foundation of the absolute authority of the Word of God. Out of this structure comes a Christian worldview (Christian morality/right and wrong, marriage, sanctity of life, etc.).

The humanists are very clever-they know that to effectively attack Christianity, they shouldn't aim directly at the doctrines of the Resurrection or the Virgin Birth. This would be too obvious. Besides, this is just attacking the structure. To destroy Christianity, you have to try to destroy the foundation of God's Word.

The best way to accomplish this is to attack the history that is foundational to all Christian doctrine. Because the history in Genesis 1–11 is foundational to every single Christian doctrine, the humanists have decided to aim their guns at this foundation.

Through the teaching of millions of years, evolution, and so on, humanists have been able to convince many that the Bible's history can't be trusted—that the Bible is not credible, and therefore is not the absolute authority. The more this kind of thinking permeates a culture, the more people's actions will begin to become consistent with the humanist foundation that man determines truth. Thus ultimately the Christian structure will begin to collapse and the humanist structure will become entrenched in its place.

Sadly, many Christians are helping to destroy their own foundation by accepting millions of years and/or evolutionary ideas that undermine the history in Genesis 1–11 and therefore undermine the absolute authority of God's Word. By teaching that you can accept millions of years, these Christians have 'unlocked the door' that tells people that they can reinterpret the Word of God on the basis of outside ideas. This will eventually lead to a destruction of Biblical authority.

At the same time, these Christians are recognizing that there is something dreadfully wrong. They are trying to fight the humanists and attempting to deal with the increasing problem of the social ills in the culture such as abortion, homosexual behavior, pornography, lawlessness and so on. But what most Christians don't seem to understand is that these social ills are not the problems in the culture, but are in fact the symptoms of the problem: a change in foundation from the authoritative Word of God to man's opinions determining truth.

This change occurring in society has resulted in a culture shift from a Christian worldview to a secular one. It is important to understand that this change has been a foundational one-the change has been from the bottom up, not from the top down. Thus, if you want to be successful in turning the culture around to return to a Christian worldview, it has to be a change from the ground up, not the top down. In other words, even though Christians need to take a stand against the evils of abortion, homosexual behavior and so on (and they need to make this known in the culture), if they don't deal with the foundational reason why these issues are such problems in the culture, they will ultimately fail in their battle against the onslaughts of evolutionary humanism.

Note that when the foundation from God's Word was the one that was primarily accepted in the culture and you preached about sin, Jesus, and trusting in the Lord God of the Bible, most people would understand the message. But now that the culture has had a major shift to a different foundation—where man by himself determines truth, and life is only a result of natural processes over millions of years. As a result, people who have built their thinking on this foundation no longer understand the message of sin and repentance and God's law, etc. To reach these people, you would have to get them to change their thinking foundationally. In other words, they need to destroy the wrong foundation on which they have built their thinking, and establish the right foundation from God's Word, beginning in Genesis as real history. These people need to be shown the fallacies of the evolutionary theory of origins; they need to be shown that scientists have not proven that the Earth is billions of years old, etc. Instead, people need to be shown that the Bible's history-beginning in Genesis-is credible and that it does fit with real science and connects to the real world in every area.

This illustration helps to awaken Christians to recognize the real nature of the battle: it is a foundational one.

We are very grateful to ANSWERS IN GENESIS.ORG for making this article and illustration available to us.