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Perceiving the Connection

We are being indoctrinated every day in the creed of Liberalism. Most of the media is now controlled by liberals. We are being told that liberal attitudes and standards (what “standards”?) are the best way to ensure that we are never again enslaved by such evils as Nazism and Marxism or even by milder but still cruel authoritarian systems. This is pure nonsense! In fact Liberalism itself has become the latest enslaving cruel ideology – why do I say this? Because Liberalism is an inherently anti-God system. It tells people that there are no standards which one should ever attempt to aspire to, and indeed, one may only enjoy true liberty by forgetting about “standards” ; it therefore follows that adultery is not necessarily wrong, neither is theft necessarily wrong and, certainly, it is not good to think about punishing people who commit such acts. Liberalism states that authoritarianism is necessarily wrong and so is moral censure. Of course, this is 'Moral Relativism' which Liberalism has readily - and inevitably - opened the door to.

'Moral Relativism' teaches that there is no absolute standard of truth, or of right and wrong and that all things are 'relative'. This means that we can all forget about the demands of a Creator God and His laws because while obedience to God might be 'right' for you, it will be 'wrong' for many others; thus, there is no such thing as ultimate or absolute truth, a position which clearly contradicts biblical teaching.
Our permissive and liberal society has opened the door to the most appaling moral degradation. This should not surprise us since the first truly liberal national government on earth murdered many thousands of its own citizens and most of these unfortunate people were put to death without trial. This was the French Republic – following the storming of the Bastille. Today liberals conveniently forget how many thousands of its own citizens the French executed without trial in this most "liberal" of governments!
Liberalism is a cruelly deceptive ideology because it pretends to be caring and loving even while it brings all resources to bear in seeking to undermine and to destroy righteous moral character.
But I will say no more here save to hand over to several links which appear on the internet. Please read these – perhaps a bit at a time, for they are sometimes long, but I really want people to see through the great false 'saviour' of the 20th/21st century, Liberalism. :
Joyce Lander,
Bristol, England. 2004.

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