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I Need More Information on Psychology and Evolution

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I am confused on psychology, and...I know you don't debate but may you look at a site on evolution from a Christian perspective for me? I would like to know if there's any truth to the other site. I will send the link to you in the next email if you want to take a look at it.

UK Apologetics Reply:

Okay, overall my perspective on psychology and psychiatry has not changed, but good at least that Sigmund Freud is no longer taken seriously by these people.

Turning to evolution, it is really very simple:

1. Macro-evolution - that is, 'the grand theory' of evolution, continues to be completely and entirely wrong, it is unproven and unprovable and the "millions of years" were only invented to try accomodate it. I can tell you that 'behind the scenes' many scientists will even refuse to discuss it. The current form of it, called "Neo-Darwinism," is now like an old disused factory, about to completely collapse at any moment. Many of the newer thinkers on science are keeping away from it, presumably not to get damaged by being too close when the final fall comes. In recent years Richard Dawkins - as far as I can see - is the only one who has made a serious attempt to defend it but he has been the subject of numerous attacks from within his own scientific community for the flaws in his (very often unscientific) reasoning.

2. Micro-evolution. Secondly, what is called "micro-evolution" is not evolution at all, (this refers to the variations and different kinds of dogs and all other animals), this is simply variations in the gene pool - many according to local factors and so on, none of these things "evolved" at all and are allowed for in the variations which God built into the genes of every creature from the very beginning, thus only two cats - male and female - needed to be taken upon the ark etc. Some of this area is called "Natural Selection," but far, far too much has been claimed for it. No, I cannot spend time looking at other sites for believers, they need to start evaluating some of these things for themselves but no matter what clever arguments evolutionists may use it can all be divided into these two things: macro or micro evolution; so - to reiterate - macro-evolution is the grand scheme of evolution, the idea that tiny forms of life gradually became more complicated over many millions of years and man himself is simply related to the family of apes: this continues to be the purest humbug and silliness beyond the level of anything one may find in 'Alice in Wonderland.' The millions of unearthed fossils do not demonstrate it, the laws of science do not demonstrate it (in the real world things tend to break down and disintegrate over any period of time; evolution stands this on it's head in claiming - in an entirely godless scenario - that evolution kept improving things over a long period of time - they then contradict this by claiming that mutations must have caused many changes even when we know that mutations destroy genetic information).

There are numerous articles on this topic on this website, just use 'search.'

Robin A. Brace. November 14th, 2019.