A Question I Was Asked:

We Are Told that We Must Not Sin, Yet God has Created us so that we inevitably Wll Sin. Is God Being Fair With Us?

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The question that has been driving me nuts for years is this: how is it that people can be culpable and blamed for their sins when they literally can't not sin! There must be an explanation somewhere.

UK Apologetics Reply:

Your question is very interesting and very intelligent; thousands have asked this very thing.

If you very carefully consider Psalm 8, especially verse 5, then go through Hebrews 2:1-18, you will find a complete answer to this intriguing question - yes I really mean a complete answer! God is adding people - who will become spirit beings - to His very family, but first they need to 'taste,' comprehend and really understand sin in all ways because we need to turn from it for all eternity; sin is very deceptive, it kind of says to us, 'hey, just this once is not going to hurt or make any difference' - but then we get hooked, or enslaved. It seems that this happened with certain of the angels because they were already spirit beings and were separated from sin as such, so they too got deceived by it; it has to be experienced to be truly understood. The angels who fell may well have thought, 'Hey, sin is a physical thing, it can't affect us,' but sin is not entirely physical, it all starts in the mind and attitude. Men and women are higher than the angels in potential and God has created us to join His very spirit family (I do not mean that we can ever be God beings - the Godhead is closed), yet we can be in His very family above the level of the angels, enjoying Eternal Life in His very presence. Who knows what joyous activities will lie ahead? Jesus has been sent to provide a door into Eternal Life based on total freedom from sin and sinfulness (which is not possible in this present life). Don't forget we are saved by Jesus' blood and by His righteousness - not by our own very inadequate standard of 'righteousness.' Only in Christ can we be wiped clean from sin yet - even then - not in this present physical life. The part that changes in this present life is about culpability and responsibility. Jesus takes that upon His own shoulders. For the rest of our lives we will certainly improve and spiritually strengthen yet never become entirely sin-free; no Scripture promises this.

I really hope that this helps you. Go through it again very carefully and seek out the relevant Scriptures. So there is a biblical answer here and it is a most wonderful answer!

Robin A. Brace. November 19th, 2019.