The Sadness of Too Many Modern Church Congregations...

I Receive an Email Which is Truly Tragic

How Some are Isolated, Hounded and Persecuted by "Churches" Which Plainly Preach Heresy

I Received this email Recently. It Came Straight from a Lady's Heart and it Testifies to the Tragic State of Too Many Modern Churches Which Have Been Successfully Infiltrated by False Teachings. Please Read it Through Carefully.

"My husband and I went through a terrible situation when we were going to a local prosperity teaching church in the 1980s. We had a handicapped child in 1985 and I had to quit my job to care for her. We were running back and forth to a big city to visit Children’s hospital. We were broke, medical debts rising and she wasn’t sleeping through the night. We were having trouble feeding our family and paying rent as Drs asked for money up front. We asked for prayer for our daughter. The young man in the group asked us if we were tithing. We said no, considering all the circumstances. He actually blamed us for her problems due to our not tithing. Told us to pay our 'back tithe' of $1500 from our credit card! He also said God wouldn't have struck her if we had been!!! Later when she started to finally walk, which was very difficult due to her disability they insisted we write an article in the 4 square magazine claiming she was healed! We said she was still handicapped and still had the problems. After that, they basically stopped talking to us until we left.

It seems that every church in this smallish community has been infiltrated with this doctrine. We can't seem to find a church that isn't hyper focused on the tithe or that positive speech thing. My husband's entire family is part of it. My son has decided he wants no part of God because of it. Seriously these church people were awful. Our daughter is now 33 and went through serious health issues, seizures etc and we had to place her into a medical group home. So sad. There was absolutely no compassion for our family and it seems everyone was critical of us from one aspect to another. We were shut-ins for a long time because she requires 24/7 care. We love her so much.

We have searched the Bible through and through and found early on that they were wrong but are still affected by the brainwashing. So many awful things happened. We don't look the fancy part with the expensive home or cars. My husband does well but our financial lives are conservative. We don't fit into the perfect appearance of the churches around here. It's sad. The supersized Americanized Prosperity teaching has destroyed the church. As for what I believe about our daughters lack of healing, I think God told me she was perfect in His eyes because she is perfectly innocent. She has a mental age of between 9 months and 2 years. How can these idiots blame God and us for His "striking" her? It's false teaching that is reaching into all denominations now. Not just Pentecostal. They ostracize and turn their backs on people who have sicknesses or situations like ours while they cater to the healthy and wealthy. Will we ever find a church that accepts us? I don’t think there are any real churches left."


Look, I obviously cannot fully corroborate the points which this lady makes but she obviously speaks straight from the heart and she and her family have obviously experienced great sadness from their church attendance experience. Are all the faults always on just one side? No, of course not, probably never, nevertheless since I have heard such things in the past from several sources, I am very sympathetic to this emailer. She has been very affected by congregations in which plain heresy has obviously been taught from the lectern in a most damaging and judgemental manner. I detect that 2 or 3 plain heresies have influenced the congregations which this family have so unfortunately experienced. What can one say? It's sad, it's disgraceful. It is shameful.

Now here's the truth: Some church "leaders" actually deny Christ by their judgementalism, unwillingness to support the weak and, sometimes, their just plain avarice. But let us never forget that the Church - in reality - is not and never can be just a congregation. A Christian who has committed his or her life to the Lord Jesus is ALREADY 'in the Church.' Regular fellowship with other believers is certainly best but for some it has never been possible.

I know (because I have been informed such) that in some areas there are no longer any heresy-free churches and Christians in those areas should simply fully commit to the Lord and pray and study at home. Now, this is very far from ideal but many believers have had to do this in many places where there is no genuine church operative in any particular area.

Robin A. Brace. September 22nd-24th, 2018.