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So we have Yaweh, Yahveh, Jehova, Yehova, Father ... Does it Matter?

So we have Yaweh, Yahveh, Jehova, Yehova, Father ... does it matter? I'm especially concerned in regards to my prayers. Side question, why did our Lord not use letters? Thanks.

UK Apologetics Reply:

Just pray to "our Father," just as our Lord taught us. No need to worry about these other names.

We don't know why our Lord did not write epistles but that does not matter. The letters/epistles of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, plus Peter, Paul and Jude have our Lord's full authority.Don't worry about any extra-biblical epistles or books which some people like to push. If its not in our Bible canon we don't need to worry about it. The Holy Spirit Himself decided our Bible canon. See John 14:26.

To return to the point of why Jesus Himself did not directly author any Bible book (of course, God inspired all the writers in any case), could it be that if men perverted such a book (which they have with many of the other Bible books), that could possibly amount to a most serious sin, even the unpardonable sin? So possibly God was showing mercy in preventing ignorant people from committing a most grievous sin.

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Robin A. Brace. March 26th, 2018.