A Question I Was Asked:

I Am Astonished That You Take the Bible Seriously in 2018. What Hope is There for Ignorant People like You?

I am astonished that you take the Bible seriously in 2018. What hope is there for ignorant people like You?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Well, first of all, please allow me to thank you for bowing down from your (self-perceived) higher intellect and taking the time to interact with an "ignorant" person like myself.

Okay, may I just ask, what part of this society and/or world, do you take seriously and literally? What earns your respect? Let's consider a few possibilities which atheists tend to embrace.

Do We Now "Know Better" Through Modern Science?

To take science, if it is really science it is a wonderful thing but - as is now quite well documented (not just the opinion of an ignorant person such as myself) - 'modern science' took a particular turn a number of years ago in which it started to replace or supplement proven or very well evidenced or substantiated knowledge with theories, and started to teach these things as fact (even though unproven and unsubstantiated). Again, this is not just the rant of a confirmed religionist, it is increasingly being accepted and realised that this is indeed the case. There are several writers who would agree with this, some of them even atheists. Indeed, in turning away from 'only what can be tested and substantiated in the laboratory' (the original approach of established science) to starting to teach theory or currently preferred opinion as true and undeniable, modern science has embraced both philosophy and religion. Can one doubt that Darwinism is a religion? It is a non-evidenced faith-based religion and one of its current chief apostles is Richard Dawkins! It's first apostle was, of course, Charles Darwin himself, a noted plagiarist, plus a failed doctor and a failed clergyman. who despite his failures, nevertheless wanted to make a name for himself (which is where his plagiarism and opportunism would come in). His bitterness being aided, of course, by the death of a much-loved daughter.

Max Planck, the founder of quantum mechanics, ... famously said, "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

(Planck M. Scientific Autobiography. (F. Gaynor, trans.) London: Williams and Norgate; 1950:33-34).

The established science of earlier centuries, all those great names of science that we all hold in awe agreed, almost to a man, or woman, that science should not interfere or get involved in religion, Theism nor Christianity; that was anathema to them. They said, 'that is outside our domain, we don't venture into those things,' but modern science started to attack traditional religious belief from about 1870 and this has noticeably accelerated in the last 25 years or so, yet It was a scientist (whom I met whilst studying at Cardiff University), who actually said to me a number of years ago, "Science has never disproved a single thing in the Bible, it has simply encouraged a replacement of established religion with modern scientific theory and encouraged a heavy scepticism against spiritual things, it has encouraged the feeling that we should all laugh at the Bible, yet nothing has actually changed." How right he was! There is no less reason to believe in the Bible now than there was a hundred or two hundred years ago. Science has disproved nothing. The only thing that has changed is society, in a somewhat hedonist and individualistic culture it has become fashionable and trendy to attack Theism and Christianity, to scoff at such things, yet nothing has really changed.

Quantum Physics is Now Challenging the Materialism of Darwinist Science

Okay, I am not going to go into this too deeply because so much has now been written about the exciting new science of Quantum Physics and how this is increasingly challenging the older Darwinist naturalist "modern" science. In short, quantum physics challenges huge areas of the accepted theory-based science. Look at this quote:

'Werner Heisenberg, one of the founding fathers of quantum physics, once observed that history could be divided into periods according to what people of the time made of matter. In his book Physics and Philosophy, published in the early 60s, he argued that at the beginning of the 20th century we entered a new period. It was then that quantum physics threw off the materialism that dominated the natural sciences of the 19th century.
Of materialism, he wrote:
"[This] frame was so narrow and rigid that it was difficult to find a place in it for many concepts of our language that had always belonged to its very substance, for instance, the concept of mind, of the human soul or of life. Mind could be introduced into the general picture only as a kind of mirror of the material world." (A quote from 'It's Time for Science to Move on From Materialism,' a Mark Vernon article in The Guardian. Read the full article HERE.)

Another interesting article is 'Consciousness: Why Materialism Fails,' read that article HERE.

I am not saying that such thinking always supports Theism or Christianity, yet it does show the general new thinking that Darwinist-inspired scientific materialism has gone too far, much of this new thinking emanating from Quantum Physics which rejects the older Neo-Darwinism and its prejudices and believes that a world of the spirit and spirituality must start to be correctly represented within any 'science' which is meaningful and properly represents all human experience (obviously Darwinist "modern" science had refused any consideration of the world of God, psyche, soul, mind and spirit, or even of consciousness).

Sometimes one can be so pleased to be 'ignorant.'

Robin A. Brace. March 14th, 2018.