A Question I Was Asked:

Should I Undertake a "Church Covenant" with a Specific Congregation?

My pastor and Church are Christ centered but I'm feeling pressure to sign a church covenant. I don't feel it's biblical because are we not already in a covenant? Am I wrong? Am I to "submit" to church leadership and sign the covenant? Thanks.

UK Apologetics Reply:

Hi there. Hmmm, a thorny problem. For myself, I think exactly as you do and have refused to enter a long-term "covenant," or agreement with any specific congregation. Just imagine that the church later gets a new pastor and goes off into heresy - what should one do then?

No, you don't necessarily sign anything unless you will be employed in the ministry. If you are new to that congregation, the very least you should request is more time to think about this. You must decide this, I can't decide for you. I must admit I have a big problem with this whole church "membership" thing and, difficult or not, I have managed to avoid it. Only twice in my life (both occurrences many, many years ago) have my wife and I become "members" of a congregation and in both cases it came back to bite us. Even worse, very often one is only asked to join a "church covenant" for purely financial reasons. I believe that the Lord has now clearly shown us not to associate - membership-wise - with any one specific congregation. You are correct; A Christian has already entered a 'covenant,' the only one that matters. We stand in and under the New Covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ask the Lord to guide your own decision. I should warn you that if you back off this, you may find yourself excluded from a lot of things.

Robin A. Brace. March 3rd, 2018.