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Great Wedding, But 'Duke and Duchess' of Sussex'? Hmm...

M any of us thoroughly enjoyed the TV spectacle of the marriage of Prince Henry and Meghan Markle. A beautiful sunny day and all seemed perfect. The choice of music was also great, truly inspiring. A few of us had been concerned when hearing that the Rev. Michael Curry, head of the U.S. Episcopalians (an incredibly liberal church body), would be speaking during part of the service. Here was a man who had the reputation of being an arch-leftist liberal, and a vociferous Donald Trump opponent, and many of us were genuinely concerned about what he might say. Without question, he will have been warned about making any political comments. In fact, something rather odd occurred; this gentleman delivered a thoroughly evangelical, Bible-believing address. I - and I suspect most of my fellow-evangelicals - could not fault the message, and indeed, really appreciated the substance of it.

UK Apologetics, in common with all decent and fair people, really wishes this happy couple a long, happy and prosperous life. Of course, this comes at a really interesting time in the history of the House of Windsor. Within years Queen Elizabeth will conclude her reign and Prince Charles, an unquestionably controversial figure, will become king. The Queen has always made it clear that she is a stalwart supporter of Christianity whereas Prince Charles has stated that he would not wish to be a 'Defender of the Faith' (a clear reference to Christianity), but rather, a defender of 'faiths' (plural!). This comment when made just a few years ago was widely seen as the first warning that - as a king - Prince Charles would prefer to consider all religions equally, possibly even to discontinue the 'Defender of the Faith' title. Some believe that the position of the British monarchy on the Church of England will change, many wish to see Britain becoming a secular state with no national official religion. Who knows how this might opan out in the future? Time alone will tell.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex?

One post-wedding development which raised eybrows was that the happy couple were immediately conferred with the honour, 'Duke and Duchess of Sussex.' This despite the fact that the new bride probably did not even know where Sussex is! One questions the wisdom of such honorary titles being handed out; does this really add anything to the happy couple, or to our wish to hold them in honour? One thinks of all the really worthy, long-serving, deeply caring and commited people who have probably served that English county for so many years - in many capacities - even perhaps over several virtual lifetimes. Should not such grand titles be earned? We know they were not always earned in the past but would it not be very healthy for the monarchy if they now recognised that times are indeed changing? One cannot help but think of all the decent, wise and long-serving people of Sussex of, perhaps, more senior years who will now be expected to bow and courtsey to this young and inexperienced couple. It's just a thought.

The Christian Hawk, May 26th, 2018.