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Don't Believe Everything You See or Hear on YouTube!

YouTube is an outstanding resource and I use it quite a lot. I use it for listening to Jazz, classical music, and for looking up various interesting theories which are presently 'doing the rounds.' I have also occasionally used it for catching up with lectures of interest which have somehow got on there. But with regard to the latest ideas and theories there is some nonsense on there as well and we need judgement, caution and discernment with some of it. Carefully guard the entrance to your mind! Don't swallow everything you hear. Above all: Don't let your Christian beliefs be compromised!

In the last year or two Copernican cosmology has had lots of discussion on YouTube (and elsewhere too). For sure, this widely-accepted yet plainly flawed teaching was ripe to be attacked, it had to happen sooner or later; our Earth is not travelling through space at an incredible speed at all, it is still - just like the Bible teaches, moreover, Copernicus himself pretty much accepted this but one day he came up with the theory of a fast-travelling Earth; he said, 'hey, everything we see all around us could be explained differently' he used quite fantastic calculations to show how it could be that it is the Earth itself that is moving - indeed, at quite remarkable speed - just an entirely different way of looking at things. Gradually, from that point, Geocentric cosmology (the Earth is at the centre of the universe), was replaced with heliocentric cosmology (the sun is at the centre). Observation is a central plank of establishing any scientific fact, yet here we are told to ignore all our own observations, the truth - we are told - is to be found in incredible mathematical calculations, not in ones own observations, indeed all human observations may be safely ignored. So a new "scientific truth" started to be upheld. The incredible but humanly unobservable was proclaimed to be true. Here - at once - we come up against 'Ockham's Razor' (the most simple explanation is almost always the true one), here an incredibly difficult and complicated 'truth' was established. Gravity was invented to 'explain' the things which were unexplainable on a fast-travelling Earth; why don't all the oceans simply fly off the Earth into space?

Almost certainly, Copernicus never believed that his theories would become mainstream 'science' teaching, but they did; it just so happened that his was an age in which people were looking for new theories, especially new theories which sought a path independent of Bible teaching. The Renaissance was about celebrating human learning and wisdom - not biblical wisdom. People who have read a lot about Copernicus and Galileo tell me that they were just showing off an incredible flair for mathematics, they never intended to overturn anything, it was others who did that for them.

Established Science Orthodoxy Becomes More and More Resistant to Change

But what about right now? Well, sometimes 'science' just goes on holding on to theories which can no longer be true, there is a science orthodoxy out there which is very resistant to change; macro-evolution is a case in point; it is still upheld religiously in all schools, colleges and universities, but these institutions are always a a few steps behind the very latest thinking in science, you only get this through certain books fresh off the press, especially those inspired by the new science of quantum physics. Many such writers already consider both evolution and Copernican cosmology to be redundant but most of this is still a few years away from getting into "higher learning" and into the education systems of the world. Present-day 'science' will defend these things to the death not realising that they are now virtual empty husks. I learned some of this at university; one of our lecturers was keen to uphold a liberal view of Bible scholarship which was about 50-75 years out of date, he had become lazy in his own learning, yet I was able to go to the University's own library and take advantage of the newest evangelical scholarship. Max Planck, probably the main 'father' of quantum physics, had something to say on exactly this point. He stated this:

"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." (Planck M., Scientific Autobiography. (F. Gaynor, trans.) London: Williams and Norgate; 1950:33-34).

So don't expect an army of evolution lecturers to stand up and issue a joint declaration of admittance of error and a repentance for having religiously taught plain error - it will never happen. They will die, and Darwinism (all shades of it) will die with them, meanwhile a whole new generation of science enthusiasts will gradually demand fresh enquiries with a fresh impetus, they will be 'fed' by the new scientific world of quantum physics, and yes, probably even by a few things on YouTube right now.

A Serious Note of Caution...

Okay, so one can get swept along with current new exciting theories and teachings, a few of which are actually correct. But now be very careful! Because it has become a field day for exposing errors on things like YouTube, it does not mean that everything on there, or all such dramatic claims are correct! Or, that all conspiracy theories are correct; a few of them are, but most are a mixture of truth and error. One man who had built up a following on there (YouTube) by (rightly) exposing some current "scientific" nonsense has now suddenly gone much too far, some of his teachings are now clearly racist and contain hatred, he also now teaches that Jesus never existed, that Jesus was just part of a Jewish plot to control the world. For this writer (and I fear others will follow him), everything Jewish is evil and one cannot leave Jesus out of this! I understand that YouTube are about to ban some of his videos; he could have prevented this by using a little more restraint and balance. Please be careful of such things; don't get swept along with it. Because an influential writer is correct in some areas it does not mean that all of his/her theories are correct! Be wary. Don't be too quick to swallow new theories! Yes, read, read widely, but read with judgement, balance, common sense and discernment. Guard the entrance to your mind!

If somebody tells you that all the evil in the world is caused by Jews, Jesuits and Freemasons take that with a mighty pinch of salt! Oh yes, some regrettable tendencies, sure, some very serious errors too, but these people are not necessarily the very embodiment of evil; don't look for simplistic solutions to sin, secularism itself is now a major force perpetuating evil, let us not forget that. All of us have sinned and fall short of godliness (Romans 3:23).

The Christian Hawk, May 6th, 2018.