A Question I Was Asked:

Where Do You Stand on The 'Prophetic Witness Movement International'?

Where do you stand on 'The Prophetic Witness Movement International'? Looked at their website recently, It seems to be the same old Adventist stuff about "what will soon happen" and about how God will soon do great things through Israel - should they not be more interested in the great things God is doing through His church? what is your honest opinion?

UK Apologetics Reply:

Okay, following your email (and a recent conversation with a friend, who also asked about this group) I looked at some of their things. I hate to be critical but I'm afraid that - as you say - it's the same old stuff; it's the rapture and national Israel supporting dispensationalist teaching which is always looking for 'momentous future events,' oh yes, and these things are usually "about to happen." The truth is, the essential message is little different to what one might get from Adventism or from the Christadelphians or the Jehovah's Witnesses (except for the rapture which those cults reject). There is also always the implication that they have extra knowledge; to disagree is to brand oneself (in their eyes) as 'liberal.' To me, it is a little sad when these teachers are more interested in national Israel and what that country might achieve in the future than they are in Gospel and salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. They make the Gospel a national and geographical thing, the teachings of faith and grace are then demoted.

The Bible very clearly teaches that God rejected national and physical Israel, He divorced them, replacing them with the Church of Jesus Christ which now becomes spiritual Israel; this is so clear that one wonders why some of these groups remain fascinated by the state of Israel. One should always respect people who are sincere about understanding more of the Bible, unfortunately these people seem to be looking in the wrong places.

Robin A. Brace. January 14th, 2018.