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Do You Agree With "The Wiseman Tablet Theory" ?

I am writing an essay on Apologetics. In my essay, I discuss mosaic authorship, with one of the theories being the Tablet theory by P.J. Wiseman. What are your thoughts on it? Do you find that it could be true? If not, how do you go about proving that the Jews did not steal the mythological stories from the surrounding cultures? (The Tablet theory proves that the Jews had the original creation stories, and that other mythologies are just corruptions of the truth) I thank you for your help, and am grateful for your ministry.

UK Apologetics Reply:

Glad to be of assistance to you.

I must say I find it incredible that the truest explanation of this matter has become called the 'Wiseman theory,' since it is obviously by far the best explanation, especially in these days where the old Graf-Wellhausen theory is just about dead! It is simply a question of believing what the text clearly states (a very hard thing for Bible sceptics and atheists, I know). You might wish to see this article of mine:

Did Moses Really Write Genesis?

Yes, other creation stories are just a corruption. The old idea that the Hebrews stole these stories is so utterly absurd anyway that I have never given it any serious consideration.

You do not need to "prove" anything (just as the Bible critics could never prove anything), we are talking here about weight of evidence. The overwhelming weight of evidence (strong enough for acceptance in any tribunal, or court of law) favours the belief that the original creation narrative (as recorded in Genesis) is the original and most accurate one, the other versions are corruptions, usually poor and obvious corruptions. Moreover, nobody has yet found any compelling evidence that Moses was not the final author and compiler of Genesis. The substantial weight of evidence is that this man - educated in the Egyptian system - did indeed put Genesis together in the form we have it today. Moreover, this has been accepted for thousands of years, even by premier early historian Josephus.

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Robin A. Brace. December 19th, 2016.