A Question I Was Asked:

Should We Attend the Funerals of Unbelievers?

Is it okay for believers to attend funerals of unbelievers? Is it not participating in venerating the dead ritual?

UK Apologetics Reply:

I can only give my opinion here. I believe that we should not simply attend a funeral as a sort of ritual but it is good to attend a funeral to show that we respect life and give honour to those who have died. it is about human dignity and decency; however, we should not feel we must always go to each and every funeral, in fact, as one grows older that becomes just about impossible! We should hold the life of a person who was a Christian believer in especially high respect and honour.

If we say that we should not attend the funerals of unbelievers we are treading a very slippery path; what about fellow family members who were not believers? Are we really sure we can correctly judge that person? However, there could be a time to dissociate oneself from some funerals; I personally would not attend the funeral of an avowed and hardened atheist who attempted to influence others in that direction. Where the Bible does not legislate one way or the other, this is about your conscience and mine.

Robin A. Brace. November 17th, 2017.