A Question I Was Asked:

Can Robots Eventually Become Conscious? Is This New Worry Justified?

Can robots eventually become conscious? Some are speculating that this could happen. Is this new worry justified?

UK Apologetics Reply:

No robotic thing, constructed by scientists and technicians, can ever have a 'consciousness,' nor a conscience and this idea just shows how utterly silly evolutionary thinking has become.

What people don't know - because evolutionary dogma has blinded them - is that consciousness is a gift of God; He grants the highest form of this to men and women made in His image, and a much lower form to animals so they at least have the level of 'knowingness' and 'awareness' to use the instinct which God has granted to them.

It is true however that robots - in theory at least - could be programmed to cause havoc and even to kill and maim, but this would not be coming from their own conscious-led choices because they could never have a consciousness, nor can a true consciousness be programmed into them. Independent 'choices' could never be available to them. So I don't say that humanly-devised robots could never be dangerous but that they could never make true, free will choices entirely of their own. Some kind of programmed automaton might indeed be dangerous if programmed to be dangerous by evil men. The remedy would be to dismantle or to destroy them and to take out the evil men.

The present worry - coming from some - that some future robots could 'decide' (decide for themselves, that is) to turn on mankind and set out to destroy it is just plain ridiculous. It does show, however, how decades of scientism and atheism have started to cut our "leading thinkers" (of materialistic thinking, that is) off from good, old-fashioned common sense. People might invent all sorts of nonsense once they reject God, but God is not mocked.

Robin A. Brace. August 2nd, 2017.